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About Me

A Digital marketing expert, passionate about SEO and content marketing.

He is a blogger, writer, author, consultant, and specific SEO and content marketing expert!

He blogs about Ai tools and SEO and content marketing expert Prasen is an in-depth research-based blog article WRITER (Selling) for SEO, Blogging, WordPress, Affiliate, and digital Marketing Industry.

He has previously worked with 400+ B2B and B2C small businesses for their search engine marketing campaign to boost their online visibility through content marketing. Helped 4,000+ keywords Google Ranking) Founder@DigitalP, @Copyproblogger.

He is always helping small business owners, newbie bloggers, content marketers, and freelancers through FREE consultation about SEO, blogging, and content marketing.

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Prasen is also known as an “Advanced outreach expert” for quality backlink building.

He loves to collaborate with a new partner.

(His full name is too long  – Prasenjit Dutta Chowdhury)

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What Other Experts/Bloggers/Business Owners Says About Me?

Tom Pick - United States:

“Prasen is a knowledgeable and prolific blogger. His posts consistently offer actionable tips and guidance for B2C and affiliate marketers.  I recommend following him on Twitter and keeping up with his content.”

Odeh Ahwal - United Kingdom:

“Prasen is an expert in his field. He has personally helped me with my own business since he has wide experience and knowledge in SEO, blogging, content marketing, network marketing, and other stuff. I’ve met him from HARO (Help a reporter out), which is a good indicator that he’s good at networking”.

Robert Trif - United Kingdom:

“If you’re an SEO and Digital marketing agency owner and want to start content marketing to boost your local or global business then you might try Prasen a time to check. You’d appreciate it once you see the results in your SERP and his research on your suggested topics. I run an SEO agency from London and hired Prasen for my company’s in-depth research-based blog post writing. He did an excellent job that helped me to rank on Google UK within 48 hours. I’d highly recommend him as a higher-quality blog content writer in the digital marketing industry!”

Ronald Graham - United Kingdom:

"Prasenjit. Has massively improved our companies ranking in the last year and I would highly recommend him to any would be client."


Tammy Prentice - Scotland:

"DigitalP helped the client boost organic traffic, improve keyword rankings, raise CTR, enhance UX, increase high-quality backlinks, and reduce bounce rates. Moreover, their team demonstrated adaptability, responsiveness, collaborative approach, timely output delivery, and effective communication."

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