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Terms of Use

By use of @copyproblogger you solely accept the contents of these terms of use as binding upon you and alongside our privacy policy, serves as a yardstick for the use of this platform.   By the term ‘you’, we refer to registered and non-registered users of this website.

Use of @copyproblogger:

All the contents on this platform are available and accessible by you and can be changed, modified or brought down without prior notice.

It is your responsibility to verify that content, products or services meet your expected requirements before use. We shall not be liable for any use or misuse of information by you.

A good number of the trade/service marks or logo used on the website are for third party companies and should not be used in any form except with the express written permission of the owner. These contents cannot be in anyway reused or transmitted without permission. The content owner reserves the right to sue anyone culpable for damages.

@copyproblogger links back to some websites and contents which we do not have copyright to. Just like our users, we do not have the power to control, update or modify the actual contents of third party websites. Linking to the contents does not necessarily signify a holistic endorsement by @copyproblogger. Kindly understand the terms of use of the information owner.

Third party contents recommended for reference or use are however without any form of warranty, except that issued by the content owner.

Customer protection law is protective of all our users. However, under no condition will we be liable for any loss or damages incurred by the use of third party material sourced or purchased. It remains your responsibility to deduce the completeness or relevance of such information.

You agree that our affiliates, service providers or any of their officers/agents will not be liable whether in tort, agreement, contract, strict liability or otherwise for special, indirect or incidental damages which includes but not limited to lost profits, lost opportunity or cost of purchasing, problems that may arise in connection with or from the use of their platforms, products or services.  Limitation on liability of clients is not limited to but includes; failure of equipment (software, communication, mechanical, or electronic equipment), transmission of any form of virus that may infect your equipment, unauthorized access, error from operator, theft or other usage problems that may occur. Our partners and third party websites whom we have their links on our site cannot and do not guarantee uninterrupted, secure and continuous access to their services and website; they reserve the right to bring down their service at any point in time without any prior announcement to anyone.

Our partners may contract or collaborate with independent individuals or other companies to provide a service. You hereby agree that any such kind of associate are cannot or won’t be held responsible for inactions or actions of the individual or companies in the course of providing you the services. However be rest assured you are protected by the customer protect law and as such, we still try our best to review and scrutinize the terms of our partners.


Bear in mind that you are solely responsible for every activity in connection with your user details (i.e. your user name, password and every other important).  It is obligatory on every user to control, safeguard and maintain password and other sensitive account data. It is binding on user to report every suspected or detected case of unauthorized usage of accounts or other forms of security breaches. @copyproblogger is not answerable or liable for damages or loss of any nature under any perceived legal theory caused by any user or person who has been granted access to a particular account by the registered account owner.

We reserve the right to indiscriminately terminate access to this site with or without prior notice, which may prompt or lead to the destruction or forfeiture of all the data associated with such user. Adherence to the set user standards and guidelines available as Privacy Policy and Terms of use should be paramount to avoid ban or suspension.

The use of this platform from anywhere around the world and any dispute born of the use is holistically subject to the laws and every applicable federal law regardless of the conflict of  laws principle. You accept that any pressing, pleasant or unpleasant, will first be reported, discussed and resolved by fluid communication in email, support ticket or any other direct contact medium with us or our representative. In case communication with us doesn’t resolve your grievance, you are obligated by this agreement to file your issue to the appropriate court. You also consent that a reasonable entitlement to cover attorney fees used in getting a final order will be paid to the successful party.

You agree that the content of this document alongside privacy policy will be holistically adhered to throughout the use of this website.


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