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Ai Tools Scholarship Every Year on @copyproblogger

Rewarding Excellence in Ai Tools Education.

The Scholarship:

@copyproblogger is one of the sites that provides the top 3 best web hosting, best site builder, best ai tools reviews, and many more resources that help to grow small business blogs/sites.

We are covering the best ai tools on how-to guides and reviews that help to use them properly without investing huge time.

@copyproblogger is also offering FREE SEO and content marketing consultation for a small and midsize businesses.

This is the reason, we’re happy to please announce the @copyproblogger scholarship award.

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to afford education, therefore, we have set up our new program to help specifically for school students, the university students.

Scholarship Requirements:

@copyproblogger is going to offer this scholarship to students who write a blog post for any of the topics mentioned below.

Best Ai Tools

Best Web Hosting

Best Website Builders

Best Digital Marketing Tools

Article types can be like –

·         HOW TO

·         LIST POST


·         INTERVIEWS

·         REVIEWS

·         PROS AND CONS ETC...

But related to the suggested topics above.

@copyproblogger Selection & Notification Process:

Our internal committee will choose the best-written post and complete the award by Feb 21st of each year.

Deadline to Apply for @copyproblogger Scholarship:

This Scholarship deadline will be 31st Dec of every year. This is one of the recurring yearly scholarships.

How to Apply for the @copyproblogger Scholarship:

Write an article of 1200+ words on the topic of –

Best Ai Tools

Best Web Hosting

Best Website Builders

Best Digital Marketing Tools


Publish the written to your blog – The student blog on your university/school website or your own website or you can take a platform like,,

You should add at least 3 links (found from Google news) to helpful authoritative sources on digital marketing and try to include 1 link to

Who Can Participate?

School students, university students but others can also apply such as majoring in marketing, business, or entrepreneurship, currently operating a side business while in college or high school, and involvement in a family business.

Note: No spam bloggers, please!!!

Send Email Today!

Send the following information to an email address –

·         Your name

·         Name of your university or college (company name)

·         Blog/site address of your university or college

·         Your email address

·         Your phone number

·         Your PayPal email id


  • If your article has been posted on a university, college or your own blog/website, you must include a page URL where the article can be found online.

  • The Article must be in English (Your country of residence to be anywhere.)

  • Only single individuals can apply for this scholarship. If submissions are done by a team of two or more will be rejected.

  • The contact information that you will submit through this application is for the purpose of reaching out to the winner of this scholarship.


Awards Details:

Total Amount: $1000 USD

Deadline: 31st Dec of every year

Award Date: February 21 of every year


$1000 USD via PayPal only.


Any questions on the process please email us.

Loading…Previous Winners:

Winner of the 2023 Scholarship:

·         Nick Robinson at

·         Chris Bergstrom at

·         Kakali Sharma at

Winner of the 2022 Scholarship:

·         James Dang at

Winner of the 2021 Scholarship:

·         Stephen Robert

Winner of the 2020 Scholarship:

  • Ronald Patricks


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