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Why Best White Label SEO Services Are Important For Agencies To Resell In 2020?

by Digital Prasen
Best White Label SEO Services

Are you’re looking for SEO services for your website or do you want to resell white level SEO services for your clients?

If yes so this is the best place to learn before start doing SEO or hiring any SEO services.

This is the ultimate guide on search engine optimization services for any industry, any type of business owner (Small, medium, and large businesses).

The key is to succeed in any online business online that’s SEO.

I’m going to show you why whitehat SEO is important for any business you run.

You might have faced or heard that many SEO services are not white labels and that can harm your website by Google penalty.

If you want to rank higher for your targeting keywords on Google and like to boost organic traffic in 2020 so you must think to do or hire a white label SEO services.

You’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started right now!


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What Are The White Label SEO Services?

What are the SEO services

What are the White Label SEO Services?


Every webmaster must know what is SEO and how it works to get ranking and organic traffic from Google.

Search engine optimization means SEO.

There are many guidelines for optimizing website content and then the site can get higher rankings in the search engine to increase organic traffic.

To make your website great quality, your website should have user-friendly, site speed, and well content.

This is a simple answer to SEO.

But you must know the basic parts of SEO.

  •  On-site SEO (Technical part)
  •  On-page SEO ( Optimising part)
  •  Offpage SEO (The backlinks building part)
  •  Keywords research (Targeted audience part)
  •  Local and International SEO (Targeting Market)

You might have experience in SEO or you’re new to SEO services.

If you are new to SEO so this guide helps you to go the right way to run the right SEO services for your website.

Now you have a great question is what right?

I have written the “Right way” again and again right SEO services?


Well, Right way means right white label SEO strategies that won’t be harmful.

And right SEO services mean if you hire an SEO which is providing black hat SEO so you must get meet with Google penalty and never get rank higher on Google.

Yes, Black hats SEO can give you rank just a limited time such as 7 to 10 days and after that, you will lose everything.

It’s guaranteed to get Google penalty 100% sure and never get higher rankings on Google again.

The right way is white label SEO strategies to do for any website.

Why White Label SEO Services Are Important For Agencies?

Why SEO Services are important

Why White Label SEO Services are important?


Nowadays, it is a very competitive market to promote a website organically, and therefore SEO is much more important than ever.

As you know that millions of people are searching on Google to get a solution to answers to their problems.

If you have an online business website, store, and blog so SEO can give you free organic traffic from search engines.

 A quick list of SEO important:

More than 65% of people are clicking on the top 5 positions in search engine result pages. If you want to gain visitors to your website, store, and blog so your website must appear on top SERP (Search engine result pages) ranking.

  • SEO is not only for search engine but good SEO practices can make better user experience and usability.
  • SEO is important if you want a big website to run smoothly.
  • The direct benefit from SEO to boost organic search traffic.
  • SEO can help you to beat your competitors.

SEO is a long term marketing strategy and every business owner should go with it if they like to boost organic traffic from search engines.

What Are The White Label SEO Services Benefit?

What is a SEO Services Benefit

What is an SEO Services Benefit For Agencies?


Every business needs SEO to make a site to the next level in 2020.

In this section, you will learn the top 9 reasons why your site needs white hat SEO services.

Let have a look at the quick list –

  • Organic rankings are the primary source of traffic.
  • Build your website expertise, authority, and trustfulness with SEO
  • Good SEO can build a better user experience.
  • Local SEO can help to build your website engagement, traffic, and leads.
  • White hat SEO techniques are all the time is updated and keep safe from the Google penalty.
  • SEO is cheaper than PPC (Google Ad Words)
  • SEO is a long run marketing strategy.
  • SEO can bring new opportunities for your business.
  • If you don’t run SEO to get on Google 1st so you are losing the original traffic.

I think you might have understood the benefits of SEO services for any business you run online.

What Is The White Label SEO Service Pricing? How much Cost For Agencies?

How much SEO services cost

What is SEO service pricing for an agency?


If you want to know about SEO costs in 2020 so it’s depending on what is included with an SEO package.

As I already discussed above the part of SEO such as on-site SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc…

There are different types of pricing for SEO services.

  1. Individual SEO freelancer:

Individual SEO freelancer

Individual SEO Expert



  1. Each single SEO strategies offering agency:

 Each single SEO strategies offering agency

Each single SEO strategies offering agency 

  1. Whole SEO packages offering company

Whole SEO packages offering company

Whole SEO packages offering company


If you don’t have any experience in SEO so you must go to an agency for your SEO services.

If you have experience in SEO so you might go with an SEO freelancer or take each strategy’s services to implement for your website.

Each single SEO strategies services means-

  • Website audit services
  • Website content optimize services
  • Technical SEO fixing services
  • Keyword research services
  • Backlink building services
  • Guest Post writing and publishing services
  • Local business listing services
  • Social media marketing services

And so on…

If you don’t have any experience in SEO so it’ll be difficult to understand what strategies you should implement for your business.

I have noticed that small business owners are doing a big mistake when they are looking for SEO services.

Every small business is willing to get rank on Google but they’re going to choose the cheapest SEO services from a freelancer or a company.

But 95% of cheaper SEO services was not meet with their expectations on the web.

If you have a limited budget for your SEO campaign so you should learn first before investing money for it.

For example, If you hire cheaper SEO services at $300 and for 6 months, you’re going to spend $900 and once the 3 months went and you don’t get results so it’s waste of time and money.

Not only time and money.

Sometimes you might get Google penalty for your website if you run cheap SEO services.


Because 95% of cheap SEO services are doing black hat SEO methods.

However, A white label SEO services cost between $1,000 – $2,000/month, and a one-time project cost can be between $5000 – $30,000.

If you want to know the hourly rates for a good SEO consultant so it’ll sound like $80 – $200/hour.

I’d highly recommended you go with DigitalPrasentoday if you want to hire good white label SEO services at affordable prices.

Why do you choose?

There are many reasons to take White Level SEO services from DigitalPrasen.

You can get 1 Keyword ranking free trial on Google.

It’s a great opportunity for any business owner to try it.

If you get rank so you can pay.

They offer pay per performance SEO.

Few SEO agencies are offering this type of sound.

DigitalPrasen is offering affordable prices SEO for any business.

If you find a locally-based SEO agency to go so the price to be higher than you expected.

And top SEO companies SEO prices are not for everyone.

How Does White Label SEO Services Work And What Do White Label SEO Services Include For Agency?

Yes, these questions come in mind when you have no ideas about SEO strategies.

Don’t worry about it.

I’m mentioning all the points for the right white label SEO packages should be included.

  1. Website structure analysis:

Website structure analysis

  • Analytics setup
  • Robots.txt
  • Site errors
  • Indexed status
  • Sitemap
  • Page speed
  • Meta elements
  • Conversion rates
  1.    Website content analysis and conversion rate analysis:

Website content analysis and conversion rate analysis

  • Voice search compatibility
  • Poorly targeted keywords
  • Poorly ranking content
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Missing pages
  • Name-address-phone number inconsistencies (for local SEO)

And more

  1.    Off-page SEO analysis:

Off-page SEO analysis

Off-page SEO analysis


  • Increases in organic traffic
  • Content-focused on audience
  • Unique title tags and meta descriptions for each product and services
  • Consistent NAP listing on citation site
  • Online reviews, ratings, schema marked up
  • Authority directory listings
  • A mobile-friendly website
  • Authority building
  1.    Optimization of website structure:

Optimization of website structure


  • Structure your site’s navigation
  • Clean up the cache to runs faster
  • Adding an XML sitemap so Google’s crawler can quickly index other pages
  • Add internal links to pages for better user experience and Google crawling
  1.    Optimization of on-page content:

Optimization of on-page content


  • Remove or rewrite the duplicate content of your website
  • Adding keywords in your page titles to boost the ranking
  • Adding quality and keyword-rich content to your landing pages
  • Creating new landing pages
  • Adding images, text format, and change colors to move more visitors to convert in customer
  1.    Optimization of off-page factors:

Optimization of off-page factors


  • Using local SEO best practices to boost your ranking position for local search terms
  • Finding the list of your business listings pages online, verify them, and if required to update them to make accurate information
  • Searching new authority directories to add your site to adding
  • Submit press releases about new product or services your brand is offering
  • Finding relevant blogs in your industries to write guest posts for backlink building.

If you find out an SEO agency is offering all of these services are included in the SEO packages so you might consider a good white label SEO services.

How Agencies To Buy or Hire A White Label Right SEO Services?

Hire Right SEO Services

Hire Right SEO Services –

It’s a great question if you’re lack of knowledge in SEO when you are looking for SEO services.

SEO is a long term marketing solution and therefore you should find the right partner for it.

Remember to keep away from a black-hat SEO company that will be offering thousands of backlinks to build and ranking guarantees.

So you need to avoid those partners for your SEO work.

If you get any SEO company who promises like:

  • Overnight SEO ranking
  • Doubled of your website traffic
  • Building huge leads within a day
  • Search engine submissions
  • X amount of backlinks
  • Any sort of ROI

If you like to get these types of promises so you’ll get those black hat SEO services easily and later you must regret when you won’t get any results.

I’m an international SEO blogger from India and have noticed that most of Indian, Bangladesh, Pakistan agencies are doing such black hat SEO techniques for their clients. But it does not mean all agencies.

You can find a lack of SEO agencies is doing white hat SEO techniques.

Black hat SEO agencies are offering to do white hat SEO services but they will be working on black hat SEO techniques which are not good.

But the pain point is that for hiring local SEO agencies and the USA, UK most SEO agencies cost is not affordable prices for small businesses.

Yes, I have a solution for you but let me tell you that I’m an SEO blogger and I’m not selling any SEO services because of my time.

If I charge so that won’t be affordable prices for small businesses.

What do I do?

I’m just recommending to my audience to go the right way to promote their website.

As I already discussed DigitalPrasen digital marketing solutions on above.

You might try just a time to get a single keyword to get SEO ranking free trial!

What Should You Do When Hiring The Right White Label SEO Services?

  1. You should look at the SEO agency’s past client’s performance

  • Portfolio examples
  • Case studies
  • Industry awards
  • Client testimonials
  1. Ask the SEO agency’s past or current client’s reference

Once, you get their past and current client’s contact details then connect with them to know how their experience with the SEO agency was.

  1. Remember to asking a few important questions from an SEO agency before hiring:

  • Ask about the contract
  • Ask about the process if you cancel
  • Ask about the communication and how often
  • Is there any dedicated SEO manager for my website?
  • Will I get full access to my site and Analytics/Adwords accounts?
  • Are there any SEO ranking and money-back guarantees? Right SEO agencies are not offering an SEO ranking guarantee.
  • Did you work with any companies similar to mine?
  • What about the payment method and pricing?
  • Are there any PBN links to be building for my website? PBN links mean a Private blog network which is not good and called as a black hat SEO techniques.
  • The SEO prices are negotiable?

3 Biggest Mistakes Many Smarter And Small Businesses Make When Hiring White Label SEO For Agency:

  • Hiring a “cheapest” SEO firm
  • Looking for only local SEO agencies
  • Choosing a black-hat SEO company

Beware when you are looking for SEO services for your website.

If you want to do it yourself DIY SEO or Resell your SEO clients so you might go with DigitalPrasen but before that learn fast.

There are tons of SEO resources on blogs and YouTube videos.


If you have a lack of SEO knowledge so you might try DigitalPrasen for your website 1 keyword to get rank on Google.

You might grab a free trial today!

Where to Get White Label SEO Services For your Agency?

Where to Get Whitehat SEO Services

Where to Get Whitehat SEO Services


As I already told you, again and again, to be careful about choosing the right SEO agency which is safe from the Google penalty.

Choosing a white hat SEO agency with affordable prices is not easy in 2020.

Therefore, I come up with the ideas to publish this blog post.

If you want to hire White Label SEO service so you can do the 3 ways:

1.Hire SEO Expert/Professional/Consultant/Freelancer/Developer from Freelancer websites:

Hire SEO Expert


My recommendation is not to go with Upwork and Fiverr.

Fiverr is good for other’s tasks but not for SEO tasks only.

You might go with Peopleperhour and Guru but there is no guarantee to get right white label SEO individual expert for hire.

97% of SEO professionals are doing black hat SEO techniques that can harm your website with the Google penalty.

Yes, you may try for other tasks which are a good place to go for a web designer, Php developer, etc…

I’m offering a FREE lifetime SEO consultation to you.

You might join my Facebook group to keep in touch for your website SEO help and guidance.

Remember, I don’t charge for any SEO consultation.

  1. Hiring a right SEO Agency /Company / Firm / Organization:

Hiring SEO Agency


I have been receiving lots of emails from small businesses who are looking for SEO services but they have no SEO knowledge to hire the right SEO agency.

Or even, some of them are already hired in the past and not satisfied with the SEO results.

Many of them lost their time and money.

The wrong is their decision to hire a wrong SEO partner and many of them were looking for cheapest SEO services.

What you do the same mistakes for your website?

If you have a limited budget so you should target a few keywords to get rank by hiring the right SEO agency.

I’m not talking about going with higher rates of SEO agencies that do not sound good to small businesses.

What I suggest that if you target 3 to 5 right keywords for your business and go with a good SEO company to get them rank so those can give you good ROI to think the more small amount of money for more extra keywords to get Google organic rankings again and again.

My recommendation is to go with the DigitalPrasen FREE consultation in this situation.

There is many right and wrong SEO organization but you understand the SEO basics guide to choose the right SEO services.

  1. Choosing a backlink builder, each single SEO strategies services or Resell to your client:

Choosing a backlink builder, each single SEO strategies services or Resell to your client


In this situation, SEO knowledge is highly recommended.

Without expertise in SEO, you won’t be able to order any SEO techniques services.

If you have SEO basic skills and you would like to do DIY SEO so it’s good for you.

You might take each service you need such as

  • Guest Post backlinks
  • Content optimization
  • Content Writing (For low-cost High-quality content writing services to go with DigitalPrasen Blog Writing)
  • Website redesign
  • Website maintenance
  • SEO friendly websites creation
  • Keyword research services

Many more…..

What am I Recommending You?

Let’s discuss with DigitalPrasen now!

Who Needs White Label SEO Services?

Who needs SEO services

Who needs White Level SEO services?

I think you might confuse that am I need SEO services for my website now or not?

Yes, If this is your question or not clear whether you need or not an SEO service so this section is right for you.

See the below, If you think any of these requirements, you must go to hire an SEO agency.

  • If you want to grow your business online
  • If you don’t know about your website is contributing to the bottom line
  • If you want to promote in a new market area
  • If you want to get more people to call you than your competitors
  • If you want to build more leads
  • If you want to increase more sales
  • If you want to build your company’s better future
  • If you want to beat your competitors on the search engine results page to get a good number of organic traffic.

If you ever thought about these points so you must think to go with an SEO company now.

Once you are clear that yes I need SEO services.

Now you are going to search on Google based on your industry or location term to find an SEO agency.


Look at the below:

  • SEO services for photographers
  • SEO services for Shopify
  • SEO services for electricians
  • SEO services for small businesses
  • SEO services for own website
  • SEO services for e-commerce websites
  • SEO services for real estate agents
  • SEO services for real estate investors
  • SEO services for lawyers
  • SEO services for local business
  • SEO services for WordPress
  • SEO services for accountants
  • SEO services for astrologers
  • Youtube SEO services
  • SEO for Dental
  • SEO for Local Business USA
  • SEO for Local Business UK
  • SEO for Local Business Australia
  • SEO for Local Business Canada
  • SEO for Local Business India

You might have a photographer, dental clinic, plumber, real estate, or something others.

And once you found top results in Google organic search and called or email them to get an SEO quote.

Then, if the quote is higher than your budget so skip the company and go to find another one.


Yes, the SEO agency price is met within your budget so let’s run my SEO and hoping for my results.

This is a huge mistake that is done by many small businesses.

Why don’t you learn a few days before hiring?

Yes, if you are going to hire whole SEO services from an agency or expert so you must ask those questions to know more about them.

Right SEO services can make your business 100,000 dollars or if you fall to choose the right SEO services so you can break your business.

Beware of choosing an SEO service for your website in 2020!

You Must Know That Are White Label SEO Services Worth It For Agencies?

SEO services worth it

White Label SEO services worth it?

Every small business that never had any experience in SEO so they think that is SEO worth it?

Have you thought about it?

Well, SEO is a long run marketing and you need to invest time and money on it.

If you’re interested in SEO marketing so you should start as soon as possible rather than later.

As you know that time is a valuable asset so you should invest in SEO for your long term marketing strategy.

It takes time but you can your business with free search traffic that can build your business a natural way in the future.

If you’re a smaller business then SEO is coming to a much more important investment,

But you need to make sure to perform SEO your own than choosing an SEO company to do for your website.

If you want to do it yourself SEO on your own so get a free consultation to improve your SEO skills from me.

Join my Facebook group now!

My straight answer is yes, SEO is valuable and worth the investment that every business owner should think about it.

Keep in mind that you’re building an asset for your business by investing time and money in SEO.

Relevant Recommended Resources:

Conclusion About to Choosing the Best White Label SEO Services For Agencies In 2020:

If you are a small, medium, or even large business owner so you should not ignore White Level SEO services to invest.

Do you have a lack of SEO knowledge?

Learn 1st –

White Label SEO TRAINING 2020: Complete White Label SEO Course – 95% OFF Now!

Then –

You might try DigitalPrasen for your website SEO ranking a single keyword free trial now!

After that What?

The SEO Ranking Package is simple by Digital Prasen

  • Local 1 Keyword SEO Ranking – $30 Per Month
  • National 1 Keyword SEO Ranking – $50 Per Month
  • International 1 Keyword SEO Ranking – $70 Per Month
Do you have SEO basic or expert knowledge but don’t have time to do SEO by yourself? Or you might want to resell white level SEO services to your client website?

You might try to choose white level SEO methods to be implemented for your or your client’s website by taking DigitalPrasen FREE consultation services.


If you want to do it yourself DIY SEO services for your website so get free SEO consultation by joining my Facebook group today!

I hope you have got very helpful resources about White Label SEO services to choose from the right SEO agency or freelancer in 2020!

If you think this post is highly helpful for all business owners so you might share it with your social media for friends and family today!

If you have any more questions about hiring right SEO services from a good white label SEO agency so please comment below.

I’d reply to you as soon as possible.

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