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How A Beginner Start A Music Review Blog Within 7 Minutes And Make Money In 2020!

by Digital Prasen
Start A Music Review Blog

The music industry is always demanding.

If you want to start a music review blog, then this is the right time.

Do you want to make a successful money-making music blog?

Yes, you are the right place.

Anyone can build a music review blog within a few minutes, and if you take seriously about blogging journey so you can make a real amount of money online.

I think building a music blog will be extremely fun for all.

If you want to make your music blog successful, then you should write what you’re passionate about!

You must love music and deeper understanding first to make a successful music blog.

Do you think that you don’t have enough technical skills yet and don’t know how to make a music review blog to earn money?

This article is going to help you today!

Let’s get started now!

You must Define The Goals for Your Music Blog:

Define your goals are fundamentally important for your music blog to make unique.

So how can you define?

You might ask a few questions like –

  • Do you like to blog about local artists?
  • Do you want to cover independent artists globally?
  • What’s your primary interest in music?
  • Who will be your targeting audience?
  • Do you like to focus on famous musicians?

You should think about how you can make your blog unique.

You can stand out from the competition if your blog is going to be unique.

What is Your Music Blog About:

There are many ways to make your music blog.

Publishing simple sharing a song and videos are not good enough.

You must post on your music blog in-depth review and information.

Here is a few topics that you might consider for your music blog –

● Interview with local bands

● Start the interview with local musicians

● Interview with local travelling industry professionals

● Start covering on fun facts about the artists

● Blog about music history

All the above ideas can help you to go in the right direction for your music blog.

HOW TO START A MUSIC BLOG IN 2020! [Newbie Blogger]:

There are many reasons to make a music review blog.

Yes, marketing money is generic for all wants, but the specific reasons might be like –

●      Do you love a specific genre of music?

●      Do you go to every music festival?

●      Do you want to show new music to your friends?

●      Are you spending huge time to find Beatport, SoundCloud and YouTube  for new music?

●      Do you aspire a DJ or Producer?

●      Would you like to work with the music industry?

You should ask yourself to know the ultimate reason to start a music blog.


You already have decided that what your music blog is going to be.


Now you know, what you want to write about from your blog.

It is the new company; you like to start.

You must choose the company name to be easier to remember your blog brand.


If your blog about electronic music for dance then you choose a domain name or brand name like-

● UniqueEMD

● EMDadvise

● Emdlibrary


Yes, you can brainstorm the brand name, or you might have already done.


Hope so.

Here are the few tips for choosing a great domain name:

● Make sure to simple, more comfortable to spell

● Make sure that easy to remember

● Make sure that doesn’t include the numbers and hyphens


● www.UniqueEMD.com

● www.EMDadvise.com

● www.Emdlibrary.com

● www.musicbloggers.com

● www.musicreviewninja.com

Once you have a couple of brand name, then you should check the domain status is available or not.

You can check BLUEHOST to see the domain name is available to use for your music blog.

But sign up Bluehost to booking the domain name.


Once you buy your desire domain name from Bluehost or any other places, then you should think about the best web hosting for your blog.

You must know that the most significant factor in blogging success to choose the right web hosting.

The sounds strange?

Yes, you should choose the right and best host for your music blog for better user experience.

Google is penalizing search ranking for bad loading speed.

Therefore, make sure that your blog hosting provider must be faster and secure.

Bluehost is offering an affordable hosting solution for WordPress beginners at $2.65/month.

Bluehost is also offering at this price, free domain name, and free SSL certificate secure.

But you can save massive money for your blog hosting renewal as well.

You must go with the 2-3 years hosting plan.

Frequently, every hosting is offering a yearly plan.

With the Bluehost, you can get any money-back guarantee.

I’d highly recommend you to go with Bluehost from this particular URL now!

Step 1:

Once you visit BLUEHOST official website, then select your Bluehost basic plan or better plan as per your requirement.

If you’re a startup for a single domain, then the basic hosting plan is right for you.

Sign up Bluehost Hosting Provider
Bluehost Hosting Plans
BLUEHOST 66% OFF on longer plan today!

You can get up to 60% OFF on Bluehost hosting plan for a longer plan now! CLICK HERE!

Step 2:

Now Enter Your Music Blog Domain Name on Bluehost

Or if you already have a domain from another place.

Just type in the box.

Look at the example,

Step 3:

Now Enter In Your Account Information / Details correctly to order your hosting plan.

Step 4:

NOW ENTER YOUR PAYMENT Detailsto get a confirmation email from Bluehost.

You can get excellent customer support from them if you have any questions.

ENTER YOUR PAYMENT Details For Bluehost Hosting

Step 5:

Now you need to Create Your Password on your Bluehost hosting account.

Congratulations! Now you have started your music blog!!!


Many startups are facing challenging to install a wordpress. But with Bluehost, it’s easier for everyone to install WordPress within just 5 minutes.

Yes, It’s right.

If you don’t have any technical skills, so don’t worry about it.

With just a single click, you can install WordPress from your Bluehost hosting account.

They also offer automatic WordPress installation process.

Click here to install a WordPress blog on BLUEHOST now!

Here are some Discounts for Bluehost deals:

Click here to go with 36 months plan to save up to 60% money. We are starting at $2.65/month.

You can also save huge money for your hosting renewal.

Here are a few steps to install WordPress from Bluehost just a click-

Step 1:

The process is more natural.

Look at the example,

Step 2:

Step 3:

Once you are installed WordPress, then you need to login to your WordPress blog by using such url


Ready your miusic blog now


Now you have your music blog, and it’s time to look better your music blog by using the right theme and plugins.

Installing a WordPress theme is super easy.

Look at the steps:

  1. Login your WordPress dashboard and find APPEARANCES from the left side.
  2. Click on the theme
  3. Test pre-installed theme like “Twenty Seventeen.”


If you want to find better premium WordPress themes, then go the top places to grab for your music blog today!

Here’s the top WordPress theme to find-



You have got your blog domain, hosting and installed WordPress CMS, theme.

All the necessary things are done.

Now it’s the time to filling your website page and post content from WordPress dashboard.

Here is the few pages are essential to fill the content first before writing a blog post.

Do you want to know? What is that?

Here’s it’s-

● About me

● Contact

● Resources page

● Affiliate disclosure (If you want to sell affiliate product)

Here is the most famous music blog categories to add on your blog-

● Music genres

● Music festivals

● Music artists

● Music live sets

● Music industry news

● Music club events

● Reviews

If you can write yourself, that is great.

If you don’t have time to write an article then, 

I’d highly recommend you to go with AFFLOSPARK to get higher quality research-based articles for your music blog today!


The owner of AFFLOSPARK is the top blogger in the affiliate marketing space.

You might have heard the name which is KULWANT NAGI.

Know more about hin now!

You can get the right emotional trigger content that converts more sales for your business from today if you choose AFFLOSPARK.

Relevant Recommended Resources:

FAQ About How To Start A Music Review Blog In 7 Minutes And Make Money In 2020!

What is a music blog?

Music Blog is blogging about music skills by a professional who is interested in writing and sharing his tips, experience from a blog.

An expert who has skills in Blogging and music, You can call them a music blogger.

Why start a music blog?

To start a music blog, you have to be passionate about music and like to share your knowledge.

You might be interested in making money online from your blog.

Making money is not the priority to start a music blog.

You must have a passion for music and writing as well.

How to write a music blog review?

Here are the quick five lists for writing a music blog review-
● Try to listen in the wild
● Listen often an album before writing
● Do your research by reading articles and interviews of artists
● Trying constructing a narrative
● Embrace the editing process

How to monetize music blog?

There are many ways to monetize your music blog today.

Here are the quick ways to monetize-

● You can make a webshop and selling
● Through affiliate marketing
● Sell ad space from your blog
● Offering paid subscriptions
● Google Adsense and alternative

What are the best platforms to get music blog WordPress theme?

If you want to get the best music blog WordPress theme that fully mobile responsive and SEO optimize then I’d like to recommend you top places to grab your attention below-


Where to find the best music blog, writer?

To find a writer is not hard because there is plenty of genetic writer for random topics.

To produce high-quality content is essential to make a successful blog.

If you want to get higher quality music blog writers who can write research based articles along with emotional triggers for your targeting audience, then AFFLOSPARK is the best and right solution for you.

How do I start a successful music blog?

I’ve mentioned details above to start a music blog step by step process.

If you want to make a successful blog, then you must follow:

● Choose your audience first
● Writing quality content based on your audience intent
● Targeting the right keywords
● Promote your blog through SEO and another marketing strategy
● Build relationships with your industry influencer

But the most important thing is that you should keep updating your blog with valuable information.

How can I start my own music website or blog?

To make a music blog or website, you need to choose your brand name first.

If you have decided to make your blog brand name then follow these quick steps-

● Choose your website domain name
● Select your website hosting plan from Bluehost
● Install WordPress from Bluehost after bought the hosting plan
● Choose your desire WordPress theme
● Start writing for your music blog and publish

All of the theses are essential steps to start your music website or blog within 5-7 minutes.

How do I create a music review if I have no time or skills to write?

If you have no skills yet, don’t worry about it.

Every successful blogger had no writing skills when they started.

But practices make perfect.

You can start writing today.

Once you have written 20 + articles, then you can see the improvement of your writing skills.

If you don’t have time to write for your music blog, then I’d only recommend you to go with AFFLOSPARK to get excellent research-based articles for your blog now!

There are tremendous and offering affordable price as well.

What can I write about music?

If you can’t find the ideas for writing music blog, then you can simply follow the instructions below-
● Buy a box of reporters pads
● Listening all type of music
● Read more about music
● Make live music experience
● Write about what you don’t like about music
● Follow Music magazine and top music blogs
You’ll get plenty of ideas to write about music blogs.
If you want to get quick ideas and keywords research, then the best solution is the SEMRUSH SEO tool. (FREE trial now!)
You can do everything for your music blog marketing campaign to make successful.

How long should music reviews be?

You might have heard that quality over quantity.

A music blog review is not to be like academic content such as 250 – 300 words.

The content length to be more for the better.

You need to share the value from that content for your music audience.

Usually, 1500 -2000 + words is the good average to make a quality article for your music blog.

How does beginner or expert music bloggers make money like $1,000 or more a month?

To making money from your music blog, you can get many ideas below-

● Promote affiliate products
● Sell your products or services
● Google Adsense
● Using Google Adsense alternative
● Offering Coaching and consulting services
● Selling courses
● Freelance writing services
● Selling ebooks
● Offering sponsor content publishing

Most of the famous music bloggers are making money online such ways I mentioned above.

How do I add music from youtube to my WordPress blog?

You can simply follow the steps to add a music video from YouTube.

● Search song on youtube.
● Click Share.
● Choose Embed.
● Copy the embed code.
● Go to the WordPress dashboard.
● Add the media section.
● Paste YouTube url to search the video.
● Select and insert it to your WordPress blog post.

How can I add music to my website?

You can upload the music file in the same folder where contain your web pages files.

Make your blog url to be like yourdomail.com/music.mp3.

Then place a link to your text where your music to be appearing.

As simple as a standard HTML linking process.

How to start a music blog on Instagram?

You don’t have to have any experience of starting a music blog on instagram.

Instagram is a microblogging platform to add 2,200 characters limit.

To start a successful music blog on instagram-

● Make your instagram account
● Choose your niche for instagram blogging
● Make a professional author bio
● Share excellent images
● Write instagram blog content
● Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags
● Always add geo-tagging to your post
● Interact with instagram followers and influencer
● Share stories
● Make more comment and like
● Follow Music influencer

How can I get personal music blogs content ideas?

I’d you want to sell music product then sharing instruments or gear review is the best topic to write.

Or there are many ways to get music blog content ideas.

See the quick list of ideas for music blog content writing-

● Music News for album and song announcement
● New music video
● Product release news
● Retired of a musician or band
● Information related to musicians
● Giveaway free music
● Giveaway concert tickets
● Giveaway VIP concert passes
● Tutorials for instruments percussion
● Tutorials for music production
● Tutorials for music theory
● Tutorials on recording techniques
● Tutorials on instrumental techniques
● Interview of musicians
● Musicians Roundup post
● Album and songs reviews
● Instrument and gear review guide

What are the best Indian music blogs in 2020?

If you want to know the list of the best Indian music blog, then you should follow the top 5 music blog now below-
Dibakar Bala from Kolkata
Radio and Music
Music Aloud from Bangalore
Songs of Yore from Delhi
Milli Blog from Bangalore

What’s the best platform to start a music blog?

To start a self-hosted website or blog on WordPress is the best choice for a music blog.

Hosting your blog on Bluehost today to install WordPress just 1 click from Bluehost CPanel now!

Are there any legal barriers to starting a music blog?

Nope, you can share any type of music on your blog. There are no legal ramifications of it.

How can I learn enough about music to start a music review blog?

The simple answer is to learn more about the music industry top blog and news.

What is an excellent music equipment review blog?

You can find from Google by using advanced search terms like-

“Guitars review” + Music Blog
“Amps review” + Music Blog
“Effects review” + Music Blog

You can go to this site called AdamHarkus.com to find useful music equipment review.

Conclusion On How A Beginner Start A Music Review Blog Within 7 Minutes And Make Money In 2020!

If you want to work hard and treat your blog like a real business, then you’ll have a high success soon.

If you want to get a free blogging and SEO consulting lifetime, then join my Facebook group now!

If you want to promote your music blog for organic search ranking by doing SEO, then you can download my free micro ebook called SEO secrets to earn $0 to $100,000 from today!

I’ll be launching my free SEO and Blogging micro-courses on my YouTube channel coming soon!

You can join my YouTube called Digital Prasen.

Please let me know if you have any more questions via comments below.

Best of luck to your music blogging success!

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