How To Start A Blog On WordPress Website For Beginners – 2021!

Are you a beginner and want to start a blog/website for your small business today in 2021?

Do you want to know the step by step from scratch to start a blog or website today?

It can be free, or domain hosted personal branding blog.

Is it right?

If yes, then this guide is helpful for you.

In this post, you are going to learn how easily you can create your blog fast for personal use, business use, or another purpose.

If you’ve decided to become an excellent blogger to make money online, then a self-hosted blog is always worth it.

This guide is handy for a beginner who is interested in blogging.

 Let’s get started now!

How To Start A Blog On WordPress Website For Beginners In 2021!

Table of Contents

What is a blog?

What is a blog

A blog is a website that sharing a well-written article for helping specific audiences.

Quality content means the article or known as a blog post or guide.

A Blog is mainly publishing content regularly, weekly or monthly basis.

A full-time blogger is producing daily content, and a part-time blogger is updating weekly or monthly basis articles.

Bloggers are writing content for their readers and make connections with them.

In this way, every blogger is building trust and branding of a blog.

Why should you create a blog or website today?

Why should you create a blog

You don’t need to be a high-quality writer for starting a blog.

Most popular bloggers are writing based on simple conversational tone and style.

This way you can improve better user experience.

Better user experience means a better ranking on Google in 2021.

To start a blog, you don’t need to be an expert in your niche.

Let me give you an example,

A user of a mobile tech blog, don’t like to read from a technology scientist, the user always wants to learn from an experienced people who had already used that mobile.

Did you get the point?

I hope so.

If you want to become a successful blogger in your niche, then you must be passionate about your topic.

If you’re blogging about your interested topic so this will be easier for you to write and share the content on your blog.

It’s a win-win situation for bloggers.

Why should you start a blog today?

If you are interested in

  • Making money online from home.

  • Share your story.

  • Boost your business.

  • Build a connection with interested people in a niche.


The exciting thing, blogging is the first step to getting explore on the web.

If you want to start a blog, so today is the best time to start.

So how can you start a blog now?

Yes, that’s I’m going to show you step by step.

You don’t need to have any experience or technical skills to create a blog right now.

What is the budget for starting a blog today?

Starting a blog won’t cost you much more than your pocket money on daily or weekly.

If you’re a student, freelancer, office employee, home mom, or others.

So you should follow the instructions below, the price going to be only $2.65 per month.

I have been blogging since 2015 but have self-hosted another website since 2009.

Once my eating us growing up, then I started to go with premium services and tools.

But you don’t need to have more than $3/month.

I’d highly recommended you go with BLUEHOST now to get a free domain today! Click here!

Do you want to start a blog for free of cost?

start a blog for free

Yes, of course, you can build a free blog today, but it’s not the right choice if you want to earn money from your blog.

Why should you avoid using any free blog for making money online?

Here’s the list of reasons behind-

  • You won’t be able to expect to earn good money. Making a few bucks is a great dream.

Google loves an authority domain, and if you have a blog under a subdomain which won’t build your blog authority at all.

A free blog example,

www. yourdomainname. wordpress. com/

A self-hosted blog example,

www. yourdomainname. com/ (.in, .info, .org, .net etc…)

  • You won’t be able to get any customer support.
  • You can use the basic features only.
  • After using a free blog, your blog switching not to be easier to move for a self-hosted blog. You need to hire a developer to fix it by spending 100 dollars.
  • You can’t use any SEO plugins to boost your blog ranking on Google.
  • Without SEO, you should not expect to promote your blog online.

There are many reasons not to go with a free blog if you want to make decent money online.

But if you want to go with free blogging platforms so take a look at the below –

Do you serious about starting a money-making blog?

I’d highly recommended you ignore creating a blog on these platforms and go with BLUEHOST today to grab one free domain name now!

When can you expect that your blog will make money?

make money from your blog

If you are going to be a part-time blogger so you might start making money under $100/month after working 6 months, and if you focus on solid part-time such as $700 to $1000 so it takes 12 months at least.

Do you want to become a full-time blogger?

If a full-time blogger, then you have to be consistently publishing content and it’ll take 24 months.

So, did you decide yet?

What type of blogger do you want to become from today?

It depends on your current situation.

If you are a student, so you need to be a part-time blogger.

If you are a freelancer so you might think about a full-time dedicated blogger.

I’d highly recommended to the freelance writer to be a full-time blogger.

A freelance writer has good knowledge in writing and speed. This skill helps a lot in blogging.

If you have no writing knowledge before so don’t worry about it.

You should start writing today.

You’ll notice that you are doing better and better day by day.

To become a good blogger in writing, just need to practice, practice, and practice.

As simple as it.

What you’ll require to create a blog?

require to create a self hosted blog

In this section, I’m going to talk about starting your self-hosted blog by using

All the other experts and I recommend it.

I’ll not talk about the free blog like

If you want to make a self-hosted ( blog, so follow these steps below:

  • Sign up for hosting on BLUEHOST (Recommended for beginners)
  • Select a plan for hosting
  • Choose a domain name for a blog
  • Complete the hosting process
  • Install WordPress from your hosting Cpanel account or you may download it from and install it manually.

Look at the video:

  • Login your WordPress and write your blog post.

Are you worried about it?

You don’t need to panic.

You don’t have to be with any technical knowledge for all the steps.

I’ll break it down step by step in the next section.

How To Start A Blog With Bluehost For Blogging Within 20minutes?

7 steps to start your blog now

Here are the 7 steps to use Bluehost for your blog now!

Step 1: Choose a niche to start a blog first:

Choose a niche to start a blog

It’s the most crucial step for blogging.

Many bloggers getting started with a blog having seen other successful bloggers in the same niche.

It’s a mistake to go with a topic that you’re not interested at all.

Without interested in any topic, you can’t feel the right to write a long run for your blog.

If you are leading any business so you cannot find an option to go with your exciting topic.

You have to relate to the product or services that you’re selling and want to promote.

But if you are an individual, you’re able to go with a topic that you’re interested in or passionate about.

So the question is coming, how you can find a blog topic to go?


  • Choose a blog what you enjoy

  • Choose a blog what you interested

If you don’t think about it yet, so you must consider before starting a blog.

Have you decided to go to the next one?

If you don’t know what to blog about so make a list of your interests and write it down on a paper.

It’ll make it easy to find out within a minute.

Step 2: Go with the right blogging platform:

Go with the right blogging platform

If you want to build your house, so you need land and the same like this, to start a blog, you need a blogging platform where the content to be published.

A blogging platform means a content management system (CMS).

You can find various blogging platforms to go such as

  • WordPress

  • Blogger

  • Wix

  • Weebly

  • Squarespace

  • Joomla

  • Drupal

And so on…

All the CMS has good and bad sides, but the most popular CMS is called WordPress.

WordPress CMS is SEO friendly, flexible, and lots of functions.

This is the best and right choice blogging platform.

All most 80% of successful blogs are using WordPress CMS.

I’d highly recommended you go with WordPress.

Note: I’m talking about WordPress CMS ( Don’t go with

It’s a little bit confusing to beginners.

Step 3: Sign up A Hosting Provider And Setup –

Sign up Bluehost Hosting Provider And Setup

To run a personal blog or website, you need a hosting provider.

If you have more than a domain so you can still use the same hosting for all your websites.

Hosting makes your blog live on the internet.

To start a blog, you need two significant things which are

  • Blogging platform

  • Web hosting like BLUEHOST

As I already discussed above on the blogging platform and now look at the web hosting.

It’ll take just 20 minutes only.

I have been using both since 2009.

The blogging platform is WordPress CMS (Download from; it’s free to open source).

And another one is hosting, which I’ll recommend to beginners to go with BLUEHOST (Web hosting).

It’s an excellent choice for a newbie.

You can get all in one setup.

There are many reasons to choose BLUEHOST.

You can grab a domain name free of cost and money-back guarantee.

Use this URL for a great deal below –

Click here to go with BLUEHOST now!

Sign up Bluehost Hosting Provider

Once you are on the BLUEHOST website, then click on the get started.

Then, you have to select a plan.

I prefer to go PLUS PLAN of BLUEHOST.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Get Special 66% OFF by Click This URL NOW!

Bluehost Hosting Plans off

Why do I prefer?

This plan has unlimited features and your domain privacy free of cost.

After that,

Enter your domain name to create a new domain of your blog


You can use your existing domain if you already have an area, blog, or website.


You can also skip this step and go later.

I think you might know that a domain is your website address.

For example, my blog domain name is

Well, now it’s time to step next,

Setup your account on BLUEHOST.


To set up your account, you can log in with Google just a single click, or you can manually enter your name and address.

Once you filled, your contact details then

Select your hosting account plan.

It’ll show you a drop-down menu.

Look at the image below-

Bluehost Hosting offer for 3 years

You can go with BLUEHOST billing plan for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months (1, 2, and 3 years hosting plan).

A hosting provider doesn’t offer any monthly plan.

You can get 30 days money-back guarantee as well.

If you have a limited budget so skip the package extras, or you may choose more extras in that plan, which is costing you some more.

Finally, you have to complete your hosting payment by entering your debit or credit card information.

Click the “terms and service box” and submit.

After that, you’ll have to create a BLUEHOST account.

To make your Bluehost account, put user id/email and password.


Keep this note:

This is your BLUEHOST hosting account.

It’s not your WordPress blog account.

Once you are finished at this stage.

You should log in to your BLUEHOST hosting account with your new password.

BLUEHOST hosting account login

After login into your BLUEHOST hosting account, then go to install WordPress to find the option.

When you click on the WordPress icon from your BLUEHOST hosting account, you then assigned the domain name of your blog.

Step 4: Install WordPress on your blog domain from Bluehost Cpanel-

To create a WordPress blog, you have to install the WordPress CMS software first.

It’s not hard to do it.

You’ll be wondering that how easily you can install.

Let’s see the step by step process below.

At first, you need to login to BLUEHOST.

You can use a wizard that will show you the step by step process for installing WordPress on your website or blog.

See the example image to go to my site area and hit the create site button.

Install WordPress on your blog domain

After that, you have to fill the information for your blog name, user name, and password.

This information is required to manage your WordPress blog.

Install WordPress on your blog domain from Bluehost

Once you are installed the process, you can go to your WordPress blog admin area.

You need to login in your website or blog dashboard from a similar URL like this:


Where to find the best free WordPress theme?

best free WordPress theme

If you have no budget to go with a premium WordPress theme so,

Astra and GeneratePress are my recommendations for free themes.

To install a theme from your website, Dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New. 

Then, you need to search for Astra or GeneratePress and then Click Install > then Activate.

I’d highly recommended you go with a premium WordPress theme only if you have a budget.

Why am I suggesting a premium WordPress theme to you?

I noticed that most of the free themes are not secure for any website.

A premium WordPress theme has lots of reasons behind, but the ultimate goal is to secure your blog and make mobile responsive, and Google loves.

You can also get better site speed by using a premium WordPress theme.

Where To Find The Best Premium WordPress Theme?

Here are the right places to find an excellent premium WordPress theme.

Sign up any of these platforms and search for your industry related theme to choose for your blog or website.

You can buy a single theme, or you might become a member to get access to unlimited topics for more websites and blogs.

It depends on your purpose.

Please have a look at the video for installing a WordPress theme on your blog now:

Step 5: Writing Articles and publishing –

Writing Articles and publishing

Now it’s time to start blogging.

You might be excited to write articles.

I’d you can write that good.

Practice makes perfect.

So keep consistent with writing about the topic you are interested in.

Once you are writing day by day, then you can notice your writing progress.

You’ll get surprised by the qualities of your articles.

It depends on how much time you can give for your blog and writing.

But I’d you don’t have much time to write for your blog, or if you are not a full-time blogger, then you should hire a quality blog post writer for your blog.

In this situation, you don’t need to spend more money.

You can easily save much time to write articles for your blog.

My recommendation is to go with AFFLOSPARK.

high-quality blog post writers at very affordable prices

It’s an agent who is offering high-quality blog post writers at very affordable prices.

Why am I recommending you AFFLOSPARK?

It’s an agency of top bloggers called KULWANT NAGI.


He is the founder of AFFLOSPARK.

You might hear about him before, or if you don’t know much about him, then Click here to read more.

Once you have quality content.

Finally, It’s the time to publish in your blog.

Let’s have a look at the example to publish articles from your blog today.

After login to your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see like this:

WordPress dashboard on your blog domain

To publish your first article,

Go to POST

Next, click on Add new.


publish your first article

Once you hit add new, you’ll get a WordPress editor.

This is the place to publish your article.

At first, Add your article Title,


In the body, you need to paste all the text.

To set up the body content, you’ll be able to use WordPress editor.

You can use subheadings, bullet points, italic, adding images, adding videos, and lots more things to look your article better.

Now you are ready to hit the publish button to live your article on your blog.

publish your article on your blog

If you want to get a better site editor for your WordPress blog (Not the default WordPress editor) then, you might go with a premium WordPress site drag & drop page builder called Elementor.

And upload or install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

If you don’t know how to add a new WordPress plugin, please check this video below:

Step 6: Start promoting your blog content-

Start promoting of your blog

Making a good design and writing quality content is the first step in blogging.

But without promotion, there is no value of a blog.

If you don’t promote so people can’t read your guide.

However, you must promote your blog online through internet marketing.

You can choose any of the marketing strategies to promote your blog.

Here’s the quick list of marketing that you might follow:

  • Do Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Start Google AdWords campaign (PPC)

  • Think about Social media marketing

  • Comment on the relevant blog of your industry

  • Engaging with your readers

  • Collaboration with other bloggers

  • Post article regularly on your blog

  • Build an email list

But SEO is a big part of the promotion of any business online.

It’s taking a long time to get good results.

Don’t forget to implement SEO techniques for your blog.

A good SEO can make your business successful or even break in the future.

So always focus on the right SEO strategies to promote your blog.

Step 7: Make money from your blog –

Make money from your blog

To making money within a night from your blog, this sounds good to hear, but it’s not the reality.

You shouldn’t expect to earn within a week or even a month from your blog.

You must promote at least 6 months to see a good earning from your blog.

To build a successful blog, it’s requiring dedication.

Yes, keep in mind that.

And once you have built the right amount of audience, then you can easily monetize your blog in several ways.

But focus on to build your blog audience first.

Here’s the list of monetization methods below:

  • Sell advertising from your blog
  • Start affiliate marketing
  • Selling your products and services
  • Selling digital download products (e-book, videos, courses, audiobook)

There are many ways to make money from your blog, but audience building is the first important step for any blog promotion.

If you want to grow your blog, so start blogging with love, dedication, and passion for the future.

Why am I recommending Bluehost to choose a beginner WordPress bloggers?

Bluehost Hosting Plans off

I’ve been using Bluehost hosting performance for many micro niche blogs for a long.

Please have a look at the reasons why am I recommending you with BLUEHOST:

  • It’s cheapest hosting just starting from $2.65 per month.
  • You can grab a free domain name for your blog today!
  • You can install WordPress with a single click without having any technical skills.
  • Bluehost offers excellent performance to boost your blog loading speed.
  • No hidden cost, just spend $95.40 for your blog hosting on Bluehost 3 years and a free domain name.
  • 2+ million blogs are hosted on Bluehost since 2005.
  • Get 24/7 customer support through phone calls or webchat.
  • Get 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Use our BlueHost link from this post to get a special discount.

If you want to get an affordable price better’ performance hosting for your blog, so the BLUEHOST is the best choice for start-up bloggers.

If you are a Blog Starter and purchased from our link, so get my free 1 to 1 consultation now!

If you have any problems setting up a blog, just join my Facebook group and contact me. I’ll do it for you free of cost today!

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FAQ About To Start A Blog or Website Today:

How can I get technical support on BLUEHOST?

If you hosted on BLUEHOST and facing any issues during setup, so contact Bluehost technical support through phone call or live chat.

Where to get help with WordPress?

You can learn WordPress tips for beginners on YouTube videos, or you might use a free blue spark service from BLUEHOST.

How to see my blog looks like?

Once you are login into your WordPress dashboard, then go to the house icon on the top left side and click on “visit site.”

If you don’t find it, so type your blog domain in your chrome browser.

How do you start a blog for free?

As I already discussed above, the free blog creation that I don’t recommend you if you want to make money online from your blog, but if you’re going to make any other purpose, then you can use any of the free blogging platforms.

Look at the Top 10 Blogging platforms 2021


And you can find many more sites like these.

You just simply sign up that platform and follow the instructions are offering step by step.

You can learn from this video below:

How can I start a WordPress self-hosted blog within 12 mins for my business website?

Creating a blog for personal or business purposes all are the same process.

I have talked about it step by step.

Here’s the quick list:

  • Select a niche for your new blog, or you can make a blog about your current business.
  • Choosing the right SEO friendly blogging platform such as
  • Go with the right web hosting like Bluehost (An affordable price for beginners).
  • To install and setup your WordPress from BLUEHOST CPanel hosting account. ( Free technical support you can get from BLUEHOST).
  • Go with a premium WordPress theme, such as Thrive theme.
  • Write articles and publish, To writing blog articles to go Semrush content market place.
  • Don’t forget to start your blog, do it yourself DIY SEO.
  • Start making money online from your blog.

I have mentioned seven steps, but with the 1-5 steps, you can create a blog within a couple of minutes and the rest of the two steps for the future scalable task that help your blog growing.

Is it worth it to start a blog in 2021?

If you’re confusing to start a blog is worth it or not, so you might be wondering what the right time to start a blog is now to make.

Blogging doesn’t mean publishing more content from your blog.

Publishing higher quality content that helps your audience is a matter of getting better results.

Note: Order now for high-quality content for your blog today!  SEMrush Content Market Place.

Of course, you can make the right amount of money if you’re serious about doing real blogging and consistent with publishing quality content.

You would be surprised that a severe blogger can make their luck.

Here are the 4 aspects of start-up blogging plans:

  • Niche research
  • Audience research
  • Finding monetization opportunity
  • Blogging structure and requirements

Here’s the quick list for blogging startup plans that you must follow to make your blog successful in 2021.

  • Why do you want to start a blog?
  • What industry are you interested in?
  • Who are you?
  • Learn keywords research first.
  • Learn how to brainstorm on your topic.
  • Make a list of your audience’s worksheet.
  • Do monetization research.
  • You are targeting your daily, weekly, or monthly, yearly goals for your blog.
  • Financial analysis for your blog.
  • Social media research.
  • Your blog style and structure.
  • Make a list of brainstorming blog post ideas.
  • Do your marketing strategy and plan.

Note: These UDEMY COURSES are recommended for Blogging Courses – 

If you have done all these plans and do implement at least for 6 months, you’ll see the progress of your blog.

The right plan is needed to make a successful blog in 2021.

Is there any advice to do monetize from my blog?

Yes, there are many ways to monetize your blog.

But you must know that monetization is not the first step to focus when you start blogging.

The first focus to be your blog content that helps your audience.

And monetization comes later.

You need to build relationships building with your readers.

Blogging is like an investment that pays you long term in the future.

Anyway, see the list of monetization methods that you might use from your blog –

  • Sponsored content publishing
  • Selling your skills and services
  • Selling online courses
  • Advertising from your blog
  • Sponsored podcasting publish
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Selling physical products ( e-commerce store)
  • Selling digital products (software, tools, ebook, video, tutorial)

Now, you should think, what is the right monetization method is perfect for your blog.

If you need any suggestions from me, then message me at any time, or you can join my Facebook group now!

What topic should I blog about?

This is a great question is come first when you are interested in starting a blog.

But many people can’t decide what to blog about.

Here’s I’m listing few ways to discover your right niche for blogging.

  • Find what you are passionate about.
  • The blogs you are interested in reading.
  • Find what knowledge you can teach easily.
  • Find your audience problem and solve that through your content.
  • Don’t always be an expert to show what you have learned and inform your readers.
  • Writing for a specific audience.

Now you have to brainstorm for yourself to find the right topic to blog about.

How to start a blog on Instagram?

If you want to start a blog on Instagram but don’t have any experience, then you’ll be glad to hear that it’s much easier than you think.

Yes, it’s straightforward.

Instagram blogging doesn’t mean that you have to write and publish 2,000+ words content.

It’s a microblogging platform, and the character limit is 2,200.

Here are the quick steps to creating an Instagram blog:

  • Sign up on Instagram account
  • Find your niche to make your Instagram blog (Such as travel, health, lifestyle, food, etc.)
  • Make your Instagram bio and profile image.
  • Upload and source more attention images
  • Writing your Instagram blog post ( make sure, your Instagram captions should be within 2,200 characters but don’t forget to add a call to action)
  • Important to mention the relevant hashtags to boost your readers.
  • Targeting geotag on your post for more specific audiences.
  • Build relationships and interact with other Instagram users ( Using Instagram story, comment and like user’s post, follow users)
  • Monetization your Instagram blog (use affiliate links, publish a sponsored post, selling your products and services)

You can use the Instagram account as a microblogging platform so don’t have to treat your Instagram blog similar to a self-hosted blog.

It’s a great place to start a microblog in any niche you are interested in.

How can I start a blog fan page on Facebook?

Creating a Facebook fan page for your blog is not hard.

Let me tell you the step by step instructions below.

At first, you sign in to your Facebook account.

  • Click this link to get started –
  • Go with the brand or product section.
  • Choose your category from the drop-down.
  • Select the website and write your blog name, but don’t forget to the checkbox to agree with Facebook pages terms and next hit to get started.
  • Then, you need to fill your necessary information about your blog/website.
  • Next, Upload your profile and cover images.
  • Add your Facebook fan page to favourites.
  • Once you are done, you will be redirected to your Facebook fan page admin panel.

All these steps would not take more than 10 minutes.

Does anyone still read blogs?

Yes, this is a common question of every newbie blogger.

Before you start into blogging, you want to make sure, does anyone read blogs in 2021?

Why you are thinking because video content is becoming more popular than before?

But according to market research of SEJ, 81% of US and UK peoples are reading an article online before going to buying decisions.

There are many top-ranking blogs earning millions of dollars every month.

Every business is focusing on content marketing to build their brand.

Blogging is still a significant opportunity for making any business successful.

500 million blogs worldwide.

Blogging can increase your Google SEO ranking.

Not only that, but you can also drive traffic, brand awareness, generating more sales, your brand credibility, and lots more with blogging.

53% of marketers are focusing on content marketing to boost organic rankings and traffic.

Yes, blogging is worth starting now and in the future as well.

Text content is always matters in search engines result.

To satisfy users’ right intent for any queries, the text content is always matters, that Google knows well.

Why is blogging a waste of time?

If you heard from anyone about blogging is a waste of time.

This is totally wrong.


Do you who are thinking that blogging is a waste of time?

A person who tried blogging only for the quickest way of making money and wrote for only search engines.

Who didn’t think about their audiences ever?

Yes, this is the reason to fail in blogging.

And after blogging a few months, given up.

Therefore, many people who think that blogging is a waste of time.

But the best bloggers know everything well and write for their audiences.

If you write a blog post that isn’t solving a reader problem, then that article is a waste of time.

Without depth understanding your audience, you should not write any blog post.

If you know about your audience and write a problem solution blog post that’s called a valuable asset and it’ll be worth in the future for blogging career.

How do beginner blogs make money, and how do bloggers get paid?

As a startup blogger, it’s hard to make money from your blog.

A newborn blogger doesn’t know that Where to start.

You might hear that many bloggers are making money from their blog, but you don’t know about much.

Here are the quick steps of making money to follow:

  • Join the affiliate program (Amazon affiliate, CJ network, Click bank, etc..)
  • Selling your ebook (You can write your ebook or Order Fiverr)
  • Selling online courses ( You can make your courses or hire from Fiverr videography or join UDEMY courses affiliate)
  • Offering freelance content writing services.
  • Google Adsense is another way to make money from your blog.
  • Offering to coach and consulting services.

Is blogging out-dated?

Nope, Blogging won’t be outdated.

Blogging is a part of what you’re publishing for your readers.

You need to write quality content that helps your audience.

A problem-solving blog post is always demanding for your readers.

If you don’t write and update your blog with valuable information frequently so the blog can be out-dated, but an updated information blog is always worth it.

Which is the best micro niche or topic for blogging in 2021?

There are many bloggers in every topic, but it’s not the mean all are good trending.

To start a blog by your passion and interest.

Don’t start blogging by seeing other bloggers.

You can see the topic trends with a great tool called GOOGLE TRENDS.

This tool will help you to go with the right trending topics based on your passion or interest.


I’m going to share a few lists of blog topic ideas to start your blog in 2021!

Please have a look at it:

  • Self-improvement niche
  • Health and wellness niche
  • Language learning niche
  • Travelling on the budget blog (Hotel, Car rental, etc..)
  • Writing style blog
  • Animals rescue blog
  • Communication skills niche
  • Self-defence blog
  • Recipes for couples blog
  • Technology for small business blog
  • Blogging for a specific food blog
  • Cyberbullying niche
  • Bodybuilding training blog
  • Entrepreneurial education blog
  • Disc golf niche
  • DIY homemade products
  • Strong marriage blog
  • Become real friends blog
  • Career vs. job blog
  • Microsoft certified blog
  • Hamburgers blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Mind strengthening niche
  • Personal financial management blog
  • Healthy eating blog
  • Ghost hunting blog
  • A home-brewing beer blog
  • Self-defence training for women or children blog
  • Video games development blog
  • Small business marketing blog
  • Urban farming blog
  • House gardening niche
  • Wedding photography blog
  • Product photography blog
  • A web design blog for nontechnical
  • Making a video blog
  • Self-employment blog
  • Becoming a writer blog
  • Lose weight fast blog
  • Vegan diet blog
  • Interior design blog
  • Health-conscious blog
  • Becoming rock star blog
  • Sports photography blog
  • Life coaching for students blog
  • Public speaking blog
  • Events blog
  • Playing a guitar blog
  • Travel photography blog
  • Build iPhone apps blog
  • Car maintenance blog
  • Ecotourism Blog
  • Virtual conference blog
  • Qr code using for small business blog

Starting a blog is not hard, but you have to choose the right topic first.

Once you have decided on the topic you want to go, and then you can easily create your blog within 10 to 15 minutes.

Which types of blogs are the most popular?

This is a common question that every start-up wants to know.

Yes, you need to plan a topic that good before creating your blog.

Here’s, you can get the most popular blogging topics that you can go right away.

  • Fashion blog
  • Food blog
  • Travel blog
  • Music blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Fitness blog
  • DIY blog
  • Sports blog
  • Finance blog
  • Political blogs
  • Parenting blog
  • Business blog
  • Personal Blog
  • Movie blog
  • Car blog
  • News blog
  • Pet blog
  • Gaming blog

Once you are ready with the blog topic, and then create your self-hosted blog with Bluehost.

After that, find your blog post ideas to write about.

How do I start writing a blog?

Writing a blog is not harder than you think.

It’s going to be easier if you are reading other blogs in your space.

I’d highly recommended you read other top blogs in your niche regularly.

The more you learn, the more you can get the ideas to write about your blog.

Make your style for each article you’ll be writing for.

Practice makes perfect.

If you write regularly, then you will notice how you’re going to improving your writing skills.

But it all depends on how much time you are going to spend on blogging.

But if you are a part-time blogger or freelancer, not getting enough time to write for your blog.

Then what?

Yes, you can hire a writer for your blog.

Here’s the no #1 problem.

97% of freelance writers are generic because they are not experts in your niche.

You should not hire a generic writer for an article.

You need to publish a higher-quality in-depth blog post for your blog.

If your content is not offering value to your audience, then it’s hard to make a successful blog.

In this stage, the good news for you to go a little bit higher budget, You might go with SEMrush Content Market place.

Why don’t you try a sample or your first writing with them?

If you have a limited budget, then set up a budget for a weekly or monthly basis to order your blog content.

These 2 places are excellent for getting a higher quality blog post.

Why do most bloggers fail?

The most critical questions that every start-up should be aware of.

You must know that blogging is not a platform to get overnight success.

You need to spend time and money first before you expect in return.

You’ll follow the quick list of reasons why many bloggers failed:

  •     Lack of passion for your blog niche
  •     Lack of creativity for blog post ideas
  •     Greed for earning quickly
  •     Lack of goal achieving plan daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  •     Lack of your style of writing and personality
  •     Lack of SEO knowledge or avoiding it
  •     The most important thing is the lack of concentration.
  •     Stop focusing on multiple blogs, focus on a single blog.

If you improve these reasons, then congratulations in advance.


You are going to become the next successful blogger soon.

You might try at least 6 months and see the results.

What do I suggest to you for your blog hosting?

If you are a start-up blogger and want to create a blog for today, then BLUEHOST is the right choice for you.

If you want to start more than one blog.

Or up to five blogs, then I’d suggest you go with WPX Hosting.

  • BLUEHOST and WPX HOSTING both are great places to go.

If you choose Bluehost, then you will get SSL certification and a domain name FREE of cost.

  • For 1 domain hosting, Bluehost is perfect.
  • For multiple domains hosting, WPX hosting is excellent to choose from.

Why Bluehost is the best solution for a newbie blogger?

As a beginner blogger have a limited budget for starting a blog.

You need to spend a certain amount of money on starting an excellent self-hosted blog.


  • Domain and hosting cost: $50/ yearly
  • WordPress theme: $60 one time
  • Writer for the blog post: $30/Article minimum or write yourself.

Starting a blog at this price is quite affordable with BLUEHOST.

Besides that, all the features are good enough.

Look at the image below:

BLUEHOST features offer

This is why I am recommending Bluehost to go with for newbie bloggers.

How to save money on Bluehost blog hosting?

I’d you want to save money on BLUEHOST hosting; then, you can CLICK THIS URL to go now!

You can get Bluehost’s basic plan at $2.95/month for your single site, free SSL certificate, and free domain today!

If you order from this URL, then you can save money for Bluehost blog hosting.

How to get started with Bluehost for your blog hosting?

As I already discussed above the step by step process for Bluehost hosting to start a blog today.

Here’s the checklist:

  • Go Bluehost to choose your domain
  • Choose your hosting plan
  • Put your necessary information for billing
  • Sign up Bluehost account

After doing all the steps above, go to check your inbox for a Bluehost confirmation email.

After that, log in your Bluehost account with your sign up email and password.

What is the alternative for Bluehost blog hosting?

If you want to get the best alternative to BLUEHOST hosting, then I’d recommend you WPX Hosting.

But there are many other alternatives for your blog hosting.

Look at it –

And the last one is Hostmonster, which is not recommended you as a beginner’s blogger.

If you want to get unlimited blog hosting at affordable prices so Hostmonster, you can try.

It’s not better than BLUEHOST or WPX Hosting.

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Conclusion On How A Beginner To Start A Blog/Website for Small Business Today! In 2021:

I think you would appreciate it if you read the whole guide to start your blog today.

Now you’re wondering about starting a blog by following step by step instructions from this post.

You don’t need to find out more alternative guides to start your blog now.

Yes, it’s easier to make a blog right away.

All the steps are not hard to move, and you don’t have to be a technical skill and knowledge if you go with BLUEHOST!

If you have any questions to build a blog today, please comment below.

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