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Jasper Ai Students Discount in 2024: No.1 Ai Tool for Academic Users

For students who struggle with technical or academic writing, Jasper AI is an indispensable writing helper.

After extensive testing, Jasper AI is now one of the best AI tools available. Jasper gives you the ability to express yourself through your "brand voice," something that other AI writing tools can not offer.

Students may improve their writing abilities with the Creator plan, which offers 50+ templates, unrestricted content creation, and a brand voice.

Affiliate marketers or digital marketers often face challenges in creating content.

Not everyone can afford a professional writer, so many marketers end up writing their content.

Whether it’s your website content a script for your YouTube video or copies for your Facebook and Google ads, you cannot compromise on the writing part. 

Jasper Ai is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to create high-converting content.

I know many of you are thinking about how can software write content.

Well, I have been using Jasper Ai over the past few years and I can tell you that it is quite impressive.

Using machine learning, Jasper Ai can write copies for your ads, email, landing page, social media posts, and everything.

You can generate more sales rates and marketing messages using this software.

Click here to try 10,000 FREE credits for the Jasper Ai discount!

Jasper Ai uses AI technology like Shopify, Hubspot, Salesforce, and many other popular brands.

Benefits of Using Jasper Ai  

Jasper Ai offers several useful features such as:

  • Firstly Jasper Ai helps you complete the writer’s job smoothly.

  • You will get numerous exciting ideas and topics instantly that will save your time.

  • With Jasper Ai, you can write an interesting and creative bio for yourself and your business that will resonate with your target audience.

  • Jasper Ai offers the AIDA framework that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

  • Jasper Ai generates compelling email subject lines that will make your audience open your email.

  • You can write long-form content like books, essays, scripts, stories, or articles of over 10,000 words in a few hours.

  • Jasper Ai also offers PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) framework to bring fresh marketing copy ideas.

  • You can get well-written headlines and primary texts for your Facebook ads from Jasper Ai.

  • Jasper Ai also provides your video titles, descriptions, and templates for your YouTube videos.

  • You can write the best HOOK intros that will make your viewers watch your video till the end on YouTube.

  • Jasper Ai review responder helps you respond to the reviews written on your brand in a witty and professional way.

  • Jasper Ai generates persuasive butter points for your product name and description.

  • Jasper Ai has a content improver that makes your content more engaging, interesting, and unique.

  • Even for your Instagram posts, Jasper Ai brings you catchy and creative captions.

  • Jasper Ai supports several languages so you can write multilingual content.

  • You can translate your copy into English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Polish.


Who Is Jasper Ai  A Perfect Choice for?

Jasper Ai can help with different types of copywriting.

Whether you are a writer, blogger, marketer, copywriter, or simple website owner, Jasper Ai can help you get out of writer’s block easily.

Jasper Ai is also a great choice for the following people:

  • Marketers: Any digital marketer who wants to increase the conversion rate on their ads, emails, website, and social media pages can use Jasper Ai.

  • Entrepreneurs: People who want to save a huge amount of time that goes into content creation and expand their business fast are a perfect fit for Jasper Ai.

  • Agencies: If you have a lot of clients and need to deliver a large amount contained in a short time, Jasper Ai can help you like nothing else.

Except for these, Jasper Ai is a lifesaver for people who cannot get through writer’s block and cannot think of great ideas.

If you are overloaded with work and want to decrease the heavy pressure of creating content within the deadline then you can put this Ai robot on your seat and enjoy the success.

Jasper Ai not only creates content fast but also produces quality content that is SEO-friendly and high-converting.

How Does Jasper Ai work?

Select your skill: 

First, you need to choose a skill or template.

I will recommend you AIDA framework as it is based on marketing techniques that were discovered almost 200 years ago.

AIDA framework, one of the oldest and best-proven templates signifies Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.


Share your business details: 

Next, you need to enter your company or business name and description.

For example, you have a company named “Denver’s affordable flights”.

You can enter your company description as “We provide the cheapest international and domestic flight deals every day that save more than 2 million hundred dollars.”

Now after entering the business name and description, you can click on the “Generate AI Content” button.

Soon, the Jasper Ai bot will create magic.


Watch the AI write your copy: 

Here is an example to give you an idea of how Jasper Ai can write your copy using the AIDA framework.

Attention: We find you cheap flights that can save you hundreds of dollars on domestic and international air journeys.

Interest: We provide exclusive new flight deals every day so that you get a chance to save a huge amount on your next flight booking.

Desire:  You can book your flights directly through our partner airlines and travel agencies to grab an exclusive deal easily.

Action: Click here to sign up for 10,000 FREE credits and grab the latest deal today!

You will be surprised to see how fast Jasper Ai can write your copy.

Within seconds you will see the AI writing copies that would take the human brain hours to do.

We all know how important it is in today’s age and day to compose converting content and using the AI bot will take your writing abilities to the next level.

Jasper Ai is built by conversion experts and great copywriters to make sure that it generates great content.

Jasper Ai monitors every word written on your website and improves them to convert visitors into buying customers.

Pros and Cons of Using Jasper Ai 


  • Jasper Ai is a perfect tool for all copywriters, bloggers, and authors who want to break through writer’s block.

  • Jasper Ai generates 99.99% original and plagiarism-free content.

  • You get a vast array of templates covering every aspect of your online business.

  • Jasper Ai brings you excellent long-form content.

  • Jasper Ai provides high-converting copies based on AIDA and PAS marketing frameworks.

  • With Jasper Ai, you will be able to write more content in days than you could write in a month.

  • Jasper Ai comes with a brilliant customer support team that can help you with any issue over live chat.

  • You can create content for your SEO strategies and social media campaigns.

  • You get access to the AI copywriters community.

  • Jasper Ai comes at an affordable price starting from $29/month for 20,000 words generation.

  • There is also a 7 days money-back guarantee so if you do not find it useful you can quit within 7 days.


  • Jasper Ai does not give a one-time payment option.

  • Sometimes the AI creates irrelevant content.

  • Even though Jasper Ai generates quality content, it needs a little human edit to make it perfect.

  • There is no support for API.

  • Sometimes the long-form content needs a lot of fine-tuning and edits.


Jasper Ai Price

Jasper Ai comes with price plans- Starter and Pro.

The starter plan costs only $29/month and offers 20,000 words of generation.

Though there is no free subscription available, you can use the 7-day money-back policy if you do not want to use it.

You can also add 5,000 extra words for $10 in case you exceed your 20,000 words limitation.

You don’t need to worry about surpassing the word generation limit.

Here are the word increments of Jasper Ai with their prices:

  • 20,000 words- $29/month

  • 35,000 words- $49/month

  • 75,000 words- $99/month

  • 115,000 words- $149/month

  • 150,000 words- $199/month


The Pro plan comes at $109/month and gives you access to unlimited credits.

You also get unlimited project folders in the Pro plan whereas the starter plan allows you only 5 project folders.

The character input limit is 400 and 600 in the starter and pro plan respectively.

If you want to add additional team members to your pro plan, you just need to pay $25 per user.

With this feature, you can create a team of copywriters and editors.

Click here to try 10,000 FREE credits for the Jasper Ai discount now!

Tools That Can Complement Jasper Ai 

There are some tools that you can use along with Jasper Ai to bring the best results out of your online business.

1.     Surfer SEO– A great standalone tool especially useful for on-page SEO optimization.

2.     SEMrush– An all-in-one SEO and digital marketing tool that offers a huge variety of useful features.

3.     Topic– One of the best tools that you can use for topic research and keyword research.

4.– A tool specialized in content research and optimization.

5.     SE Ranking– Another all-in-one SEO tool with a large set of marketing tools.


Is Jasper Ai worth the price?

Jasper Ai pricing is not expensive as it comes at a price as cheap as $29/month for a 20,000-word generation.

20,000 words are enough for a medium business to generate ad copy, articles, YouTube video descriptions, social media captions, titles, headlines, and more.

If you want to hire a professional copywriter to do the job then you will have to pay way more than this.

An average marketing agency would charge 15 cents per word and for 35,000 words you would have to pay around $5,500.

But with Jasper Ai, you can get 35,000 word generation at only $49/month.

Compared to the services it provides, Jasper Ai is worth the price.

Other than money this tool saves a lot of your time which is also important to expand the business.

There is also a free trial with a 7-day money-back guarantee so you can give it a try without thinking too much.

Click here to try 10,000 FREE credits for the Jasper Ai discount!


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