Link Building Case Study: Results of 515 Outreach Emails [Ep. 2] By Ahref In 2021

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6 thoughts on “Link Building Case Study: Results of 515 Outreach Emails [Ep. 2] By Ahref In 2021”

  1. Many outreach emails are gets deleted directly without even being read out. you have clearly bring out the many possible reason of not reading out the email. But I was looking for some tips to increase the opening rate. Anyway, this article has come up with many new concepts and techniques behind the outreach email fails

  2. Hi Prasenjit,
    It is indeed a great joy to note the kind mention of my post on Blog Comments. Yes, as mentioned our well thought out relevant comments on other fellow bloggers posts will definitely fetch the 3 results you mentioned. The other collected links too are worth notable to find the ultimate reason why our outreach campaign fails. Thanks for sharing these valuable connected links.
    Keep sharing.
    ~ Philip
    PS: I am so glad to note that this post has been mentioned in my latest updated post Amazing Bloggers who mention me in their posts. here is the link. also this is shared on my social media.


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