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Today I’m going to talk about the best keyword research tool called “KWfinder Black Friday” which is offering

  • 10 days of the free trial!
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Now I want to tell you its different type of account like

  • The first one is research.
  • The second is tracking.
  • And the third one is a professional.

Friend’s I am very excited to share this. It is a very powerful and versatile tool that has very useful features.

They start their primary package by research or tracking and assured you that you get it at a very cheap rate online.

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Get FREE 5 Months Now! If You want to Research with KWfinder: 

Many competitors and general market researchers are focused on the Research section. You get a very quick overview of your competitor’s ad words, ad copy keywords by Keying in a domain name.

If you want to get an overwhelming edge which is the support for data and it gets from KWfinder by A key feature.

In very many tools give you research just in a pertaining condition in many countries like the US, UK, Canada. While you use KWfinder then you get access to data from at least 30 countries.

I hope that you will notice its simple interface. Now, if you want deeper performing then you do it by clicking on individual keywords and then you proceed to find more competitors who are eventually gathered for work in the field.

What Discount Benefit will you get from KWfinder?

Here you get useful resource which helps you to analyze the website and you also get it in order to figure out and here you also know that the best players in the industry are engaged in.

KWfinder / Mangools Black Friday 40% Discount 2021!

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You also get success by replicated to amplify your campaigns. As per your website, you note down your estimated budgets which may be under or overestimated.

KWfinder Affiliate:

You do not get this feature in the basic plan but you must get it when you use PPC because the PPC users are focused on affiliate marketing.

Many of the parts in KWfinder Research tool is also focused on affiliates. From this feature you able to know your competitors’ affiliate, keyword, and profit rank, etc.

From this tool, you buy more dividing information product which helps you in affiliate marketing and create more money through their search marketing efforts.

KWfinder Review for Tracking:

In PPC game Tracking is a different part. While you are using this tool then you target once and collected them and in this way you are the master of the keywords.

Very easily you gain maximum out of KWfinder because you should be looking for both sets.

In three search engines, you can open a tab and analyze the keywords regularly from the organic and paid standpoint.

When you decided to start with a limited pool of keyword, then you should want to use overlap tool and you also able to know yours competitors common keyword and it is mean that these keyword performing very well.

If you want to very much growth in a keyword in the organic process then overlapping tools are available for you.

Tracking is helping you to understand the effectiveness of your landing page. Here you also get a suggestion to construct your landing page and it can be quite useful.

If you perusing in the limited budget then you get more benefit from this research tool.

KWfinder Pricing Offer in 2021:

If you are an experienced person then obviously know that pricing is quite different from the other similar tools.

kwfinder pricing

KWfinder Overall view:

KWfinder gives you an opportunity that is you get 10 days of free trial without submitting any fees.

Keyword Analysis Tool Features:

  • You get PPC Keywords, PPC Ads, and Organic Keywords.
  • PPC Traffic is also available here.
  • Here PPC Competitors, Organic Competitors available.
  • You also know the Organic Rank.
  • You also access your data near about 28 Countries.
  • You compare your Domain.
  • Affiliate Researching also available here.
  • You get Free Trial for Lifetime.
  • You also developed by API.
  • You also get another Support Options 2.

Account For KWfinder Research:

From these features, you access to the following data

  • You checked the keyword, estimated search volume, estimated CPC, the position last seen of an ad and its average position, total days have seen/days, etc. Add URL and destination URL also seen while you want.
  • You can see all individual keywords, ROI, search volume, CPC, total profitable ads, affiliate ads on that keyword, days seen and last/first seen and also many another thing from PPC Keywords.
  • Individual keywords, position in the SERPS, total search results, estimated CPC, and the URL is also showing in Organic Keywords.

Metrics OF Research Account of KWfinder:

They compute the ROI by this process mentioned in the next line and the screenshot is also available.

Days Seen*Percentage Seen/Number of Days Seen since Last Seen and I think it is based on the assumption.

I don’t have sufficient time for caring for the metric. In ROI Much variety is available which makes it different from many persons.

  • First or Last Seen- which add KS saw on the last day this is called Last seen and which add KS saw on the first day this is also called First Seen.
  • Profitable Ads – Ads can profit and it is based on their internal metrics in between the total no of ads.
  • Affiliate Ads – affiliate ads are based on destination URLs.

Track Account OF KWfinder:

While you want to know real-time to track in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your PPC and Organic campaigns, it is possible for you to have The Tracking account option.

It is very helpful while you checking out your coverage and competition across all three engines.

Your data with the competition’s scraped data are also marked if you want.

I assured you that your campaigns being monitored by a spy tool that makes its money and also showing advertisers their competitions organic and PPC data.

Tracking/alert/coverage is also available here for getting more information for you.

Apart from the tracking and coverage you get:-

  • Current landing page, ad copy, and destination URL for a particular landing page are shown by Landing Page Intelligence.
  • Organic and PPC overlap data and quite frankly are shall really include in the research account IMO.
  • You able to marking PPC/Organic Listings which is mention below with a screenshot of the organic one, they are fairly similar.


In this account, you get Research and tracking account features and new two features are mention below.

  • 1st is Affiliate Intelligence and
  • 2nd is Affiliate Reports.

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KWfinder for Affiliate Intelligence:

Here you able to access to look at products and ads which are used by 132 affiliate networks.

You can also access top affiliate products and top affiliates by product id and affiliate id respectively.

You can find the destination URL field and additional products/ads by using the affiliate product and affiliates ids.

KWfinder Pros:

Here you get Provides Extensive data about competitors’ keywords in terms of PPC and organic traffic and you also get the detailed information for affiliate marketers.

KWfinder Cons:

It is quite difficult to work with low budget users who want the research and track features in a combined manner.

KWfinder Overall:

Again I also mention that it is a very useful tool for ideal marketers who concerned with researching competitors. An added bonus gives you the extensive free version which helps you to decide to tend to be sceptical.

Relevant Recommended Resources:

Conclusion About KWfinder / Mangools Black Friday 40% Discount 2021:

Lastly, I want to say that the KWfinder has great feature and they also have a deep database.

As my choice, I pick just one tool I would opt for either SEMrush (Get 14 days FREE trial now!) or Ahrefs as both supplies solid PPC/SEO competitive Intel at a much more reasonable price. According to my consideration, their tracking account might be a little nice.

KWfinder / Mangools Black Friday 40% Discount 2021! FREE 5 Months Now!

Click here to start 10 days Free trial now!

The KWfinder has also a great feature that is regional databases and they also cover many areas missed by some of the other competitive research tools.

I hope you like this quick post about the KWfinder review. Please share it on your social network.

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