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I have a very special guest for today’s interview.

He is a well-known SEO leader, speaker among internet marketers worldwide and successful entrepreneurs.

A big thanks to David for giving his valuable time to answer my quick questions.

David Amerland an international speaker, author and business journalist.

He speaks about data mining, search, the social web.

You can find his books: Highly recommended for beginners to learn in 2021!

  • The Sniper Mind

  • The Tribe That Discovered Trust

  • SEO Help

  • Google Semantic Search

  • The Social Media Mind

  • Online Marketing Help

  • Brilliant SEO

  • Getting to Number 1

He gives about 50 speeches and presentations to business groups yearly and he is holding an annual seminar on SEO and Social Media.

You can find David Amerland some of the events:

  • DringSales Executive Summit
  • SEO Conference 2015
  • Makolab 25th Anniversary – Semantic Day
  • EU PDW Summit 2014 -Thessalonika (Semantic Search and Content Marketing)

Let’s have a look the answer of David on my question below:

1. When did you enter the SEO world?

  • In 1995 with the Yahoo alphabetized indexing (of a sort) of websites. At the time I worked with a colleague and we quickly discovered that specific keywords plus the tricks of yellow-pages print directories worked on the web.

2. A quick tip about on-page optimization?

  • Be relevant to your audience’s needs.

3. The most stupid thing people believe about on-page and off-page optimization?

  • It will put them on the first page of Google fast.

4.  What kind of SEO mistakes should avoid?

  • Stop chasing search engines. Focus instead on making your content audience-need specific.

5. Please recommend 3 SEO tools and WordPress plugins?

  • These days I only use SEMRush’s analytics tools. I find the constant development they carry out is excellent for my needs and I love the interface they have through the SEMRush account. For WordPress, the plugins I’d recommend are WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner.

6. The most stupid thing you heard about link building?

  • Google won’t know links are bought.

7. Most effective link building practice recommended for a blogger in today?

  • Create great content people would want to link to and publicize it widely via your social network circles.

8. Do you have some favorite blogs that you use to browse on a regular basis? If yes, please share any three.

9. What do you drink when SEO? 🙂

  • Coffee – endlessly.

10. What do you think about the SEO community?

  • We need to stop thinking that search engine optimization means we chase search engine developments.

11. Who is your biggest SEO influence?

  • Bruce Clay – I found his intelligent, insightful approach to SEO was light-years ahead of everyone else’s at the time and he has continued to lead from the front.

12. If you weren’t an SEO, what would you like to do?

  • Well, I am a writer who consults on SEO so I get to do both of the things I like.

Once again thanks for David for providing his valuable time that help me to post on @copyproblogger.

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