Interview with Aaron Agius, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Louder.Online

Recently I got a chance to interview SEO leader Aaron Agius.

Aaron Agius is a well-experienced search, content and social marketer.

He worked with the world’s largest brand like Coca-Cola to build their online presence.

He is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Louder.Online

As a trusted guest author, you can find his list of a great post from

This interview does not take you long, it is very quick is worth the time to read through all of it!

Thank you so much to Aaron Agius for spending your time to answer all of my quick questions!

1. When did you enter the SEO world?

  • 2007

2. A quick tip about on-page optimization?

  • Content depth and volume are the number 1 thing to focus on.

3. The most stupid thing people believe about on-page and off-page optimization?

  • On page: metadata is all you need. Offpage: Spamming links all day long won’t catch up with you.

4. What kind of SEO mistakes should avoid?

  • Blackhat SEO on sites or brands that you care about, are invested in or are your client’s sites.

5. Please recommend three SEO tools and WordPress plugins?

6. The most stupid thing you heard about link building?

  • That it’s not needed anymore.

7. Most effective link building practice recommended for a blogger in today?

  • Guest blogging

8. Do you have some favorite blogs that you use to browse on a regular basis? If yes, please share any three.


9. What do you drink when SEO? 🙂

  • water 😉

10. What do you think about the SEO community?

  • I wish it had a higher barrier to entry to stop the scams and snake oil SEOs.

11. Who is your biggest SEO influence?

  • Neil Patel

12. If you weren’t an SEO, what would you like to do?

  • FireFighter

Aaron Agius, Thank you so much once again for providing your valuable time and sharing your experience marketing methods with us.

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