Inspirational Photography Website: 15 Brilliant WPTheme & 5 Best Platforms 2021!

If you are a photographer in any categories and looking for inspirational photography website designs

To get the idea to design your own website or redesign your current website so this is the perfect place for you.

There is so much confusion about choosing a photography website because everyone is suggesting different themes and different platforms but before choosing a theme you need to think about from all aspects such as website speed, mobile-friendly theme and many more for SEO factor.

Without SEO you cannot promote your website organically, therefore, you need to choose the right theme which should be SEO friendly.

I always suggest using a WordPress theme and Bluehost for hosting platforms if you are new and thinking about how to build your own website.

To create a photography website with you will have to buy a domain fast and you also have to choose a web hosting account.

To buy a domain it will have cost you $14.99 yearly and for a web hosting plan to be $7.99 per month.

This is the average price for all web hosting companies.

But you are going to get a great deal from our special link if you like to buy Bluehost for your web hosting.

BlueHost is the most popular and largest hosting company on the web.

best webhosting for photography website

In addition, you will get one free domain along with an SSL certificate free of cost with this price to start your own website just $3.95 per month.

If you want to buy or run a single domain so I would suggest you go for Bluehost or if you like to run up to 5 websites so, therefore, WPX hosting should be e great for you.

It is also providing a great deal for our readers.

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If you need any technical support or help to set up your website, I’d recommend you may go to hire a virtual developer from PPH.

You can save a huge amount of money to set up your website and purchasing a hosting and WordPress theme from this post.

My recommended best place to find WordPress theme for any niche you want –

Number 1# Place is ASTRA!

In this post, I am going to share the list of great inspirational photography website designs WordPress Theme at a very low cost that you might use for your current website or if you like to launch your new photograph for the website.

Let’s have a look.

Inspirational Photography Website Designs Theme For Bloggers:

LandScape — WordPress Photography Blog Theme: CLICK HERE

LandScape -WordPress Photography Blog Theme Features

Ragnar – A Bold WordPress Blog Theme – CLICK HERE NOW!


Everly – Hipster WordPress Blog Theme – CLICK THIS EXCLUSIVE LINK


Camila – WordPress Blog Theme – CLICK THIS SPECIAL URL NOW!


Inspirational Photography Website Designs Portfolio Theme For Professional:

Darx – Classy Portfolio WordPress Theme – GO HERE

darx-wordpress-photography theme

Micka – The Photographer Customizable and Responsive WordPress Theme (Drag & drop IOS Slideshow) – CLICK NOW!

micka-wordpress-theme for photographers

Benson – Portfolio / Photography WordPress Theme – CLICK HERE NOW!

Benson - Portfolio-Photography WordPress Theme

Vignette – Portfolio WordPress Theme – CLICK HERE

Vignette- Portfolio WordPress Theme for inspirational photography website

Mozzy – Perfect WordPress Theme – CLICK HERE NOW!

Mozzy - Perfect WordPress Theme for photography website

Ultra-Photography – Perfect WordPress Theme – CLICK THIS URL NOW!

Ultra-Photography - Perfect WordPress Theme

Themify Infinite- Fashion Photography – Perfect WordPress Theme –  CLICK HERE

Themify Infinite- Fashion Photography

Shape – Perfect WordPress Theme For Photography – CLICK HERE NOW!

Shape - Perfect WordPress Theme For Photography

Themify Elegant – Photography WordPress Theme – CLICK HERE

Themify Elegant- Photography WordPress Theme

Eclipse- Elegant Photography and Blogging WordPress Theme – CLICK HERE NOW!

Eclipse- Elegant Photography and Blogging WordPress Theme

Themify Stack- Inspirational WordPress Theme For Photography – CLICK HERE

Themify Stack- WordPress Theme For Photography

Relevant Recommended Resources:

Conclusion About Inspirational Photography Website 15 Brilliant WordPress Theme:

I hope this blog post helps you to find the best photography theme for WordPress if you like to launch your own website so you must go with these themes that I have suggested above.

I have noticed a site is charging more for per photography theme after seen that I decided to share the good resources which you can get very affordable so thought of sharing these are the list of WP theme through my blog post.


If you want to find a higher quality WP Theme for any niche you are interested in!

Then, Go through these 5 recommended platforms today! – 

  1. Themify
  2. Tesla themes
  3. Premiumcoding
  4. Cssigniter
  5. ASTRA

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If you like this blog post about inspirational photography website designs, please share it with your social network or if you have any more questions please let me know through the comment below.

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