The 4 Best HubSpot Alternatives to Embrace in 2021!

The advent of digital means of doing business has affected both online and offline businesses in ways that one cannot even begin to imagine. These are ways and means that have changed the way we do business. Today, no business – small, medium or big – is spared the digital tools even if they run a brick and mortar store. Look around you and you will understand what we are talking about. When you go to a store to pick up some supplies, you are asked for your email address and your phone number. Then, you start receiving text messages with offers and you are in an email loop where you look forward to the coupons, codes and other messages. You would also tend to follow the social media feeds of such brands and you would instantly become leads for them when they want to cross sell, up sell or even re sell. 

Now, take this scenario and apply to every kind of business that you see in the world around you – hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bookstores, grocery stores and so much more. Whether or not we are online, we are sucked into the world of big data and the IoT or Internet of Things, on a routine basis. So, it would be completely baseless to say that you do not need digital tools like alternatives to HubSpotjust because you have a brick and mortar presence. This presence would only be validated by the footprint that you have on the digital world. 

What is HubSpot?

If you are looking at starting your business and you have been researching the tools that you would most definitely need, then chances are that you would have heard the words CRM and Marketing Automation several times along with many others. This would hands down be one of the most important tools that can help you scale up in an efficient and economical manner without having to invest in a large team and employ too many resources. But what exactly is CRM and what is marketing automation?

Well, CRM is customer relationship management which usually has the support of sales and marketing automation, integrated together on platforms like HubSpot and HubSpot alternatives. These are systems that help you automate your business and keep track of all the information that would shut the unique needs of your business when you are trying to spread your wings and make conversions within a certain market segment. This would include tools and features like email marketing, predictive content, proposal making, lead generation, landing pages, lead scoring and so many others that would help you bring the right prospects through the marketing funnel and straight into your sales pipeline. 

HubSpot is a pioneering name in this industry. After being established with much success in 2006, it began with the simple principle of helping people do a few of the following things:

  • Find the right information from the mounds of big data and making use of it in an organized way to reach, engage and convert with ease;
  • To help teams collaborate and coordinate with each other using minimum chaos so that automation helps them understand what task comes next and what information is to be used for that task;
  • Create the right means for engaging the right market segment or audience without the mundane task of doing it manually;
  • Having an automated set up that would also cater to the core goals of the business with insights and analysis;
  • To generate higher revenues. 

In order to do all of the above, HubSpot and HubSpot alternatives necessarily bring you integrations like email marketing and landing pages to capture the details of subscribers and prospects so that you have a congestive unit that is capturing and storing information that would be thrown up when the right task is to be conducted in the sales pipeline towards conversions. 

Yet, HubSpot has also seen many an alternative to HubSpot. Let us find out who the best HubSpot alternative may be:

EngageBay: This is a well known platform that has over 12,000 customers all over the globe with many awards to its name as well. The fact is that it also has a wide suite of features that helps you spread an impressive footprint on the many channels available in the digital world. And it does so at a very low cost so that it does not hurt the pocket. With EngageBay, you can always be sure that lead generation and lead scoring would be done across a number of platforms and with a number of tools including unique content, email marketing, landing pages and optimization of your customized website as well.

Nimble CRM: As an alternative to HubSpot, Nimble is a CRM platform that offers many features. Yet, these are not as expansive or integrative as the Engage Bay features that would seem more affordable as well, compared to the plans and packages on this platform.

Active Campaign: This is also a well known platform that comes with a number of features spread out over its four plans for 500 contacts. You can be sure that the Active Campaign would give you some of the best email marketing tools. Yet, the catch is that it is not that well organized when it comes to other channels and hence, you would have to invest to make more integrations. Also, with its highest plan priced at $229, it may not be the most affordable platform for CRM and marketing automation. 

Drip CRM: This HubSpot alternative is one that is upcoming. It brings in many features that are mostly related to SMS and email marketing, thus instantly reducing the size and strength of your reach. It has some minimal contribution in terms of lead generation, yet this too comes at a very high cost. 

The conclusion is a simple one – EngageBay is the best HubSpot alternative since it has many features and it is also extremely affordable.

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