Cheap And Best WordPress Hosting India [2021]: 12 Hosting For Newbies!

If you’re looking for the best and cheapest WordPress hosting in India for your blog or website then you have visited the right place.

As newbies are always looking for cheap WordPress web hosting India but you need to find the best web hosting for WordPress in India at low cost.

Many of the indian startups are choosing local website hosting provider by searching on Google like-

But this is not the best way to find the best WordPress hosting, You find only cheapest hosting in this way.

Many of the local hosting websites are reselling hosting by taking from a reseller hosting and start a hosting businesses.

Choosing a good hosting is the first step to make your busienss website get SEO result.

A good speed hosting is most important factor of SEO ranking on Google search result.

If your website is not ranking on Google search result for targeted keywords then you wont be able to get organic traffic for your businesses or blog.

Therefore, I have mentioned 12 top WordPress hosting provider that offers very affordable prices to go for indian beginners.

But before that, you must know that there are 2 types of WordPress hosting.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

A shared WordPress hosting means sharing a server with other websites. It’s good for startups.

A Managed WordPress hosting meaning a hosting provider will be taking care of SSL security, software updates, backups and so on. It’s the right choice for a good number of traffic websites and blogs.

And WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It’s open-source and free to use.

There is no cost for WordPress CMS.

Don’t always compare hosting based on the pricing plans.

You might get a cheaper price host which I haven’t listed. Because of quality.

So let’s have a look at the list of best WordPress Hosting that you can get a cheaper price.

12 Cheap And Best WordPress Hosting India In 2021 For Beginners:

Indian Startups
Best Hosting ProviderCheapest PriceBandwidth & StorageEmail AccountsInstalled WordPress Servers In IndiaFREE Offers
1. BluehostIndian rupees ₹222.26/mo50GB storage & unmetered bandwidthUnlimited YesYesFree Domain & SSL Certificate
2. DomainRacerIndian Rupees ₹59/mo.Unlimited Bandwidth and StorageUnlimited YesYes21x LiteSpeed Technology, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth & SSD Storage Space, Free Weekly Jetbackup, Free SEO Tool (Only @ $40-$50)
3. A2HostingIndian rupees ₹223.83/moUnlimited Bandwidth and StorageUnlimited YesYesFree Site Migration, Backups, and SSL.
4. Hostinger Indian rupees ₹99/mo20 GB Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth100 Email AccountsYesYesFree SSL, Jetpack, Weekly Backups & Domain
5. HostingRajaInr ₹149/moUnlimited SSD Disk Space & Bandwidth10 EmailsYesYes1GB RAM For WordPress – Free Setup WordPress and SSL Certificate
6. NameCheap1st month Rs 0.75 and next Rs 290.46/mo10GB SSD storage & Bandwidth limited
5 Private & secure email for your domainYesNoIncluded with SFTP, Database Access, CDN, SSL and backup
7. GreengeeksIndian Rupees ₹221.57/mo ($2.95/m)Unlimited bandwidth and storageUnlimited E-mail Accounts YesNoFree SSL, Domain, CDN and Backup, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
8. iPageIndian Rupees ₹280.86/mo ($3.75/mo)Unlimited bandwidth and storageLimitedYesNoFree 1 year domain registration
9. FastcometIndian Rupees ₹220.93/mo ($2.95/m)15 GB and No Unlimited bandwidthUnlimitedYesYesFree Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, Website Setup, SSL, Cloudflare CDN, 300+ Free Applications and 45 Days Money Back
10. HostwindsIndian Rupee 246.45/mo ($3.29/mo)Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk SpaceUnlimited Email AccountsSoftaculous Auto Install (“Cheap VPS” WordPress Hosting)NoFree Website Transfers, Weebly Site Builder, SSL Certificate and Domain
11. BoldGrid (WordPress Site Builder)Indian Rupee 187.27/mon ($2.50/Mo)NONONONOBuild in the Cloud and 200+ Templates
12. GoDaddyINR ₹ 99.00 /mo30 GB storage and no unlimited bandwidthFree business email – 1st yearYesYesPre-built sites and drag & drop page editor, One-click migration tool and Free 24/7 support

Tips To Choose An Excellent & Cheapest WordPress Hosting India For Setup:

Cheap WordPress Hosting Setup In India

Everyonewants an impressive and affordable WordPress host for their website.

With the fluctuations in price, the service also changes in specific areas: disk space, traffic, setup, speed, performance, and the number of supporting websites.

  • Bandwidth – The cheap offers comes with hardly any monthly visitors. You need to upgrade your plan to receive full-fledged rewards in terms of traffic and bandwidth.
  • Disk Space – You need to use high-resolution pictures and graphics to make your blog more attractive. You need unique disk space for this. Almost every web hosting service provides a decent disk space.
  • Allowed Websites – You will be allowed to access one website with cheap hosting services. Nonetheless, some support two sites as well. Below I have mentioned the ones which will enable two websites.
  • Server location – A good server location which is near to the audience of your target will bring a good outcome. Different hosting companies have different locations for their data centres. You should choose the one which is closer to your target visitors.
  • Setup – Hosting companies comes with a plethora of options in which structure plays a crucial role. Some provide installation while others charge for it. Some hosting companies offer free migration, as well.
  • Speed – You need to have a hosting service that provides a decent uptime and rapid loading of pages.

For instance, Bluehost has 99.98% uptime accounts for just 105 minutes of downtime in a year.

Some of the best WordPress hosting services are provided by Bluehost, NameCheap, A2Hosting, etc.

Top #3 Shared WordPress Hosting Company In India 2021 For Beginners:

1# Bluehost:

Cheap Shared WordPress Hosting With Bluehost For India

Bluehost is the most trusted web hosting provider on the web.

Bluehost has the strength of over two million websites from all across the world. 

Simple establishments and installation with WordPress make it stand apart. 

Find the cheapest hosting plans in india which is Bluhost, It’s starting from $2.95 monthly, you need not worry about learning the technicalities behind the installation. 

Cheap wordpress hosting india is not always good if you search by your local city, areas or states, You need to check the facts and do some research to find the best one as per your business requirements.

But Bluhost make easier for startups to go with nominal budget WordPress hosting india now.

It is furthermore considered as you will get a domain for free, which is included in the plan of hosting. You need not spend extra bucks to purchase it. 

Henceforth, you will get your site at a reasonable rate as a free domain will cut the expense. 

It offers 50 GB storage, a free SSL certificate, and a decent 99.98 % uptime.

99.98% uptime accounts for just 105 minutes of downtime in a year.

The load time of Bluehost is 0.85 seconds for New York, 1.80 seconds for Stockholm, and 2.14 seconds for Melbourne.

Established in 2003, It is immensely popular because it offers value for money, has outstanding features, and an excellent support system.

Such is the popularity of Bluehost that it is currently hosting more than two million websites.

Bluehost has seen as a notable host for a small business website.

Bluehost is the best web hosting for WordPress in indian startups.

It gives 30 days money-back guarantee. If you do not contend with the service, you can ask for a refund.

2# DomainRacer:

DomainRacer is an excellent WordPress hosting provider. It is known for its 21x faster LiteSpeed technology, on-time support and low-cost hosting plans. Because of its cheap hosting prices, DomainRacer is the popular choice of many website owners. Start and try this website with our good-price cheap wordpress hosting India plan included free SSL and 99.99% uptime support.

DomainRacer is also suitable for high-traffic websites that need faster page loading times. All of their hosting plans are bounded with unlimited bandwidth, storage space, cache technology, free-of-cost SSL certificate, free weekly JetBackup, DDoS protection, 24/7 customer support, and many more.

By joining DomainRacer’s advanced hosting plan, you get a free domain name (.com & .in). According to the market stat, their price and page loading time is best. DomainRacer maintained an average uptime of 99.99% with a stable page load time of 149ms.

If you want to grow your website traffic or if you belong to DomainRacer’s family (customer), then you can take advantage of free SEO tools. Become SEO expert with a free premium SEO tool at $40-$50

Tier-4 Worldwide Data Center

  • US
  • Canada
  • Asia : India, Singapore
  • Europe : France, Germany, UK

24/7 Multi-Channel Support

  • Ticket
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Call Support

Highly Protection System

  • ModSecurity
  • PYXSoft
  • Firewall
  • ImunifyAV+ & Imunify360
  • Email Spam Protection
  • Magic Spam Protection

Fastest Server Speed

  • Free SSD Storage Space
  • Faster Cache Protocol
  • HTTP3 & QUIC Protocol

Preeminent Helpful Chunks

  • Softaculous Script – Install 450+ App In One-Click
  • SitePad – Free Of Cost 1000+ Attractive Template
  • Free Guidance Assets – 350+ YouTube Video Series, Blog
  • Explosion – @Free Premium SEO Tool (Costing $40-$50)

3# A2Hosting:

Cheap Shared WordPress Hosting With A2Hosting For India

The pay monthly billing option which A2Hosting has been offering has given way to more competition lately. 

Starting from $3.92 monthly, you get it at a reasonable price while you can pay yearly or even more to get it at an affordable rate in several companies. 

As an additional advantage, You get the WordPress already installed when en you invest in A2Hosting. 

They are environmentally receptive, above all.

Customers applaud the speed, which is outstanding on the homepage. 

All of the components are developed to create a fast streaming site. 

Every plan’s name is based on speed—for instance, Swift and Turbo.

The server is safeguarded by HackScan, which protects it 24/7 and keeps it protected from suspicious threats.

It fixes the issues beforehand and keeps you away from the problems which could harm your website. Your data is safe with them.

They function effortlessly to develop and conserve fastened solutions for expanded performance and insurance.

Its operation is also outstanding, with 2.93 seconds in Melbourne, Stockholm in 1.61 seconds, and 0.93 seconds in New York.

It has an incredible money-back guarantee of 30 days. You can ask for a complete refund if you do not find it useful.

Top #4 Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting:

1# Bluehost:

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting With Bluehost For India

Bluehost gives some remarkable features at an affordable rate.

WordPress suggests Bluehost.

Bluehost price is starting at $2.95 per month.

You will be allowed to access free website domain, SSL certificate for free and excellent uptime.

It is famous as the best WordPress hosting since 2005. With time, it’s performance has increased incredibly.

They have exemplary customer service with phone and live chat facility.

2# SiteGround:

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting With SiteGround For India

It is another striking company approved by owing to the cheap and dependable Hosting by WordPress.

Siteground is one of the highly advised WordPress hosting firms. 

They are identified for their prime client assistance and quick credible plans for hosting. 

Likewise to Bluehost, you will receive a manageable auto-installer for WordPress. 

The signup procedure is not complicated at all with starting at $3.95. 

SiteGround is suitable for many e-commerce shopping sites like PrestaShop, Magneto, etc.

The incredible 24/7 support system with a live chat facility is a boon for customers. 

It has a better value for the money which you will invest in because of surplus features.

Their WordPress tailored hosting services encompass all that you will require to establish and evolve a profitable blog.

All in all, Siteground gives decent execution with 1.16 in New York, 0.75 seconds in Stockholm, and 2.98 seconds in Melbourne.

3# A2 Hosting:

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting With A2Hosting For India

A2Hosting has four shared hosting plans, the bucket from which you can get the one suitable for your website.

It does not provide some essential features like free domain.

It does not provide plugin updates.

It doesn’t have an excellent uptime which is 99.95%

The $7.99 plan gives you a free migration facility along with 25 emails.

You also get an SSL certificate for free.

Their pace is impressive, safety aspects are substantial, the rebate program is liberal, and client assistance is thoughtful.

It has extraordinary customer service with free backup.

Your issues will be solves in the knowledge center as well, along with a live chat facility.

4# GoDaddy Hosting:

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting With GoDaddy For India

It is also a good option with a plan starting from $10 monthly. 

It has 99.97% uptime, which is suitable for the rate at which you are getting it.

The customer support is very decent with excellent services overall.

It offers 10GB storage with a free domain at $10 monthly.

It gives one website and timely software updates. 

Free backups are available at all price plans.

GoDaddy is a big name that is known by one and all in terms of website hosting. It is definitely worth the investment. 

Top #1 Cheap “VPS” WordPress Hosting:

1# Hostwinds:

Cheap VPS WordPress Hosting With Hostwinds For India

Organized or unorganized actual servers accessible in Windows and Linux

  • Cloud hosting models with billing according to the number of hours used, or you can get it monthly. 

Hostwinds gives more flexibility and scalability.

You cant get downtime issues with advancements in minutes.

Monitoring is Cost-free around-the-clock. 

Computerized backups at night facilities are present.

Initiate on Hostwinds instantly with starting price $5.17 

The disk space range between 30 GB to 759 GB SSD

You can get a new domain name or transfer a previous domain.

Hostwinds have surplus virtual server packages with extra ten configurations or plans. 

Host winds guarantee 5 minutes of acknowledgment of hardware substitutes and occurrences in less than one hour.

It is exceptionally distinguished because it extends its usefulness for money, has prominent elements, and has an excellent backing system.

The outstanding uptime guarantee with top-notch performance and cloud services will compel you to go through the entire range of features and packages.

Hostwinds is an excellent web hosting that has dynamic features that you require to build highly usable websites.

It is amongst the top preferred hosts owing to excellent web hosting services.

It is not like traditional Hosting, which gets the power from only one server. Here your website is backed by many servers that ensure it’s uptime.

Its cloud hosting starts from $ 4.5 monthly for 512 MB RAM, a CPU, and 1TB transfer of data monthly. 

The plan of $22.49 monthly is highly purchased by the users, which gives you access to 4GB RaM, two core processors, enough storage of 50 GB, and 2 TB of data transfer.

In case you are thinking of business in web hosting but hesitant about server management.

Hostwinds offers amazing reseller hosting packages.

They do not offer a money-back guarantee. 

Top #1 Cheap “Website Builder” WordPress Hosting:

1# BoldGrid:

Cheap WordPress Website Builder With BoldGrid For India

BoldGrid is a cost-free website builder software with which is drag and drop WordPress software.

It is a cost-free drag and drops Website Builder. 

It has WordPress installed previously. InMotion Hosting gets this done.

WordPress themes are available for free, along with mobile and tablet editing views.

Shopping Carts and Paypal functional with starting price $4.99 monthly.

It offers an incredible 90 days money-back guarantee.

It has Disk Space ranging between 40 GB to 129 GB SSD.

You can make most out of it as It offers a free domain for a year. 

1# Bluehost:

Cheap WordPress Dedicated Hosting With Bluehost For India

Officially recommended by WordPress, it provides a very affordable hosting service.

Bluehost has an extensive panel for hosting and launching WordPress.

It is immensely popular WordPress Hosting and is suitable for beginners as well.

You are entitled to one press installation of WordPress and a domain for free.

The average load time in Germany was observed to be 2.13s, Seattle 1.66s, Toronto 1.79s, Sydney 2.25s.

The Basic plan of $2.95 monthly gives 50 GB disk space, one free domain, and assists one website.

The plus plan of $5.45 monthly gives you unlimited websites.

You also enjoy unlimited email accounts, storage, and space.

The choice is $ 5.45 monthly gives the privacy of domain and auto backups.

If you want to have a manageable hosting result, Bluehost is the ultimate solution to you.

2# Hostinger:

Cheap WordPress Dedicated Hosting With Hostinger For India

Hostinger has been in the eyes of people for a while now. 

Famous for the low price, they are providing outstanding features.

Their lowest plan is $0.99 monthly. 

After the initial period, you can purchase at $7.99 monthly. It is a good option for not so complicated website plan.

It can hist a single website and an email account. 

The bandwidth is 100GB, which is sufficient.

You get an SSL certificate for free.

They do not provide daily backups.

The load time of 30 days was 0.39s in Germany, 1.23s in Seattle, 0.84s in Toronto, and 3.25s in Sydney.

For a plan of $0.99 monthly, you will be able to launch your site.

For the premium plan of $2.15 monthly, you get a free domain for one year.

You do not get enough traffic and can run a few websites.

The business pack of $3.45 monthly gives you free SSL. 

You get daily backups, a domain, and suitable for a proper website.

3# SiteGround:

Cheap WordPress Dedicated Hosting With SiteGround For India

Ranked amongst the top WordPress hosts, they have a plethora of offers.

SiteGround have the option of site transfer for free.

They assist Git when you purchase the bigger plans. They also give enhanced speed.

The load time of 30 days was found to be 0.73s for Germany, 1.35s in the USA, 1.13s in Canada, 2.19s in Australia.

The startup plan of $3.95 monthly is useful if you want to host a single website.

You can buy a plan of $5.95 if you have multiple websites.

It is recognized for its extraordinary speed of server and strength. 

They furthermore give some of the nicest assistance and backing in the business. 

 It has thousands of customers.

They work tirelessly to assemble and retain simple remedies for expanded execution and safety.

The speed administered by company and outstanding bandwidth overshadows rivals and imparts clients elegant atmospheres prepared for quick service and performance.

In case you are looking for effortlessly reliable and dedicated technical assistance, then it is the go-to solution for you. 

They are renowned for influential, organized custom service contributions.

GoGeek of $11.95 monthly is ideal for bog firms that attract plenty of traffic.

They have good speed with improved features at cheap rates.

4# iPage:

Cheap WordPress Dedicated Hosting With iPage For India

iPage is very cost-effective with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

It offers a free domain for a year at a very cheap rate of $7.49 monthly. What else can you expect at such a low price?

It has an uptime of 99.94%, which needs to work. When compared to Bluehost, it needs to work in this area.

It is suitable for beginning at a cheap rate with useful features and learning the technicalities before investing in a bigger plan.

iPage was established in 1998.

It is a crucial member of the EIG( Endurance International Group). They are substantial service providers.

It is host to more than a million sites.

You can buy a domain instantly from iPage.

For the first year, you can purchase a .com domain for $11. The overall cost can go up to $17 

They offer numerous extensions. Some of the not so common extensions which they provide are .bargains and .coach.

It offers some outstanding features like automated plugin updates, decent chat support system, and excellent performance all in all.

5# A2Hosting:

Cheap WordPress Dedicated Hosting With A2Hosting For India

A2Hosting is a famous self-reliant WordPress host that extends a promising proportion of execution and value for money.

A distinctive bonus of A2Hosting is that they have monthly pay hosting.

They offer an SSL certificate for free and WordPress already installed.

The average loading time of av thirty days was found to be 1.37s in Germany, with 0.95s in Seattle, 0.61s in Toronto, and 2.10s in Australia. 

The kite package of $3.92 monthly facilitates endless storage and transfer of data.

The Swift Package of $4.0 monthly can host countless websites with quick load time. 

The swift package is a decent choice for websites with considerable traffic.

The Turbo package of $ 9.31 monthly gives you access to an endless number of websites and much quicker load time.

The Turbo Package is suitable for websites that have outstanding performance.

A2Hosting is a perfect option for the price at which it is available.

6# GreenGeeks:

Cheap WordPress Dedicated Hosting With GreenGeeks For India

GreenGeeks offer a good speed and decent uptime.

The customer support is excellent with24/7 live chat.

Their package starts from $2.95 monthly. 

They also offer reseller hosting with packages starting from $19.95 monthly.

They have quick, safe, and scalable Hosting.

Greengeeks’ main office located in California. They have customers in more than 150 countries.

They have VPS hosting and committed servers.

Top #4 Cheap WordPress Hosting: Under $4/Month:

1# HostingRaja:

Low Cost WordPress Hosting Under 4 USD Month With HostingRaja For India

HostingRaja is ideal for small companies who look for good Hosting.

The rates are very cheap in comparison to the other hosting services. 

The starter pack of $1 monthly gives you 5GB Bandwidth and ten emails and 40GB web Space.

They do not offer a free domain, but you get a free subdomain.

The Silver pack gives you a webspace of 100 GB, support three websites 

They do not provide free domain at this rate but gives a free subdomain.

They are catcher optimized.

They provide fast, safe, and reliable hosting.

2# NameCheap:

Low Cost WordPress Hosting Under 4 USD Month With NameCheap For India

Looking for a feasible alternative, Namecheap is there to help you as an inexpensive host. 

Name cheap provides registration of domain name, which has its head branch in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is very affordable and hosts more than ten million domains.

It has about 11.5 million monthly users.

As the name demonstrates, it is the most affordable option available regardless of which it is delivering decent numbers considering substantial action and useful disk resources (20 GB SSD-accelerated). 

From $2.88 monthly, it’s operation information concludes to 1.11 in New York, 2.22 seconds in Stockholm, and 3.14 seconds in Melbourne. 

It doesn’t leverage word press features, which could be optimized. 

If you prefer domain registrars that give some services, contribute to building a user-friendly interface, Namecheap can be the best option for you.

If you already have a website, you can migrate to their Hosting for free.

It reduces the tactics of upselling.

It has an unmatched customer support system.

It is believed that if your page loads in less than 6 seconds, it will have more visits. Namecheap shadows the other Hosting here.

They have so many visitors because of the speed which they provide.

They offer unmatched bandwidth with a free SSL certificate.

A website on WordPress is likely to run without any issue with the 50 MySQL database.

It can be installed quite instantly with a means known.

You also get 50 email addresses at one go, which is commendable.

It has an irresistible 30 days money-back guarantee. 

3# Fastcomet:

Low Cost WordPress Hosting Under 4 USD Month With Fastcomet For India

Fastcomet provide free domain transfer for a year.

You are free from spending extra bucks.

Relatively quicker access to files.

Accelerates your site with free Cloud are CDN.

They offer free daily backups.

They offer 45 days money-back guarantee.

They have a 24/7 customer support system.

4# GoDaddy:

Low Cost WordPress Hosting Under 4 USD Month With GoDaddy For India

Go Daddy is quite a big name in the hosting industry.

They provide automated backup and a domain for free.

The average 30 days load time was found to be 1.83s for Melbourne, 0.87s for New York, and 1.49s in Amsterdam.

The basic package of $5.99 monthly is suitable for a website with twenty-five thousand-page visits. 

They support a single website.

The deluxe package of $12.99 monthly is ideal for a lakh visitor.

The ultimate package of $19.99 monthly can have four lakhs visitors.

They facilitate two websites.

GoDaddy is the ultimate option for users with one or two websites. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About The Uncostly And Finest WordPress Hosting India [2021]:

What is WordPress hosting?

It is a sort of web hosting that has been specially developed to run with WordPress. is CMS (Content management system) free open source. You can get fast one-click installs, decent bandwidth, regular backups, decent uptime, and much more with WordPress hosting.

How to look for Lowered WordPress hosting?

You can get cheap yet good WordPress Hosting from the companies that have the right name in the market. 

You need to go into the details of the package which they are providing and read the reviews. 

You will not want to miss a good deal. Therefore compare the features with the price which you are paying.

 Keep in mind your website’s requirements in terms of speed, uptime, bandwidth, and disk space.

How much do I have to pay for cheap WordPress hosting?

Some of the cheap WordPress hostings are available at around $1.

You need to understand that you won’t get great features at a very cheap rate.

Therefore you need to understand your needs and then buy a plan accordingly.

Do I also get a domain name included with Lowcost WordPress hosting?

Companies do not provide a domain name for free quickly.

Some firms give a free domain for the first year.

Bluehost and GoDaddy can be trusted in this aspect.

Is the customer support good with cheap WordPress hosts?

Companies try to provide excellent customer support as they have all sorts of plans.

Mostly, cheap WordPress hosts also provide excellent customer support.

Which is the First-Class hosting provider for WordPress?

Bluehost, SiteGround has certain features that are suitable for WordPress.

Hostingraja is all in all perfect hosting provider and should try.

They offer a decent and economical WordPress hosting.

They have extensively prominent and inexpensive WordPress hosting possibilities. 

Should I use shared hosting?

 It confides to the size of the website. 

When you share hosting, it means that you have to share the server with several websites.

You can have a website on a single page with it. It is highly advisable to use Cloud hosting or VPS.

Does WordPress include Hosting?

The security of the website and domain name is sorted in the package. 

You only need to have a web hosting with WordPress and code the website on your own.

No matter what fund you have at your end, you can always start a website or blog on WordPress with the help of these hosts.

You can go through the entire services and get the one for you.

You should go with BLUEHOST to get one click to install WordPress without having any technical knowledge.

Do I also get a domain name included with cheap WordPress hosting?

Cheap WordPress Hosting does not provide a domain name always, while some offer it free for a year.

Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting, and A2 Hosting provide a free domain in its starter packs. 

However, Siteground does not provide a free domain.

Which is the Budget hosting for Indian payments?

A good web host gives a good user experience and improves your search rankings.

If you are planning to start your website, I would advise you to begin with a cheap host, which has excellent performance.

You should always compare the affordability, customer support, and the features before buying any hosting service.

A domain name, SSL certificate, uptime, speed of loading, etc. is essential for your website to work smoothly. 

Namecheap, Hostinger, and Bluehost top the list in these criteria.

Which is the reliable and Nominal web hosting company in India?

The two criteria that must be considered when it gets to the promising, credible & inexpensive web hosting provider are uptime and trustworthiness.

You should look for the one which is popular rather than invest in a hosting service which gives you ample features.

Popularity has nothing to do with your website. The efficient services will make your website a success. 

Bluehost is a very credible and inexpensive web service providers. 

Bluehost has HDD hosting.

You can select the package of your choice and start your website.

Which is the best cheapest web hosting company in the world? 

NameCheap can be considered as the best web hosting company concerning the price and excellent service. 

They do not have their WYSIWYG site builder.

They accept Paypal, debit, and credit cards. So, it becomes very convenient as they give a clear description of everything which you have purchased.

It is not that easy to access. 

It has a standard cPanel console, which makes the work very convenient.

Newcomers might find it a bit difficult, but experienced people will be a pro in it. You will be given Softactulous, which performs the one-click installation.

Bluehost, iPage, Dreamhost, HostGator also have affordable starter packages.

Have you tried out any managed WordPress hosting yet?

GoDaddy, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc. have a cheap, managed WordPress Host.

GoDaddy from $11.95 monthly. 

Siteground starts from $11.95 and A2 Hosting $24.46 monthly.

Bluehost starts from $29.99 monthly. (Bluehost India at 199 Rs)

Can anyone please share the experience of WordPress hosting with the greatest provider?

Finding WordPress Hosting is a challenge in itself. 

Having used many hosting services, I have a few of them in my bucket list, which offers excellent service in terms of price and service.

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress Host, starting from $2.95.

You won’t get many features at such a rate, but it is perfect for beginners.

You will get a free Domain and 50 GB Disk space.

At $5.45 monthly, you get an unlimited number of websites, unlimited webspace, and emails.

At $3.95 monthly, you get a free domain, which is suitable for someone who wants to start a business.

At $5.95, you are allowed to access an endless number of websites.

A2 Hosting, Namecheap, iPage will also give you useful features with excellent customer support. 

Which Hosting is Super for the WordPress website?

I would always advise choosing a hosting web service that gives a good uptime of at least 99.94% and an excellent load time.

The load time should not exceed 700ms.

You should also see the customer services as it would help you in the long run.

Bluehost is the best for WordPress. 

WordPress itself recommends it.

It is incredibly famous due to its affordable packages, extraordinary traits, and impressive expert assistance.

You can also go for SiteGround, A2 Hosting, iPage, etc.

What is the fastest hosting for WordPress?

Kinsta is the best option for the fastest WordPress Hosting. 

They have the ultimate speed and is very safe.

They offer free migration with daily backups.

They have a team of dedicated WordPress experts to help you out when in need.

The starter pack is $30 in which you get one WordPress installs, 10 GB disk space, 20,000 visits, and a free SSL.

At $60, you get two wordless installs, 20 GB space, 40,000 visits, and a free SSL.

They offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

You also get two months of free access if you pay for the plan yearly.

It has also made its reputation in e-commerce platforms because of its excellent support for these apps.

What is the cheapest way to host a website?

As a beginner, you have limited funds to invest in a hosting service provider.

You need to analyze the features that you want profoundly and look for the options which are available in the market.

Bluehost comes with an affordable package and easy to use features. 

Starting from $2.95 monthly, It offers 50 GB storage, a free SSL certificate, and a decent 99.98 % uptime.

The technical experts are always there to solve your queries via phone or live chat.

It becomes even more useful as you will get a free domain, which is constituted in the hosting plan. You need not waste extra money to buy it. 

A2 Hosting has Starting package from $3.92 monthly.

GoDaddy starts from $10 monthly.

You can also opt for A2 Hosting.

Is it possible to use the Bluehost kind of web hosting in WordPress and the only smartphone in the beginning?

Bluehost ranks amongst the top WordPress hosts. 

The signup process is straightforward.

The package starts from $3.95. 

They offer free migration of sites and assist Git.

You can use it on your phone in the beginning if you want.

Bluehost is one of the highly recommended WordPress hosting firms. 

They are identified for their prime client assistance and quick credible plans for hosting. 

You will receive an easy auto-installer for WordPress. 

You need not worry about learning the technicalities behind the installation of the site. 

The incredible 24/7 support system with a live chat facility is a boon for customers. 

It has a better value for the money which you will invest in because of surplus features.

Conclusion About Cheap And Top WordPress Hosting Indian Startups In 2021:

I hope you have enjoyed the article about the 12 best cheap WordPress hosting provider for beginners.

Here’s the quick list again-

  1. Bluehost (Bluehost India)
  2. SiteGround
  3. A2Hosting
  4. Hostinger
  5. HostingRaja
  6. NameCheap
  7. Greengeeks
  8. iPage
  9. Fastcomet
  10. Hostwinds
  11. BoldGrid (WordPress Site Builder)
  12. GoDaddy (Don’t go!)

All low price hosting doesn’t mean bad hosting, you need to look at the good features they offer before choosing the best hosting provider.

I’d highly recommend you go with Bluehost for beginners and next level experts, bloggers, small business owners.

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