SEMrush Affiliate Program Review: Is It Best SEO Recurring Affiliate Program In 2021?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you know the recurring affiliate program is an excellent opportunity.

But if you’re looking for a higher paying SEO tool affiliate program, then SEMrush is the best place.

The berush is the place for the SEMrush affiliate program.

SEMrush is the most popular SEO marketing toolkit that using by 6 million-plus users worldwide.

If you want to make money from every month through your affiliate sales, join today on the SEMrush affiliate program called “Berush”.

In this post, I will discuss the SEMrush affiliate program Berush in-depth review for SEOs, affiliate marketers, and bloggers to join for monthly recurring income.

Let’s have a look into in-depth about the Berush affiliate program now!

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SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program Review Overview:

An affiliate marketing is where someone purchases products using the links of your post, and you get a commission for each purchase.

SEMrush Affiliate Program is a free affiliate marketing program that you can use to earn money.

It would be best if you promoted SEMrush, and each purchase made through your link results in a 40% commission.

That’s a decent amount. Right?

SEMrush provides you a recurring commission of 40%, one of the highest commission given by any SaaS tool.

Not only that, but SEMrush also offers you a massive range of promotional materials to help you.

What Is SEMrush?


SEMrush is one of the best all-in-one SEO tools used by more than 6 million people worldwide.

Since 2008 SEMrush has been one of the most powerful tools for SEO and PPC work.

Some of the world’s biggest companies, like eBay, Quora, Vodafone, and HP, use SEMrush.

What Is The Targeted Audiences For SEMrush?

As SEMrush offers a broad set of features, it also has a vast range of target audiences.

The bigger the audience is, the better the opportunities are for promoting.

SEMrush’s target audience consists of:

● All the businesses, big or small who want to rank their website on the search results.

● Semrush is the right for bloggers and affiliate marketers, both newbies and advanced users.

● It’s also best for marketing teams and agencies with a large number of clients.

What Are The Problems Fixed By SEMrush?


The biggest problem that SEMrush solves is data.

Yes, SEMrush has massive data for SEO, PPC campaigns, backlinks, and more.

SEMrush’s data comes with a broad set of useful metrics that helps you analyze it.

The main problems solved by SEMrush are the following:

● Not having competitors’ SEO campaign data.

● Technical and on-page SEO errors.

● Efficient position tracking. 

● Find profitable, content topic ideas.

● Discover potential keywords.

Except for these, SEMrush also solves all your problems in your SEO and PPC goals.

What Is BeRush? How Does It Work?

Berush affiliate program review

SEMrush Affiliate Program is also known as BeRush.

SEMrush Affiliate Program or BeRush is an affiliate program that promotes SEMrush SEO tools.

You can quickly sign up for BeRush and start earning as an affiliate referral.

You will get a 40% recurring commission whenever someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.

SEMrush provides a commission on sales of every plan and subscription.

So you see, it’s effortless to start with the SEMrush affiliate program and earn money.

SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program Features:

The BeRush affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs that you can use to earn money.

The best features of the BeRush affiliate program are:

●     Payment In 15 Days:

SEMrush Affiliate Program pays its affiliates twice a month.

You get paid on the 10th and 25th of every month.

●     10 Years of Cookie Life:

Yes, if someone buys a plan through your link, then for the next 10 years, you will get paid each time that person purchases SEMrush.

Even if the person clicks on other affiliate links after clicking yours, you will still get paid.

Only if the person clears his/her cookies before buying, then you won’t get a commission.

●     Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout of SEMrush is $50 through PayPal.

You can easily reach the threshold and get your commission via PayPal.

●     Marketing Material:

SEMrush provides you with lots of pre-made marketing materials such as customized posters, banners, and widgets.

●     2-Tier Affiliate Program:

Not only can you join the SEMrush affiliate program as an affiliate, but also you can have your sub-affiliates.

Each time your sub-affiliates sell something, you also get a personalized commission.

SEMrush Affiliate Program Commissions and Payments:

SEMrush Affiliate Program pays you a high commission at a low threshold with extra benefits.

So let’s jump into the details of payments.

BeRush Commission:

As you know that SaaS tools provide their affiliates with a commission of 20-40% for each sale.

SEMrush offers a 40% recurring commission on each sale.

So if someone purchases the basic plan of SEMrush, which is $99/month, through your link, you will get $39.98/month.

Generally, people like business people and agencies go for bigger plans which will get you a more considerable amount.

The earnings are not limited or guaranteed in any form.

You can earn an unlimited amount of money, but you will only earn when someone purchases through your link.

BeRush Payments And Threshold:

SEMrush Affiliate Program comes with two payment options- PayPal and Wire transfer.

For PayPal, the threshold is only $50, which is lower than most of the affiliate programs.

But for the Wire transfer, the threshold is $1000, which is a high bar.

So for the beginning, you should choose PayPal as the payment method.

Once you start generating a large amount of revenue, you can go with a Wire transfer.

Sticky Cookie:

A moist cookie is nothing but a small file that is stored with the user.

Sticky cookie attributes the sale to you, and you get your commission.

While most of the affiliate programs don’t offer sticky cookies, SEMrush has a moist cookie of 10 years.

That means once somebody buys SEMrush through your link, you will get a commission of his/her every purchase with SEMrush for 10 years.

10 years is a vast period, almost a lifetime, so this is something you won’t find with any other affiliate program.

SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program Promotional Materials:


SEMrush Affiliate Program’s promotional materials are outstanding as they make the process so much easier.

SEMrush brings you the materials available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

SEMrush has a massive set of promotional materials, literally everything from landing pages to eBooks.

Landing Pages & Links:

Landing pages and links are common materials for promotion.

There is an enormous collection of landing pages with different features.

Like if you want to promote SEMrush by highlighting its backlink feature, then the landing page will stress backlink analysis.

Except for features, landing pages also include blog posts, website pages, and more.

You also get the option of creating a customized link of any SEMrush page you want.

Free Courses & E-books:

You can offer free courses and e-books to your audience, and once they make a purchase, you get a commission.

E-Books and courses are handy, and anyone would like it for free.

The courses and E-books are on various SEMrush benefits and are designed to promote SEMrush.

Banners & Widgets: 

There are various banners and widgets that you can use to promote SEMrush.

There are different types of banners, and you can grab your audience’s attention with them.

Widgets are very impressive, and you can add them to your site.

Both the banners and widgets come in different colors to match your brand.

One thing I can assure you that these banners and widgets are going to increase the conversion rate.

Offers & Campaigns:

Except for those, there are also offers and campaigns to promote SEMrush.

SEMrush gives the users some special offers like extended free trials, discounts, etc.

You can create customized campaigns using SEMrush’s materials to promote SEMrush.

Here are some examples of SEMrush content marketing toolkit promotional campaigns:

SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program Incentives/ Competitions:

Building a career in affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight.

You will have to work hard and have patience.

To give you motivational boosts, SEMrush offers some incentives and competitions.

Incentives are there almost every month to help you earn extra money like a $1000 bonus on your first 5 referral sales.

There are many competitions where you can win an amount as a prize, like a content writing competition or something else.

SEMrush also shares posts for the winners of these competitions on their social media handles.

These incentive offers and competitions are always there to get you some extra money and fame.

Benefits of BeRush Affiliate Program:

Let’s talk about the benefits of promoting SEMrush through the BeRush affiliate program:

● You don’t need a website or blog to encourage SEMrush as using social media and emails is good enough.

● SEMrush offers a free joining and instant account creation.

● SEMrush pays the commission twice in every month.

● 10 years of cookie life to get benefited.

● The minimum payout on PayPal is only $50, which is relatively low.

● 40% of recurring commission monthly.

● The 7 days of free trial makes it easier to find customers.

● Even if the customer purchases through other links, you will get a commission if yours was the first cookie.

● SEMrush gives a massive set of promotional materials available in 9 languages.

● SEMrush has a reliable support team to help the affiliates.

● The affiliate dashboard shows all your data together in one place.

Disadvantages of BeRush:

No affiliate program is perfect. 

Here are the downsides of the BeRush affiliate program:

● The cheapest SEMrush plan is $99.95, which some people, like small bloggers or newbies, cannot afford.

● In case someone buys through your link after clicking on other affiliate links, you will not get paid as the “First Cookie Wins.”

● The 2-tier affiliate marketing program is not generally available.

How to Apply for SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program:

So in case you have decided to start the BeRush affiliate program, here is a step by step tutorial on how to apply:


Click on this unique link to register for the BeRush affiliate program.

It’s free and all equipped with affiliate applications so you can start within a few minutes.



You need to provide an email id and password to register and click on the “Join Now” button.


Once you set up your account with BeRush, you will get access to promotional materials like banners, page links, widgets, etc.

So without wasting any time, you can start promoting SEMrush right away.

Pros and Cons of SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program:

Pros of using the BeRush Program:

● 40% recurring commission every month once you make a sale.

● Free joining and set up to start promoting instantly.

● You can promote SEMrush without having a blog or website.

● The minimum payout is only $50 for PayPal users.

● Cookie life for 10 years.

● Free trials are included.

● BeRush monthly contest offering $100.

● Promo materials in 9 languages.

● Helpful BeRush support team.

● Find all the data at the affiliate dashboard.

● The payment gets done twice a month.

● The “First Cookie Wins* feature.

Cons of using the BeRush Program:

● The First Cookie Wins feature can be a drawback if you are not the first affiliate.

● No coupon promoting websites are allowed.

Should I Become an Affiliate with BeRush?

SEMrush offers excellent SEO tools, so it will be easier to find customers.

If you are a blogger, an SEO, or an affiliate marketer, you should start with BeRush.

SEMrush gives you a 40% recurring commission on each sale.

In case you don’t have a blog, you can promote SEMrush through your social media pages, videos, and email lists.

If you already have a target audience who works with SEO tools, then it will be more comfortable for you to get them to choose SEMrush.

So yes, if you are interested in affiliate programs, then BeRush can be the perfect one to choose from.

BeRush is also offering monthly contest to earn $100 –

You can have a look at my winning content on June, 2019 monthly contest –


Who Is Not Able To Become An Affiliate With BeRush?

Here are some scenarios where you can’t work with BeRush as an affiliate:

● You need to be 18 years old or above to join the BeRush affiliate program.

● If you gamble and only promote websites with coupons, then you are not allowed in BeRush.

● You can’t refer yourself and use your link to earn commissions.

● You can’t earn money by referring to the company you are working with.

Top 3 SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program Alternatives:

I recommend you to choose BeRush as it is one of the best affiliate programs.

But are you still not sure about BeRush?

Here are 3 alternatives that you might like:

1. Serpstat Affiliate Program:

Serpstat’s cheapest plan comes at $69 a month, and it also offers you a 30% commission on each sale.

Here are some key benefits of the Serpstat affiliate program:

● The minimum payout on PayPal is only $50.

● Cookie life of 30 days.

● 30% Recurring commission

● The commission gets multiplied by 1.5, so that means you will get $75 by earning $50.

2. SpyFu Affiliate Program:

SpyFu is one of the best competitor research tools, and just like SEMrush, it gives you a 40% commission.

The key benefits of the SpyFu affiliate program are:

● Cookie life of 1 year.

● 40% recurring commission

● The payout threshold is $150 for PayPal and Wire transfer.

● Payment release twice every month.

● Use PPC ads for promoting SpyFu.

3. Mangools SEO Affiliate Program:

Facilitated with the popular KWFinder tool, Mangools offers some incredible SEO tools.

Here are the key benefits of using the Mangools SEO affiliate program:

● 30% recurring commission

● 30 days of cookie life.

● The minimum payout via PayPal is $150.

● Mangools offers features like SERPChecker, LinkMiner, etc.

● High conversion rate

5 Ways To Promote SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program:

Here I will give you 5 ideas on how you can promote SEMrush effectively.

I hope you will find your plan and ideas to start the SEMrush affiliate program by knowing these 5 ways in detail.

1. Educating Audiences:

Creating a course is one of the best ways to promote SEMrush.

When you provide a course to your audience, they get to know all the good things of SEMrush in detail.

For reference, you can check out SEMrush’s promotional course available on their website.

You should think about how SEMrush can solve your audience’s problems before creating the course.

Once you assure your audience that SEMrush is going to solve their problems, they will surely make a purchase.

2. Add Banners On Your Website:

Creating a resource page on your website or social media handle can help you grab your audience’s attention.

Yes, you just need to work hard on the page and fill it with the popular features of SEMrush.

You can also use SEMrush’s banners and widgets that are specifically designed to show different features.

However, if you have a running blog or website, then you can easily offer the resource pages, banners, and widgets to your audience.

3. Updating Informational Content:

You can also get the attention of your audience by giving them the right information.

You can create YouTube videos, blog content, webinars, etc. to provide information to your target audience.

Just like a free course, these types of free informative content help you promote SEMrush.

4. Write Reviews & Comparisons:

People looking for SEO tools generally search on Google about reviews, comparisons, and rankings of different SEO tools.

You can create online content keeping this in mind, and you will surely get the customers to sell.

You can create these types of content:

● Reviews: Detailed review of SEMrush.

● Comparisons: Comparison of SEMrush with its alternatives.

● Rankings: List of best SEO tools.

5. Start Paid Advertisement:

SEMrush offers a high rate of commission to promote via advertisement.

But obviously, you can’t promote through advertisement as it is an affiliate program.

But you can add pages and free courses to different paid ads.

Here are some of the best channels where you can promote SEMrush:

● Google ads

● Facebook ads

● LinkedIn ads

● YouTube ads

● Pinterest ads

FAQs On SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program Review:

Is BeRush free to join?

Yes, BeRush is free to join.

You can quickly sign up with BeRush and start promoting with the pre-installed applications.

Click here to register now!

How much will I earn from SEMrush Affiliate?

You will get a 40% recurring commission for each sale made through your link.

That means you will get paid every month for the successful sales you refer to.

When will I get paid from BeRush?

SEMrush pays you twice a month.

Every month on the 10th and 25th, you will get the commission via PayPal or Wire transfer.

The minimum payout of PayPal is only $50, and $1000 is the minimum payout for Wire transfer.

What are the best ways to promote SEMrush?

There are several ways you can promote SEMrush effectively.

But it depends on your audience and niche which way you need to promote SEMrush.

Here are the most popular ways of promoting SEMrush:

● Free training courses

● Discounts and offers

● Product reviews and comparisons

● E-Books and video tutorials

● Newsletters

● Detailed case studies


Berush is the best place for you to join the monthly recurring income.

SEMrush is the right SEO tools with great features for affiliate marketers.

You can get a 40% recurring commission for each sale.

Do you want to earn thousands of dollars per month?

Join today on the SEMrush affiliate program for monthly recurring income.

Is it useful for you?

Share this with your social friends who are interested in the SEO affiliate program.

Have any questions?

Please comment below!

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