Top 38 Niche Social Media Sites (That Actually Send Traffic)

With Digg getting more and more hostile–and with my baiting habit getting a bit out-of-control–I’ve lately been forced to look elsewhere to get my beloved jolts of social media traffic.

No matter. Evolve or die! They won’t send you 5,000 unique’s in an hour, but the traffic they do send is more likely to subscribe to your RSS feed, because their members have already identified themselves as part of your niche’s tribe. (And it’s a more targeted tribe than the “gamer wanker” at Digg, or “Politico smartass” at Reddit.)

Without further adieu, here are 17 25 29 24 29 38 niche social media sites that actually seem to be gaining critical mass:

  1. AgentB (Deals)
  2. ArmchairGM (Sports)
  3. AutoSpies (Autos)
  4. Babblz (Parenting)
  5. Ballhype (Sports)
  6. blogs4God (Christian)
  7. BuzzFlash (News)
  8. Care2 (Social Action)
  9. Daytipper (Tips & Tutorials)
  10. Dealigg (Deals)
  11. Design Float (Design)
  12. Dissect Medicine (Health & Medicine)
  13. DNHour (Domaining)
  14. DZone (Developers)
  15. Game Diggity (Game Videos)
  16. Hacker News (Web Development)
  17. Hugg (Environment)
  18. (Shopping)
  19. IndianPad (India News)
  20. KillerStartups (Startup Reviews)
  21. Meme or Lame (Gadgets)
  22. Mixx (Anything)
  23. PhotographyVoter (Photography)
  24. Pixel Groovy (Web Design)
  25. Plant Change (Environment)
  26. PlugIM (Online Marketing)
  27. qoolsqool (Education Resources)
  28. ScoreGuru (Sports)
  29. ShowHype (Entertainment)
  30. Sk-rt (Lifestyle)
  31. Small Business Brief (Business & Entrepreneurship)
  32. Sphinn (Search Engines & Online Marketing)
  33. Stylehive (Fashion)
  34. tipstrs (Tips & Tutorials)
  35. TTiqq (Tips & Tutorials)
  36. Tweako (Computers & Technology)
  37. Value Investing News (Investing)
  38. VideoSift (Videos)

It’s a good bet that nearly every linkbait you publish would fit in at at least one of the above sites, so I recommend making ‘niche social media submission’ part of your regular launch to-do list. Just like ol’ fashioned link begging, it’s a great tactic to hedge against the power of the Bury Brigade at Digg. (Save yourself time: Go sign up and get an identical username and password for each site, and then bookmark this page ;-) )

I expect that in a year from now there will be a few hundred niche social media sites with a critical mass of users. Let’s hope so, baiting Digg ain’t good for the old ticker :-)

p.s. a message to all you muppets rolling your eyes and saying “great now the SEOs can spam the niche sites, too!”: an SEO submitting to (even spamming!) your social media site is a good sign. Just figure out how to make the community self-policing and work through the growing pains.

Source & Written by Andy Hagans