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Here a good news, now we publishing web hosting review. In this review we are taking about some amazing features.

Tmdhosting is very caring hosting company and their facilities like professional. I want to say this company has good track record and they try to fill up their customer needs and they also reputed company.

TMDHosting was started their journey in the year 2007 to till now. In between 8 years their growth is very high.

They give more importance to their customer project and they try to present your project in your ways

TMDhosting Pricing Plan For Shared Hosting - VPS Hosting - Dedicated Server & Cloud Hosting:

TMDhosting Pricing plan

TMDhosting Blogging Features:

In this company they will give you optimized WordPress hosting at after. First you scroll down to the bottom of the page then you will obviously find the link. They will give you this plan starting at just $2.85 per month. You secured by 60 days money back guarantee scheme in this type of plan.

In WordPress accounts you get a free domain name you get to keep forever, free Spam protection by Spam Experts, and free daily backups and restoration and this features will get in TMDHosting.

You also get this type of features like SSH Access, FFMPEG, and HD Codecs and I want to say your website runs on SSD supercharged technology. Here the process of installing is without fair and it is take time for complete is only 10 minutes and this is only a single click to install WordPress-compatible modules. Here the Template installation is also a breeze, and you also get free updates.

Here you also get ID protection, an SSL certificate, and goMobi mobile readiness and more.

This company is specialize in WordPress They offer you more in-depth features and support for WordPress hosting and they also very good as a hosting company.

TMDhosting E-Commerce Feature:

This company will help you in running a shop on your website. For your shop you need an e-commerce optimized environment which will give you TMDHosting and you go with a number of different shopping cart programs like Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and WooCommerce.

The company will provides this type of features like unlimited space and bandwidth and a free domain name, as well as free setup and a 60-day money-back guarantee scheme and this features you get in other accounts on TMDHosting servers. You also get free backups and restoration and spam protection and I think you will enjoy with these features.

If you want to get support about shopping then the company will give you a specialized team who are get training in shopping cart.

TMDhosting Security Features:

If you want to get very good security then you go with TMDHosting which is definitely takes security seriously and I want to say you To start with, the servers utilize a CloudLinux distribution and this will provides you a number of security enhancements.

TMDHosting servers also attach with Cloud Linux Network (CLN) which receive security patches and operating system updates from the CLN and I highly say that these ensure you about your server is always protected from DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities.

TMDHosting built a firewall in your own house by Apache’s mode security and the support team updated the firewall every day. They give you free spam protection and SSL certificates.

The tmdhosting made a human monitoring team who look for hardware failures or errors and check for security threats as well. If something is missed by firewall then human team will be there to catch it.

TMDhosting Refund Policy:

TMDHosting give you security by 60-day money-back refund guarantee scheme. This is one of the longest guarantees and this duration will not give by any other company.

If you are facing problem or anyway you are unsatisfied then you asked for refund within the first 60 days by the Client Area or by contacting customer service directly.

If you request for refund then you submit a new ticket to the billing department.

Most other web hosting companies give you only 30 days to examine their service before you make a speech.

You do not get a lot of time to feel their service. Tmd hosting give you Sixty days for set up with your website and learn about controls and features.

TMDhosting Ease-of-Use:

C panel of TMDHosting is very easy to use, and they offer optimized with the entire package for a particular task.

For a blogger, a WordPress hosting package will give you an intuitive interface and one-click installation for your site and for add-ons.

If you are an owner of an online store then you setup this without any effort and you will be up and running in no time.

TMDhosting Pros and Cons:

Pros of TMDHosting:

§ TMDHosting offers affordable packages and specialized hosting packages for bloggers and online store owner.

§ Security features of TMDHosting are top level and they have a dedicated human team for find threats and hardware malfunctions.

§ All accounts will provide you a ton of excellent free features. TMDHosting provides this type of services to you for free like backups and restoration, spam protection, and a domain name but many company take fair for this type of features.

§ You will get tech support 24x7 x365 and all queries are solved in guaranteed 15-minute.

§ You are secured by long period like 60-days money-back guarantee scheme.

§ this web host are excellent and it is says by in All customer in their reviews.

Cons of TMDHosting:

§ I think This Company does not have as many reviews but some I know and I like it.

§ This company is especially specialized for WordPress hosting.

Should You Buy TMDHosting?

Yes, you should. The homepage of tmdhosting is well designed and very nicely built. They available an affiliate program.

They will be happy to give you a quality service. The all package with friendly price.

So, I think waiting is meaningless here. They will give you a flashing offer to start making your next big thing.


Here you get very good features and benefits and I highly recommended for this web hosting company and right now you can join at a 50% discount!

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