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Themify Discount Code 2018 Upto 50% Off For WordPress Theme

If you run a Blog or website, obviously you will try to improve your site looking, in this way you can gain more customers and also in your work you will built up your good image.

In these days you cannot develop your web designing for lack of time and frustration. That’s why Themify comes for you.

Many amazing creative themes are offered from Themify only for you, you can use it only just some click of the mouse.

It is very hard to make an official and good looking website. Are you interested in Themify?

Then we have brought big bang for you – If you have a Themify coupon then you will get 60% discount on buying.

Themify Review:

Themify Drag-and-drop website builder theme for WordPress

Themify has over 40,000 users.

You can built up official Wordpress website unless you have any internet coding knowledge in your website, you have also made it in online store (available through plugins)

Here you can also get jobs very easily, only you have to improvise and make a WordPress site, here you don’t need professional help.

Here you get a basic theme of free edition.

Here the selling price is very much lower than the others.

Here you can repair cloud, mobile (responsive), and these type of problems.

Almost other products like Divi, Velocity Page, and Strata are available here.

Themify Pricing:

Free –Many options of free themes are available in Themify, assuming their Basic, ITheme2, and Koi themes.

A builder can use free plans and premium plans also. But, many pre-programmed design elements are inbuilt in premium themes.

If you have free theme, you can change the time as you needs and also you can change the setup.

The free themes is also gives you free updates of one year and the premium themes are also supported here.

· Standard – $49 – Just for $49 you will get themify premium theme and also a free bonus theme, If you don’t like this package you can get back your money in 30 days, you can use it in unlimited sites and also get support and updates of one year

· Developer – $69 – You can get standard plan and Photoshop files for $69.

· Theme Club Membership$79-$139 – you can join our themify club which will give you authority to access all Themify templates/themes. Again we remember you Standard package is just for $79 (all themes), Developer package (access to all themes + all Photoshop files) is only for $99, and you can join our Master Club plan (Developer plan + all plugins) only for $139.

Themify Easy to Use:

If we compare Themify to the standard drag-and-drop website builders like Weebly or SquareSpace, Then Themify is different from others.

A learning curve is situated in Themify. But, this is my first great experience with WordPress, That’s why it takes not much time to learn Themify and that peoples definitely join Themify who has WordPress experience.

Pages can be edited in website appearance and you can edit both on the front end (when actually viewing your site) and back end of your site (WordPress page editor), which is beautiful.

The drag-and-drop builder is very much different from the other builders like Weebly, it is very easy to use it, and if you have internet code, you can easily make and customize a WordPress.

Everybody must be aware of the things that is you must to build your own domain name and hosting for WordPress.

It is different from the other website builders, so it will not give you the permission to build and host your site on their platform.

This process is not very hard, it brings you to final step of the process, here you can get a small time on the phone or you can communicate with host/domain provider and after sometimes it runs very well as much as possible.

From the homepage i knew that Themify’s builder mostly use their premium “Bold” theme.

Themify Primary features and Integrations:

The type of the builder is drag and drop

The number of stylish themes are 40

You can automatically update your theme by just one click

You can use your Themify themes on unlimited sites (multi-site support)

You can give your full control of HTML/CSS code

You can get back your money in 30days 

You can check out Site statistics/analytics

It is very favorable for Mobile(responsive) layout

You can also get bonus theme

You can learn WooCommerce here

All Major Social Media is available here

WordPress is available here

Paypal is also available here

You can get Support and Updates of one year

It is very favourable to SEO

Here are the more facilities to select Themify:

  1. You can use Shortcodes, so you can put in content a cinch
  2. You can get Exclusive Themify widgets, which can enhance your site
  3. You can your logo here
  4. It gives Custom CSS for the coders among yourselves
  5. You can use SEO optimization for visible your site
  6. You also can create your own child themes here
  7. You can use E commerce, because it will helps you to create a powerful web store

If you go for a website that will makes business stand out in the people, then you should go for Themify, it is the best thing that will reach you to success to the ultimate level. You must remember one thing, if you visit winning to sign up you can get 35% less.

How can you get 30% discount On Your Themify Purchase?

You can select which package is comfort table for you:

  1. If you purchase a single theme, you can get one absolutely free for just $49.
  2. If you join the Themify club and you can get all themes, and also get new themes which are recently launched, and get support and updates Only for $79 for one year.
  3. If you select the Developer package, you can achieve all the facilities of club membership, and also you can enter to all Photoshop .psd files. This bumper package is just for you only for $99 for one year also.
  4. If you join the Master club, you can get full theme access, updates, support and new themes, plus .psd files and also you can add additional add-ons for developed site easily. This package is Just for $139 for one year.

How do you use our Themify Discount

  1. First you select the package you want and then click “buy”
  2. Again select your package on the purchase page again from the drop down menu
  3. Now fill your first name, last name and email address
  4. Then you have to select a username and password
  5. Enter your country
  6. After type the coupon code “winningwp” in the coupon box at the bottom
  7. Click “next” and click on payment

Then your payment is completed and therefore you can easily access all themes and download the files also.

Though you leave the membership when the year is ending, you can still use all the downloaded themes.

No renewal is automatically apply here – you can select where you want to buy again in next year, you will not gave no extra charges.

In the membership, you can get back your money in 30days, that’s why if you are not satisfy with this you can easily leave your membership and no charges will be applied for this.

Themefy Brings Beautiful WordPress Theme And Theme Builder Add-On:




Drag and Drop Builder Add-on

Announcement Bar add-on


If you want to make an affordable and stabilized WordPress site without professional touch or you have problem with internet code, then Themify is best for you.

The themes are beautiful, creative, and in unlimited sites it can be used.

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