The Dream

Everyone has a dream, right? Different people have different dreams.

SEOs have different dreams, too. Some dream about speaking at SES. Some dream of reaching $100/month (I think we all dream that dream in our first year!)

There’s another dream which a lot of us seem to share. It’s not written in stone, and there a dozen different permutations of it, but I think it generally contains the following elements:

  • Gettin’ that passive income nice and high
  • Workin’ for yourself
  • Movin’ to the tropical island

For some people, “nice and high” income is 3k/month. (I can attest that this allows a lavish lifestyle in some parts of the world!) For others, it’s 30k/month. (Does six figures mean anything anymore in New York City?) And of course, the “tropical island” might be the mountain lodge in Colorado, the house (paid cash) in Seattle, or even the flat in Dubai.

But you know this dream when you see it, or when you read about it. I think there’s something about the personality of your normal “affiliate” that tends to daydream… or maybe he just looks at the monkeys in the cubicles next to him, and thinks, I know there’s something better out there.

Source & Written by Andy Hagans