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Sucuri WordPress Plugin Review 2018 – Security – Malware and Hack Monitoring

If you are thinking that how to secure your website so you can use this plugin which will help you to remove the malware and clean up whole your site beside it will send you final report to your inbox once they have fixed.

In this post you will read sucuri review beside you will be able to get top discount link if you like to go for sucuri.

Sucuri will also be solving on-site issues, it will check search engine blacklists along with antivirus software blacklists when your website has been affected.

If it has happened, so they are always ready to work for your site removed from the blacklists quickly.

Sucuri is a reputable company which is offering great internet security such as firewall & antivirus solutions for all type of website owners.

If your site has been hacked and become a victim so this plugin will help you to fix the damage from that situation. Sucuri services are specifically designed for thwart attempts at spamming, infecting.

A comprehensive range of preventative measures and tools are given to you from the software – if you’re signed up with Sucuri, you’re safe against brute-force hacking, software & script exploits and also zero-day events.

In my past work I have used this plugin for my several clients WordPress site and noticed how well they are therefore I would highly recommend Sucuri CloudProxy Service.

You will get the security against malware and DDoS attacks, with this service, you can improved site performance for your users.

Get Extra Benefit Security Options with the Sucuri Cloud Proxy Service:

• This plugin Cloud Proxy Service Whitelisted IP addresses only restricted from the Admin panel and it will block anyone not on the list to access /wp-admin section.

• This plugin will help you to protect from clickjacking and XXS attacks because they are having Additional Security Headers for your website.

• Trackbacks, XMLRPC, and Comments blocked. This is the great plugin to blocking spam. You are able to block all forms of commenting if you have been using facebook or Disqus comments.

• Stop unfiltered HTML: You are able to Blocks Iframes and script calls and Stops users from putting in unfiltered HTML content on your site.

• You can stop upload of PHP or executable content: It will help to stop from uploading PHP, Perl or executable content to your site.

• Security Advanced evasion detection: You will be able to enable make signatures for advanced evasion detection.

• You can Enable Emergency DDoS protection. It is useful if you’re a victim and needs security as soon as possible so there is a solution for you which is called HTTP Flood.

• Advanced Intrusion Detection System. It modifies Sucuri’s IDS system which is working in the backend to give security for repeat attackers.

Block proxies: You are able to block major attack countries are China, Russia, and Turkey. You can Blocks anyone from those places and they won’t be able to use the forms or other interactive areas except viewing the content.

 Sucuri’s most important 5 points

1. Blocks all the Attacks

The sounds are really good to hear that before affecting your server this plugin firewall would help to blocks from all the attacks.

They’re one of the most successful security company, they are always research and report to the core WordPress team and others third-party plugins regarding potential security issues.

Recently their team is fixing the security issues with the help of respective developers.

2. Website Integrity Monitoring

The Sucuri scanner is giving to you Sucuri 2-in-1 Website AntiVirus package.

In every 3 hours it monitors your site and it is also ensuring that your site is safe from malware, malicious, spammy link injections etc.

The another work of the scanner is to check that any of the popular services like Google, Norton, AVG, Phishtank, Opera and others cannot able to blacklist your site.

3. Site Audit Log

Everything on your site is kept safe by the track of everything with Sucuri’s WordPress plugin.

Here everything will be alert to you such as file changes, new posts, new users, last logins, failed login attempts, and more.

4. Server Side Scanning

If your users infecting with malware so hackers does not care about.

Maybe their target is to just add banner ads in your old post/thy can replace your affiliate links.

It is very hard to catch these type of hacks because they’re not obvious, and you are not blacklisted for these type of hacks.

In this time the server side scan comes with user-friendly.

This plugin server side scanner can go through each of the single files (even non-Wp files) and it will ensure you that nothing suspicious/harmful thing on your server.

Sucuri also audits events including file changes and it informs you as your need.

5. Malware Cleanup Service

Even all the reasons above are sufficient to justify the cost, you can get malware cleanup service with unlimited pages if you have blacklist removal.

We do not get the chance to use this part of service yet, but can you imagine if you have security experts then it will clean up your site.

If you want to consult with security experts then on average it will charge $250 / hour.

That security experts consulting quite expensive but Sucuri has an extra option to make safe your site that won’t be hacked.


WordPress enthusiasts designed a tool for WordPress users, an impressive array of features and tools are included to Sucuri.

You must thank to the developer’s, which is indicating the knowledge about all things of WP,you can get a complete profile of security measures, tools, and techniques here.

Malware Scanning – With the come of takes the risks, which is ad venting of WordPress and they are also associated with malware. If you scan malicious content in every several hours, Sucuri, work is to detect problems, which are inserted illegitimately.

Hands On Support – If you want to take a more tailored approach to the security, then a specific web defense profile is given to Sucuri customers as their need.

Cleaning Tools –If you host your website unintentionally, then these tools are very essential and its work is to remove malware, phish attempts, and just about every other type of security threat.

Brand Protection – If your site is blacklisted then this tool alerts you for taking some action.

Search Engine Friendly – The work of the tool is to detect and remove all deliberate attacks on search engine optimization techniques.

DDoS Protection – It can save the user from deliberate attacks on search engine optimization techniques and the attacks are also been detected and removed.

Firewall –Firewall blocks the exploitation of insecure code and also alert the website owners for that they can stop direct attacks.

Optimization – You can find a healthy balance security and website performance with this tool.


Quite a few mainstream issues can be handled by the default website monitor, which can be encountered by a site operator, but it is not exactly to all the monitors.

A website requires scanning on both the front end and the server side, so they can get more advanced protection.

If you are using a lightweight PHP file, then Sucuri get the access to scan all aspects of a website and it will provide a better-balanced shield.


If you want to keep a website clean, then you must select the most important aspect, which is to take in the known consideration.

You can know what’s going on and where is the key to preventing the near form of any damage.

You can get alerts ranging as well as email to text messages, and you have multiple options to keep information which can make a world of difference.


Though the platforms are not applicable to WordPress users only, Sucuri supports also Joomla, PHP, Drupal, and HTML to name just a few.

They’ll be capable of finding a product package from their closable platform for that the website operator can secure their website.




If you are ready to secure your site so you should go with Sucuri to visit their website by clicking here to get a top discount sucuri coupon code.

You will be able to check their pricing packages which are suitable for you. Or if anyone of you guys tried it before so please share your thought of knowledge about them.

Please make a comment here. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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