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Shopify Discount Deal Before Checkout [Don’t Miss It]

There are some of reviews on Shopify and you are the first ones to allow, selecting the correct e-commerce online shop builder is very hard.

Many honourable online shop builders give you all type of tools and it’s jumbling – which one is right one for you?

If you want to start a fresh online business/ just bringing an existing business to the online world, Shopify is the best simple ecommerce builders, which’s work is to make your online shop (explanation is given below).

Shopify is a extending online shop builder – In these days it is controlling up to 243,000 online shops and taking businesses reach upto $14 billion to it’d selling value.

It is not essential, if you want to start a fresh online shop/bringing an offline store online for enlarging your business, and of you must do the troubleshoot technology.

Shopify is saving your time so you can concentrate on other essential prospects of your business.

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The Pros and Cons of Shopify:

Shopify Pros:

Use it gently: Luckily, you don’t have to concern about technical stuff.

With some clicks everything will be done.

Shopify can caters amazing starter guides and extensive documentation.

The Designs: Both tone and amount of their designs are amazing and they are well favourable with mobile (responsive).

Even you don’t find one that things your needs, you can make your own/purchase a new one.

Flexibility: The core system and templates are already very useful, but it doesn’t block there.

You have complete permission to the code and you can add new functions through their app market or API (for programmers).

The Scaling: Shopify is very useful, though it is user-friendly.

It’s another work is to scale for small and big online stores.

The Future Proof: Shopify is the largest and most successful ecommerce solutions out there.

The probabilities is that this platform will be closed and it nearly to zero

Shopify Cons:

The Domain and email hosting: Both features are not included.

Even, comparatively cheap domains can be bought via Shopify interface.

Email hosting has to be done extremely.

The store of Multi-language: This is not an exact feature. Apps and templates are also available.

First steps: Even it is available for online store owners with zero experience, it could be very much challenging in the starting.

Luckily, Shopify caters a quality full help centre.

Is Shopify Legit? The Detail of Shopify Online Store

Use it gently

Shopify has various features, but it is practically integrated.

It is very easy to set up an online store.

Only the designing part can be a quite easier since you line up all theme colours in the backside.

The presentation of Product

All possibility of Zoom function, picture gallery, video.

Product editions:

First you determine three options (e.g. size, colour, material), then you can add the editions (e.g. S,M,L,XL).

From the Shopify all possible combinations will be generated, which could be over 100.

If you require more you can use the apps.

The Cart function: An “Abandoned cart recovery” feature is integrated in the “Professional” plan.

Between other things, it permits you to remind your visitors with an automatic email to complete their buy.

The view of Mobile:

Smartphones and tablets are completely optimized with fully responsive layouts.

There are iPhone and Android apps for store owners, which is managing your store like your way.

The options of Payment:

Credit card (through more than 70 processors including Stripe and, PayPal, manual payment options are available and even BitPay is available for Bit Coins.

You can see more details here.

The Sale of digital goods:

It is potential to limit the number of downloads/the time of accessibility.

Delivery is sent through email.

You must affirms the new rules on appointing VAT for digital goods.

SSL encodation:

Customer information and payment transactions are encoded through SSL (https).

Admitted at no extra charge.

The area of Customer log-in:

Visitors can ascertain with a guest account/create their own personalized login.

It is however possible to allow customers decision/if they don’t want to create an account.

Fixed price, percentage, free shipping are available.

You can determine maximum amount of usage and expiry date.

The settings of Shipping cost:

Shipping rates can be determined with country differently/by shipping carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.).

You can also select compilation/drop shipping with services like Amazon.

The settings of Tax:

You are capable to drag US tax rates automatically.

Different tax rates for other countries can be determined differently.

It provides you to watch VAT prices on your product pages.

The Article management:

Shopify get over items from your stock.

There are also circumstances to get notifications automatically.

Even there is a new POS system, which is managing both your online and offline stock list.

This also permits you to take offline payments through an iPad.

Customizable e-mails for order verification:

You can edit each and every notification as your need.

The Importing/exporting product data:

Product data can be imported from Magento, eBay, WordPress and CSV.

This is saving many time and also moving premature web stores to Shopify easy.

It is also possible to export a CSV-file.

The Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a wide marketing and it is average for ecommerce. You can promote you organic traffic, develop social shares, enlarge your brand, and train your customers.

Blogging software is reasonable for online store.

In-built blogging software brings Shopify …but it’s not the best – though if you are affected for WordPress.

It makes the job completely, and it is more estimable than its competitor’s options, but it is absolutely developed very much on you.

Shopify Prices:

All Shopify plans come with a completely usable 14-day (no credit card needed) trial.

No setup/cancellation charges will be required.

When their plans are given on the basis of month to month, users can also subscribe for a 1-year plan, payable up presence,10% discount is available 20% discount is available for a 2-year plan.

The prices below speculate the e-commerce pricing only.

Prices may deviate when letting in Point of Sale (POS) systems and hardware.

Shopify Lite Plan: $9/Month:


Credit Card Rate: Its just 2.9% + 30¢ Online

Transaction Fee:

· Its only 2%

· Using Shopify Payments its 0% fee.


· You will get Unlimited bandwidth

· You will have Unlimited number of products

· Unlimited online storage

· Facebook integration

· Chat & Email Support

Shopify Basic plan: $29/month


Credit Card Rate:

· This plan would be 2.9% + 30¢ Online

Transaction Fee:

· 2% only

Additional Features:

· You will get Pinterest integration

· You will get 24/7 Support

· You will get Shopify Mobile

· You will also have Discount code engine

· Free Shopify Card Reader

· Online store and Blog

Shopify Pro plan: $79/month

Credit Card Rate:

· Its coming 2.6% + 30¢

Transaction Fee:

· This is just 1%

Additional Features:

· Get Gift cards

· Professional reports

· Abandoned cart recovery

Advanced Shopify Unlimited plan: $299/month

Credit Card Rate:

· It will be 2.4% + 30¢ Online

Transaction Fee:

· This one 0.5%

Additional Features:

· Advanced report builder you will have.

· Real-time carrier shipping

Enterprise: If you want to earn a million dollars/year, you have to contact with them for special pricing.

Shopify Discount Code Before Checkout:

You can get the free trial of Shopify’s Online for 14 days. CLICK HERE to get shopify discount code before checkout.


A very strong e-commerce online shop builder is Shopify.

Particularly you must attracted toward 2 unique things:

1. The Premium store front themes – your online shop will appear professional, which is a fundamental component it can attracts more visitors and keeps them on your website to enhance sales

2. The Shopify Apps – Do you want to add more / extend functionality to your online shop? For enlarging your business

Shopify understands that their centre force is to provide you to build and manage a website with a secure shopping cart, and they realize that they can’t build all the individual business tools in the world for yourselves.

If you want to get a complete ecommerce solution for your online store, and if you want to enlarge and add products – and you must bring some technical knowledge, then Shopify must be the best fit for you.

A secure 14 days trial is given to you from Shopify to see your needs.

So if you want to try it there no problem of money.

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