SEMRush Special Discount Offer & Review 2017

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Hello, everybody, you do keyword research, track keyword ranking, checks backlinks, check competitor ranks & most importantly and also if you want to get a complete SEO audit of your blog then I give you a suggestion which saves your time and money. Seo tools make your work easier, faster, and saver.

Personally, I want to say I have been using for over 3 years and many professional bloggers and SEO agencies also trusted it.

Now I am talking about SEMRUSH.

SEMRUSH is producing by SEOQuake, it is popular for firefox.

While the writing is starting semrush has more than 46,000,000 domains and more than 120,000,000 keywords in their database.

If you want to know the ranking any existing webpage, it will also allow by the SEMRUSH. It will also help you by giving more specification on the keyword which helps you on your ranking.

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Many attractive features offered by SEMrush.

I am personally said that SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool and is also provides many incredible features which are very expensive. At the below, I elaborate some powerful features which help you to take your decision.

• Easy keyword research is available here.

• You also check website traffic.

• Backlink analysis is done here.

• Here you get Site audit feature to find and fix your site issues.

• This tool database is regularly updated which give you fresh and perfect data.

• Product Listing Ads you will get your competitor’s ads detail as well.

• Advertising analysis tools (to find the best performing ads) is also available here

• You compare Domain in this tool.

• You also track Keyword position

• And much more...

Now I am talking about how SEMrush will help you to reach your goal. Now get ready to jump into the details.

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How can SEMRush help you become a better Digital Marketer?

Workability: it has the highest workability. It is very useful because you get more data and metrics by consuming your expensive time and money also.

Price: you want to save your money and time then subscribe this tool without facing any problem. I also ensure you that you will not suffer for this tool because here many useful features are available.

Friendly user: a team is always ready to help you while you facing the problem. While you work on your project in that time everything is setup in a clear manner.

Reliability: again here the database is up to dated and here more information about all type of website. Their documentation part is very good and it is so advance in digital marketing.

SEMRush Features Review:

I think you understand how semrush can help you, but now I will demonstrate how you can practically use it in your working site with your client’s projects.

SEMrush Register for a free account:

Here you get an opportunity to create a free account then you access to the tool and all features but here show only 10 results/report. To register a credit card do not mandatory. I shall assure you that you will happy with the trial version and after that, you can upgrade to pro, guru or business.

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Keyword Research – How to find long tail keywords the easy way:

If you think about research for one of the most popular niches on the web, suppose the weight loss niche and find article topics that are easy to target but yet worth it that is long tail keywords. You already know how to fit in your blog.

Using SEMrush For Doing Keyword Research:

By using this tool you can find lots of profitable and highly searched but less competitive keywords. In this way, you can increase your website search traffic & sales. Here you get the key word and SEO tips in monthly volume rated.

SEMrush For Doing Keyword Research

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Using SEMrush For Finding Keyword Rankings:

I think you want to track your keyword rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo and You want to find keyword positioning in specific countries and device, then you use only SEMrush For this function.

SEMRush Competitor Analysis or Research:

Now, let I give an example of the second area of SEMrush. I used the keywords for a single time and I saw that the competitors competing for the term “travel guide”.

SEMRush Competitor-Overview

Image Source

you get a lot of information about keywords from this tool through the top 20 organic results and it is also interesting that in this tool you know the estimated cost this organic traffic and if you want to paid or not.

Here the graph on the top right of traffic the site and it also shows an algorithm updated version of a drop in traffic. I am like this tool for much current information give on this page.

For its friendly user behaviour, you can perform your website easily and you also see how they performing against your opponent in the market place.

SEMrush Site Audit:

Now I really glad to talking about the functionality of the overall site audit and it is part of the Tools section of SEMrush. You get a great overview of the traffic from the audit. When your site has been hit by any way it also highlighted.


Mainly 3 way are use

• By highlighting the penalties.

• At first estimation of traffic for a site then research.

• It also highlights the peaks of traffic.

This is an ever green tool in my eye because it gives the PPC and SEO traffic to a site. I think Clients want to see how their site and their opponents are looking for search engine result pages (SERPs). Your client also agrees with the penalty made traffic peak. While you working with an experienced client who knows about the penalty, please at first give the solutions for this and I think that is very important.

SEMrush Backlink Analysis:

Now, I have worked hard for my client by analysing links, some penalties also were done, many other link reviews also encourage many to do. In this way, i was interested in the SEMrush tool. I do not want to replace the straightaway so I normally use MajesticSEO. Other tools in the market place and the data is looking very glorious. SEMrush has a very great pie chart fashion displays order for the follow links and the no-follow links. This tool also records the domains according to TLD – eg .com, org, .net.

Great Offer for Indian Small Business Owners:

Nowadays SEMrush produces a database which helps you to check all the keyword rankings for India. If you want to belong with Indian readers or marketers then you get a huge amount of benefit.

SEMrush will give you information about your competitor’s keyword rankings in India from the latest updated database. If you want to know please select the Indian database then you will get all the keyword ranking results.

SEMrush Tool Pricing Options:

SEMrush Tool Pricing

SEMrush tool gives you 3 options which are Pro, Guru and Business account.

• If you want to buy pro account, SEMrush gives it to you $99.95/month.

• And the cost of guru account is $199.95/month only.

• A business account will get you in also cheap rate which is $399.95/month.

If you get more benefit and save more money, please visit in by click here.

Lastly, i want to say that does not waste your time by finding any other tool because over 1,040,167 people are using SEMrush for research in a keyword. So get your hands on SEMrush today.

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This is an expensive and best SEO tool and they offer you all which will help you to increase your organic traffic and it also gives you more information about your opponent keyword. They also give you their 30 days pro account for free which will solve doubt then you will buy it at $99 and it also help you to take your decision.

Workability of SEMRUSH so best and fast with the PRO account which gives you a complete report. If you are a fresher candidate then always start with the free trial. While you know all features of this tool then you can easily upgrade to the PRO account to get a very good looking complete.

Sign-up here: if you want to get a Free SEMRUSH trial account then sign up here.

I think this review will help you to understand your benefit. This is an awesome search engine marketing tool. It is very important and it always remembers that SEMRUSH is very useful for keyword research. At last, it is in your hand which ultimately puts you at the top by your hard smart and quality working.

So, do not waste your time.

Let’s start, by Click here to start using SEMrush

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If you used it in before then share your experience by written the comment in the comment box. I hope it gave you many pleasers.

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Thank you for reading.

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