NameCheap Black Friday Discount

NameCheap Black Friday Discount Deals & WordPress Hosting Review 2018

Do you know why namecheap is known as Namecheap? Because it has cheapest web hosting and domain service.

If you look on Namecheap Shared Hosting package first year pricing, you will see that the difference in prices between two normal TLD domain price.

Its price is very lower than any other web hosting company. this hosting company give you a full web hosting package and in this package all useful software are given which is originally need.

NameCheap DOMAIN Discount:

the company will give you 10% discount on the value which is perfect for you on namecheap and you additionally get a FREE WhoisGuard which is also waiting for you and it is keeping your contact details private while buying the domain.

So, if you buy this domain then you get a top level domain and also get free privacy protect.

NameCheap SHARED HOSTING Discount:

The company will give you an opportunity to access to host 50 domains costs and in this time you get with Ultimate shared hosting package with unlimited storage and bandwidth which is giving you for the first year which you can grab for $23.90 right now.


Here you get unlimited bandwidth which is help you to manage the unlimited traffic and in this way you do not face any problem on traffic.

In namecheap you are free from the problem like traffic, limited bandwidth and your blog is not turn off for limited bandwidth.

This hosting company give you worriless site and your site is not getting down or suspended by the hosting providers.

Here you can hold unlimited traffic on your site with cloudflare cloud server also.

I think it is a very great news and you also enjoy this and the news is “namecheap offers unlimited bandwidth in all the shared wordpress hosting plans”.


The company will add two additional domains which can be added as add-on domains in your hosting account in this way you run 3 website with unlimited traffic on 3 of them.

Here the first plan give you three hosted websites and you also get one domain without fair. While your budget is high then features is also high like you get unlimited the number of websites and SSD space.


The namecheap start their hosting price 12 time less than other hosting company. Here the WordPress is install automatically by auto installer and you get stunning live chat support.

When I install the WordPress first time I do not face any problem in installing and it is very smooth, no error in server. I think it is very good for new blogger.

Here are the NameCheap general features available for all the hosting plans:

· Here the company will provide you Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Parked Domains.

· You assured by Guaranteeing 100% Up-time.

· You get Daily Backups, CloudFlare Ready, 1 Click Installation, Webmail Facility.

· They will give you Dedicated IP possible with $24 per Year.

· You secured by 14 Days Money Back Guarantee scheme.

· You also get SMTP, POP3, IMAP features, Spam Protection Tool, PHP MyAdmin Feature.

· You develop your site by Apache 2.X, PHP 5.X, MySQL 5.X, SSL/TLS Manager that manages SSL Certificates.

· The company will give you Supports by CGI, Perl, SSI, JS, etc. Cron Jobs

· They will give you SSH Access, Virus Scanner, Backup Manager, Redirect Manager.

· You get Supporting Awstats application for website reports and statistics.

· They produce an Industry standard CPanel Interface for their customer.

· They also give you Softaculous Script Installer.

· They also ready for Ecommerce.

Here are the features, each shared hosting plans supports:

1. Namecheap Value

· They are protected Disk Space of 20GB RAID.

· You are Able to host 3 Domains, 50 Sub domains support.

· You get 50 Email Accounts, Forwarders and Auto-responders, 10 Mailing Lists, 50 MySQL Databases.

2. Namecheap Professional

· In professional Disk space of 50 GB Raid Protected.

· You are getting 10 hosting Domains, 100 Sub domains support.

· You also get support of 100 FTP users.

· the company will provide you 100 Email Accounts, Forwarders And Auto-responders, Unlimited Mailing Lists, 100 MySQL Databases

3. Namecheap Ultimate

· Disk space of Unlimited GB Raid Protected

· Able to host 50 Domains

· Unlimited Sub domains

· Unlimited FTP users supporting

· Unlimited Email Accounts, Forwarders And Auto-responders

· Unlimited Mailing Lists

· Unlimited MySQL Databases

4. Namecheap Business SSD

· Here in business ssd Disk space of 20 GB SSD Raid 10 Protected.

· You get Unlimited hosting Domains, Unlimited Sub domains.

· They will backup you daily or weekly.

· You get support from Unlimited FTP users, Personal Name server and it is mean that you can change your default name according to your wise.

· they will give you Unlimited Email Accounts, Forwarders And Auto-responders, Unlimited Mailing Lists, Unlimited MySQL Databases,

· You also get Priority support.

Namecheap Pricing:

Pricing is most important part in web hosting and it is also attracts many to opt for namecheap hosting. So, for this way namecheap is create a price list for their customer or would be customer.

NameCheap Shared Hosting:

the cost of first time is $9.88 for the one Year and $38.88/year is for renewal per year.
the first time buying price is $19.88 for the one Year and $78.88 is for renewal per year.
here also first time buying price is $29.88 for the one Year and $129.88 is r for the renewal per year.
Business SSD
$19.88 is for the first Year buying.

NameCheap Dedicated Hosting:

The Prices for Dedicated is depend for their plans and the servers are ranging from $58.88 per month.

NameCheap VPS Hosting:

It is also depends on the selection plans and the Prices for VPS is starting from $19.95 /Month).

NameCheap Reseller Hosting:

Here also the Prices for Reseller servers is depends for their selecting plans and the price is varying starting from $16.95 per Month.

NameCheap Private Email Hosting:

The range of Prices for private Email hosting starting from $9.88 per year, it is depend on the email hosting plans which you select.

Pros of NameCheap Hosting:

It is a Cheap Web hosting company.

They provide you unlimited bandwidth, tech support.

You get 99.9% Uptime guaranteed from Namecheap.

Payments with no card linkage:-in this company for payments you can use paypal, and in this system do not need your credit card details and you get here a normal payment facility and in this case you get help from bitcoin etc.

Cons of NameCheap Hosting:

Renewal Period:

Here Initial billing for shared hosting is only for one year and you do not have any another option and you need to renew your account by high price for second year.

Low Money Back Guarantee Period

Here you get only 14 days money back guarantee scheme which is very lower than any other web hosting company.


If you are a new blogger or start a new business then Namecheap is generally a good web hosting company for you.

Its price is also very low which is better for a new comer and it is also give you some sense to how start it and namecheap has its great customer support.

If you think about your payment then the company will help you by PayPal payment system.

I think it is very good decision if you buy this product if you newly start your business.

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