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If you can invest a small time to go through this article you can easily learn how to perform keyword research in a proper way.

Yes, our LONG TAIL PRO REVIEW & TUTORIAL will help you a lot for this purpose.

I'm going to disclose the fact how some high traffic keywords make multiple results ranking in top list so that those links are visible by people at a glance. 

By this LONG TAIL PRO TUTORIAL you are going to learn keyword research perfectly and discover to rank your keyword in your niche.

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LONG TAIL PRO TOOL is a highly battled tool which was first launched in 2011 and is used by over 72,000 marketers around the globe till today.

So, are you ready to take the challenge?

What You Will Read​

· How to do keyword research perfectly?

· How to discover high traffic low competition keywords easily?

· How to find easy way to rank perfect keywords in competitive niches?

· How to find keywords which buyers demand in your niche?

· How to easily analyse the top 10 results to measure competition?

· You will get answers of all the above questions perfectly if you

How to start with Long Tail Pro?

Step 1: You can make your campaign

There you can make unlimited campaigns by using Long Tail Pro 3.0.

Go to Click on “+” button to add your campaign name.

In campaign you have to choose a country for your keyword research.

Step 2: Add your keywords.

You can add maximum 10 keywords simultaneously and check the competition.

Step 3: Click on generate keywords.

It will fetch your keywords and no. of searches by the audience in window.

To getting higher ranking on google the most important task is choosing right keywords and longtail pro will help you to find best one.

Most of the bloggers using Long Tail Pro or Platinum tool to boost their targeted traffic. You can find long tail pro platinum discount from below link.

Calculating Keyword Competitiveness

Keyword competitiveness depends on page authority, page title factor, keywords in domain factor, domain length etc.

Page authority is mainly a combination of website age, domain authority, social signals, juice page links, and many other things.

Please visit this post to learn more about each of these factors.

Check out this chart to clear about your main target.

Here comes the real game.

By clicking on any keyword you can see more details which is the most important reason to use Long Tail Pro. It will compare your keyword with top 10 competitors and calculate the keyword competitiveness according to that.

It will check:

  1. Whether the keyword is in the title or not?
  2. Page rank of that URL.
  3. Rank of that URL.
  4. Domain age.
  5. Domain authority.
  6. Page authority
  7. Juice page link

And other important factors which is useful for ranking. Try to select keywords with competitiveness less than 40 which is perfectly targeted keyword. Most important thing is that you have to use such keywords which is very useful and up-to-date you must be careful with public demands.

Rank Checker: Don’t pay anything extra for rank checking solutions, when you have Long Tail Pro which allows you to monitor your search term ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and many more and easily find you’re so that you can improve your ranking.

Export Results: More importantly if you wish you can export any data onto spreadsheet and send it to a client. This is just unbelievable.

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Keyword Competitiveness for Longtail Pro–

• 0-10 - it’s Zero

• 10-20 – Its Extremely low

• 20-30 – It’s low

• 30-40 – Its Moderate

• 40-50 – It’s somewhat high

• 50 -60- It’s Very High

• 60-70- Its Extremely High competition

• 70-100 – Don’t even think on it.

Long Tail Pro should be perfect for small business owner but specific for…

• Internet Marketing Expert

• Affiliate Marketing Expert

• Online Marketers

• Ecommerce Stores Expert

• Content Marketing Expert

• Search Engine Optimizer

• Product Creating Expert

• Social Media Experts

• Retargeting Expert

• All type of Bloggers

• Offline Businesses Owner

• Paid Advertisers

• Authors/Coaches Trainer

30 Days Money back guarantee on Longtail pro now!

Long tail pro features –

· Search Multiple perfectly matched Keywords at a time

· Generate up to 800 possible results for a keyword

· Pre-filter keywords

· Automatically searched Domains

· Google or Yahoo Title Competition

· Analyse top 10 Google Results when searched by the keyword.

· Check Rankings of 3 most viewed sites namely Google, Yahoo and Bing.

· Calculate Keyword Competitiveness and shows score for each.

· Save Favourite keywords for further use.

· Import a list of keywords (up to 10,000 at once).

· 30 Days Free Platinum Pro package to decide whether to buy or not.

Unlimited Update You just have to buy long tail software one time, you will get auto update facility for which you don’t need to pay anything.

30 Days Money back guarantee- Also it offers you 30 day money back guarantee .So, if you feel it does not fulfil your requirement. Don’t worry, you will get almost complete money you have paid for it.

Why you should buy long tail pro?

In this competitive online market it is not easy to make money regularly. You may be wasting a lot of time and money for it.

Long tail pro finds perfect keyword for you to easily rank on search engines like Google.

So you can easily import that keyword inside your blog and earn a lot of money.

This tool will definitely help you to discover secure, effective, useful keywords that make handsome money for you easily and quickly.

You can use Filters while searching:

It is very preferable to me because using filter allows you to check how many words you specify in the software. Always try to keep it between 3 and 7 for finding easy to rank LONG TAIL keywords.

You can use favourite feature:

If you like any keyword you can save it as favourite so that you can use it in future. I have few keywords which I am looking forward to work on.

How much does this software costs?

It cost you just $25/month only.

I must tell you that this is going to be the best investment in your online career.

I would like to suggest you to signup for free trial to use Long Tail Pro's and step-by-step they will discover huge list of profitable and targeted keywords along with calculate competitiveness in any industry niche.

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So, from this article you are already aware of the fact that LONG TAIL PRO TOOL is useful to find high traffic keyword with low competition. By using this tool you can also see your competitors and top 10 results for your keyword. My recommendation in the last word is just give a try for it and if you don’t like this the complete money you paid will be refunded to you.

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