Internet Marketing Scholarship Annually @copyproblogger

Rewarding Excellence in Internet Marketing Education.

@copyproblogger is one of the sites which is providing online marketing news to find the latest blog posts for Internet Marketing Tips, Tools, infographic and many more resources that help to grow small business blog/site.

@copyproblogger specializing in internet marketing and link building and search engine optimization.

This is the reason, we’re happy to please to announce the @copyproblogger scholarship award.

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to affording education, therefore, we have set up our new program to help specific for the school student, the university student.

@copyproblogger is going to offer this scholarship to students who write a blog post for any of the topic mentioned below.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our internal committee will choose the best-written post and complete the award by Feb 21st of each year.

This Scholarship deadline will be 31st Dec of every year. This is one of the recurring yearly scholarships.

Write an article of 1200+ words on the topic of “Digital Marketing”

Publish the written to your blog – The student blog on your university/school website or your own website or you can take the platform like,,

You should add at least 3 links (find from google news) helpful authoritative sources on digital marketing and try to include 1 link to

School student, university student but others can also apply such as majoring in marketing, business, or entrepreneurship, currently operating a side business while in college or high school, involvement in a family business.

Note: No spam bloggers please!!!

Send the following information to email addressscholarships[at]copyproblogger[dot]com

Your name

Name of your university or college (company name)

Blog/site address of your university or college

Your email address

Your phone number

Your PayPal email id

If your article has been posted on a university, college or your own blog/website, you must be included a page URL where the article can be found online.

The Article must be in English (Your country of residence to be anywhere.)

Only single individuals can apply for this scholarship. If submissions is done from a team of two or more will be rejected.

The contact information that you will submit through this application is for the purpose of reaching out to the winner of this scholarship.

Total Amount: $1000 USD

Deadline: 31st Dec of every year

Award Date: February 21 of every year

1) $1000 USD via PayPal only.

2) Access to all private Copyproblogger Training courses including our “Internet Marketing Hacks” course as well as our “Growth Hacking Blueprint”

Any question on the process please email

Winner of 2017 Scholarship:

Nick Robinson
Chris Bergstrom
Kakali Sharma

Details update will be soon.

Winner of 2018 Scholarship: