HostMonster Black Friday Discount

HostMonster Black Friday Discount 2018

Hostmonster is one of the leading company and they started their web hosting service in the year 1999 to till now.

They offering you a powerful and unlimited shared hosting package for personal and small business owner.

Hostmonster has 3 dedicated data centres and this canter’s would be invested over 10 million USD in the year 2010.

They served by approximately 500 staffs and 5,000 servers and they are serving over 1 million customer. And they also get 1000 new customer by each month.

HostMonster Hosting Plan:

Hostmonster has many type of hosting packages and best of them are a shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting and etc.

Have a look the images below:

Hostmonster dedicated hosting
Hostmonster vps hosting

HostMonster Features:

HostMonster Features
HostMonster Features 2
HostMonster Features 3
HostMonster Features 4

Basic features of hostmonster

· The company will provide you unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosting domain, ftp.

· Here 30 days money back guarantee will provide.

· You get all-time tech support by help centre, chatting, etc.

Email Features of host monster

· You get unlimited accounts, auto responder, forwarders, and disk storage.

Development features

· Unlimited times PostgreSQL, MySQL are given.

· You will get python, perl, cron job, shh, etc.

· You will developed your page by PHP 5.2.17 & 5.3.10 and Ruby on Rails 1.9 & 3.2.2

Software features

· The company will give you c panel

· They also give you many type of software like fantastico, word press, jomla, etc.

What Does Hostmonster Offer

Now I am going to share a discount link (CLICK HERE) which is help you to save your money.

You will get refund your full money at first 30 days.

· They give you 100 % support and their full effort to you. They are serving live support to you by 24x7x365.

· You will get a free domain name.

· Unlimited data transfer, email accounts, disk space as well as hosted domain are also give you.

HostMonster Ease of Use:

The hostmonster use user friendly c panel for user to manage their emails, domains, databases, FTP accounts, and many more without consuming much time and energy.

They added a thing that is one click installer c panel and this will help to many user to install 100+ free open source applications with only a few clicks. If you built an online store or a blog. This tools will help you a lot.

HostMonster Reliability:

HostMonster offers you the reliable hosting and you get this service by using their customized Linux kernel and dedicated data canters.

Specification of hostmonster data centre

· You use 4.7 megawatt power.

· They installed cooling capacity for 20 tons.

· Their total server speed is 20488 U.

· They use 4x750 kw ups.

· They divided physical fiver line by 4 parts.

· They completely isolated hot and cold aisles condition.

How about Hosting Joomla & Drupal with HostMonster?

Now hostmonster offers you a 100 % joomla and drupal hosting services with the following features

· HostMonster uses the newest versions of MySQL and multiple versions of PHP5.2.x & 5.3.x and it is help you to develop your page.

· They also offer you a 256MB PHP memory limit, fully supporting the large and complex Joomla and Drupal sites.

· They concerned about their site so, they use suPHP for highest level security.


HostMonster is Highly Recommended by me.

Due to flexible hosting price it is better than any other hosting company.

Their customer glad to get various features, excellent reliability and speed, as well as efficient support services.

So, I highly recommended this webhosting those who find a powerful thoughtless host solution.

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