Best Free Tools for LSI and Long Tail Keyword Generator

30 Exciting #1 LSI + Long Tail Keywords finder Tools FREE Alternative To Google Keyword Planner


Have you spent a lot of time to find best profitable niche ranking keywords?

Are you also looking for the best free tools or strategies to find Long Tail Keyword?

Here in this post, I am going to mention My Long Tail Keyword Tool for Long Tail Keyword Generator which is totally free of cost and awesome tools that you can find them very fast and easy.

I think you knew Rand Fishkin, the owner of Moz, He noticed the great results from long-tail keywords to improve organic traffic by 80%. You can find the post to read more.


What you will learn from this post?

You will get the best free keyword research tool

You will get the Best LSI keyword finder tool

You will get the best profitable long tail keyword tool

You will save huge time to research for keyword

You will find low competitive good volume ranking keywords

Let’s get started.


Why peoples targeting long tail keyword?

  • Niche quality traffic and higher conversion rates (70% of search traffic)
  • Long tail keywords are low competitive
  • It also helps you organic ranking for several search terms


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Best Free My Long Tail Keyword Tools for Long Tail Keyword Generator

Some of the marketing experts struggle to pick the good long-tail keywords. They are targeting high competitive keywords which are less conversion rate and taking the time to rank on the organic search result. But I have read last week a post by neil patel you should also read this to know more to research longtail keywords at


1) Google AdWords Keywords Planner

  • If you are facing trouble to find the niche longtail keywords so after login your gmail go to Google adwords keywords planner to put your keywords and click get ideas.

Choose your long-tail keywords from the results with 3 or more words.


2) Searches related to:

One of another easiest and great idea to find good longtail keywords just go to and enter your search terms to look “Searches related to…” It will show you related search term and LSI keywords as well.

This little place is one of Golden area to find Longtail and LSI keywords.


3) Using for long tail keywords niche traffic:

This another My Long Tail Keyword Tool that helps to find good profitable keywords in any industry. is free tool and easy to use that will show you keyword suggestions from Amazon, Wikipedia, Google Suggest and YouTube etc…


4) UberSuggest: it’s one of good tools to find related LSI or Long tail keywords. It’s almost like to soovle, taking information from google suggest. It’s very unique that it will shows huge keywords list more than others.

It is very easy to use just put your keywords and next, fill the captcha and click “suggest box”

After seeing all of them select your niche keywords from the list of result. This is one of awesome tool to find hundreds of synonymous search terms.


5) Google Trends:

Google Trends always I prefer to use keyword research tools. It’s very easy to use just put one of your keywords into Google Trends and scroll down to “Related Searches Queries”.


6) Quora:

This is another great place to find popular long tail keywords by searching on quora in your niche. It’s very simple at first make registration or Logon via Facebook, Google+, Twitter. While you go inside type on the search box section your industry search terms to look list of popular question and answer.

It’s one of great popular crowdsourced Q&A site Such as Yahoo! Answers.


7) HitTail:

This Longtail keyword research tool will tell you in real-time, the most valuable organic keywords you should go on for your existing visitor.

Its offering pro plans but the best thing is, it has free to try for first 21 days, which is sounds good enough to see how valuable tool Hittail is. It has great ROI, if you are running a blog and an E-commerce site. HitTail is one of my best tool that help you to create a list of long-tail keywords which can be rank on google first page for better results and increase organic traffics.

Check this post that about how to use Hittail.

To getting started for free first 21 days with Hittail tools is simple, just go ahead and create an account to add your website. This will provide you a script to add in the header section of your site or blog after that it will help tracking all the Keywords with the traffic data to your Blog/Website.


8) Keyword Eye:

Keyword Eye is one of the cool tools for Keyword Suggestion, Competitor Analysis, You can find what are the keywords a domain or page URL is ranking on major search engine. Have a look this video review by Matthew Barby on Keyword Eye.

It will also help to Find top content & influencers with your industry search term, Find questions that people are searching for with your keyword search term, It also helps to Monitor what anchor text has used to link to your site or a competitor site.


9) WordTracker Tool:

WordTracker Keyword Tool will help you to find easily good profitable long-tail keywords along with all details such as searches volume number, competition, keyword in anchor and text or KEI.


10) Long Tail Pro:

Longtail pro is a paid tool but you can trail 30 days free by register without a credit card and it has great features to find profitable long-tail keywords in your niche industry.


11) Keyword Tool for Amazon:

The Keyword Tool is a free keyword tool for Amazon to find long tail profitable keywords.



The Keyword Tool is a free keyword tool which will help to find long tail keywords along with your industry question based that topic from Google, Bing, YouTube, and App Store.


13) Bing Keyword Tool:

It’s also a Keyword Tool which is free to find long tail keywords from Bing search engine keyword tool.


14) Keyword Discovery Tool:

It’s one of another free search term suggestion and keyword analysis tool which is a more trustable alternative to the original Overture suggestion. It’s Compiles data from the top major search engine.



15) Keyword Spy:

Keyword Spy tool one of my favorite keyword research tool which is free and pro version offering a great feature to find competitor high traffic ranking keywords and ROI analysis for your industry keywords. It also helps to produce hundreds of related keyword suggestions. Read this post where you can learn how to spy your competitor keywords by using the keywordspy tool.


16) Raven Tools:

This tool has plenty of features which is made easy for your SEO campaigns alone and with your team. It will help to find the most profitable keywords, you can do analyze your site to competitor’s website, get rankings reports and much more.


17) KWFinder Tools:

KWFinder Keyword research tool will help you to find a good number of hidden keywords with low competitive within few seconds. This one of premier keyword research tool, But you can try it out for free. Read the review done by Authorityhacker

18) Keywordini Keyword Tool:

Keywordini keyword tool one of good free and fast keyword research suggestion tool for SEO and PPC camping. 2,000 results are limited in Free Version, but it includes search Volume & CPC details same as like Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner.tool.


19) WordStream’s Tool:

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool has indexed over 100 million unique profitable keywords from over search terms. Its fastest tool and having smart features which are easy to use. Read this post to know more about WordStream.


20) SEO Book Keyword Tool:

SEO Book Keyword Tool showing rough suggestion daily search term volumes from the market of Google, Bing and Yahoo search. It has database almost 28,527,279 keywords terms monthly searches representing 13,762,942,253. This tool database is primarily for English language keywords.


21) Ultimate Keyword Hunter:

Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a one of easy tool to find free LSI keywords. It’s most powerful for LSI keyword generator.


22) SEO Chat Keyword Tool:

SEO Chat Keyword Tool is a free tool to find Google, Bing, YouTube & Amazon suggested bases data.


23) SEMRush (Premium) (14 days free trial)

SEMrush Keyword research tools one of the best SEO tool suggested by Many Top label bloggers. You can see their review for SEMrush. It has free version with limited searches. You can go with it for 14 days free trial.Find the right and profitable best keywords in your niche for SEO and PPC campaigns.

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24) Jaaxy Keyword Tool:

It is the one of other Advanced Keyword Tool for Internet Marketers. Use it to find Most Profitable Keywords Online with a free account.

25) Keyword Revealer Tool:

It is a time saver for keyword research tool for long tail who is looking to find low-competition keywords. This Keyword tool uncovers a good number of long tail keywords for your niche market. It also helps to view the difficulty score for each search term and you can easy to analyzing the competition by checking ranking web pages on the first page of Google.

Difficulty Score:

Below 40 is Low competition

40 to 80 is Average competition

Above 80 is High competition

It has a free version with limited searches per day but you can look all feature of the keyword tool.


26) Google Insights:

Google Insights tool help to Compare search volume data on specific regions, categories, time frames and you can analyse geographic distribution.

27) Yahoo! Search Clues:

Yahoo! Search Clues helps to see what people are searching on Yahoo! This Trend provides you where and when information on searches. You can compare trends between keyword search terms.

28) Spyfu:

Spyfu is a very smart free keyword competitive research tool which is very easy way you can do research in Spyfu. By entering competitor website’s URL, It will help to look the best keywords their website is ranking for inorganic and organic search.


29)  SEOQuake:

SEO Quake tool is an add-on for Firefox browser which will help you to find keyword data on keyword density. You should go to open a competitor’s site in your Firefox to find what keywords they have used.

30) LSIGraph:

LSIGraph: LSI Keyword Generator

LSI Keyword Generator is a free tool to finding a good number of (Latent Semantic Indexing) LSI Keyword. You can try to grab most of LSI search term.


Forum Search in Your Niche

One of my always favorite ways to get new keyword ideas to look popular forums in my industry. Where I can find a good number of new keyword idea which peoples are asking and answering. If there is a question on a popular forum so you knew that other peoples are also searching the same question in Google search. At first, you should have a look the forum’s categories section and also check out deeper for some of the thread topics.

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I may hope this information list of tools helps a lot you to find good profitable keywords to make successful research-based content. If you think this post will help you and your blogger friends so please do share on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Did I miss anything?

Which of these tools you are using for LSI and Long tail keyword research? Please let me know through your comment below.
























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