Finally, “The Big One”

This is a big week for me. Why? A launch. Actually, two launches.

Cliche question: If you could go back in your professional life five years ago, what would you tell yourself? What would you change?

In my case, I would tell myself not to mess around with so many little projects. Just go for the big one. Pretend like you only have one Web site for the rest of your life. Which one do you pick? Which one has the potential to make you ten million bucks a year?

I think TrustRank really rewards putting a lot of eggs into one mega-authority-site. With link building, there’s a sort of a law of increasing returns. You build five trusted links, you won’t rank for anything. You build 10 more trusted links, you get a few rankings. You build 10 more trusted links, and holy crap you’re ranking for all kinds of stuff. Then you build 100X more links — but you rank for 1000X more terms and get 1000000X more traffic. Arithmetic trust growth leads to logarithmic rankings & traffic growth.

Or to put it another way: which would you rather have, 10 sites with 10 trusted links each, or one site with 100 trusted links? Three years ago, I’d have said I’ll take the 10 sites (why not diversify risk?) every time. But with the current “reward-authority, winner-take-most, TrustRank-as-trump-card” Google algo, I think you have to take the one uber-authority site.

Which all points to making the big one.

In my case, it isn’t one big one, it’s two big ones. (I am lucky, as I have a fulltime manager running my company who can program, write, and build links. If I was only one guy, there’s no way I could try to do two “big ones”.)

These are sites that don’t need to make me money this year, or even much money next year. I can afford to simply build out their revenue-producing pages, and link bait on a regular basis, until the domain has gained a huge amount of trust. Then do it some more, and some more, and some more… and eventually, I’m TripAdvisor, and I’m getting new links just because I’m ranking. (Authority is self-reinforcing.)

So what’re you waiting for? Quit messing around on all those little pet projects. Decide what the big one is. If nothing else, buy the domain, slap up a coming soon page, and link it from your portfolio… get it aging and begin the trust-building process.

In three years, your future self will thank you.

Source & Written by Andy Hagans