Facebook Live Video Features for Marketers

Summary of Facebook Live Video Features for Marketers

This is a guest post from Raul Harman.

Those who are engaged in live video streaming cannot afford to miss Facebook, a platform which has been expanded and enriched with new marketing opportunities. The greatest strength of this network lies in the ability to establish a personal and meaningful connection with the audience.

You can also choose your audience when streaming from your profile— it can be public, for friends only or specific friends group. Hence, broadcasting video from your mobile device enables you to reach a built-in audience and drive increased organic traffic.

Posting Live Video

The first feature on our list encompasses places where you can broadcast the video. Everyone can do it on the personal profile, and the visibility here depends on the selected settings— public, friends or custom. Also, streaming is conducted on Facebook pages that have automatic public visibility.

All you have to do is to go to the page within the Facebook app and tap the Publish button. Furthermore, users are now able to post HD videos to most groups they belong to, provided that the privacy settings and rules allow it.

Finally, event pages you have been invited to or expressed the interest in are also available for streaming.

Go live

Functionalities for going live are still quite limited, but there are some upcoming features like filters you should keep an eye on. For now, a user can write the status update, click on the live video icon, and then enter the description of the feed.

Note that when you tap the Go Live button, the countdown starts, and that you need to prepare for streaming. During the process, you can manipulate the icon to switch between the front and the rear camera.

Apart from that, the top left corner provides information on the time you have been streaming and the number of viewers, while the bottom is reserved for their comments and reactions.

Comment & React

As a renowned New York SEO agency points out, the interactions that occur during the live video can determine the overall popularity of the stream. As of lately, the viewers can not only comment, but also send reactions.

These elements playfully float across the video screen, which is a welcome addition to those who are familiar with hearts on Periscope. While comments are naturally added in the comments box, a reaction is sent by sliding the comments bar.

By now, people have gotten used to these emotional expressions, and will not hesitate to utilize them to show what they think about your video. Therefore, this feature is an excellent way to capture more attention and maintain it until the end of the broadcast.

Additional Facebook Live Insights

After the broadcast comes to an end, the streamer receives automatic insights about the number of people who have watched the video. One cannot boost the live video feed while it is being streamed, but it is possible to do that with the post, just like any other.

What is more, marketers take advantage of the feature to navigate to the Insights and get hold of analytics. Video performance indicators include numbers of minutes viewed, unique viewers, average % completion, etc.

The analytics also cover the very post you made after the streaming. These things enable marketers to spur more engagement and spark attention on the booming social network with 1.65 billion active monthly users.

Live Video Discovery

Beyond the subscription to videos, Facebook has made an effort to introduce new live video discovery features. Today, desktop users are able to find the broadcasters with the help of the Live Map.

The results may not always satisfy you, but this is a step in the right direction. Also, the social behemoth has made updates in order to better highlight the live video. Namely, video makers will be present in search and trending topics in the Facebook app, and related search results will appear at the top of the media assets.

You can also expect to see the Messenger icon swapped out for a Live Video icon, which is an inkling of the direction in which the social network is heading.

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The Show Must Go On

Facebook Live Video is a great tool for humanizing your brand, and getting your unique story in front of the people. Novelties in this department are on the radar of most marketers, who invest a great deal of time and money to master the functionalities.

After all, the immense marketing potential of Facebook is still to be fully unlocked. Upon receiving a notification about the broadcast, people tend to flock to it, eager to comment and discuss the content.

One should let the people subscribe and follow the future posts in order to ensure the ready-made audience for them. We expect to see Facebook allocating, even more, resources to Live Video in the future, and adding a truckload of new features.

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