Unexpected Ideas for Generating Blog Post Your Readers Will Absolutely LOVE

If you like to build the good number of audience, you have to be smarter that how to write a good quality blog post.

The most important challenges for bloggers face to writing quality content and getting the list of demanded ideas in their niche market.

Writing Quality content require two things:

First, Research what you are going to write and second, solve a particular problem along with providing best resources.

But how you are going to make quality content that meets the goals?

And that’s I am going tell you in this article. 


What will you read from this post?

  • What are you going to write about now?
  • Writing demanded Content.
  • Always you will have an excellent idea.
  • Brainstorm great topics for your next blog posts.
  • Don’t need a pro account. All free tools to use.
  • Understanding the Idea to build quality content.
  • Keyword Research for Content Creation.

Let’s see…


Use Post for Problem Solving:

The most important to write the valuable content you need to find the problem in your niche industry peoples are facing and you must solve their problem through your content.

There are several places to find such as:

  • Find your niche Forum all in one place.

 You will get the list of question or problem in your niche market peoples are facing from such place as, forums, discussion groups, answer boards and others.


  • Advanced Twitter Search:

Twitter is a great place for people going to ask any questions and help to learn about subjects in any industry, so it will help you to find content ideas that your targeted audience really like to read.

Search like this to find [keyword ?filter:links] in twitter search

It is quick easy for you to see what people are asking in your industry and gives many great content ideas to write your next post.


  • Quora:

Quora one of the best Question and answer site that can give you in your audience’s most pressing problems. It’s one of the best places for content generation.

Quora is a social site where you can follow with others peoples in your industry and ask questions and give them answers. 

In this place, you can search or ask a question in your niche and see what types of respond you get.


  • Reddit Search:

Reddit’s the best for content marketing, it’s a research tool. With millions of people of subreddits. You just need to monitor relevant subreddits for the popular discussion section.

 You can use Reddit to find opinions for existing content in your industry and it will help you to write yours. Just Search for popular questions then answer them discussion through your blog post.


  • Yahoo Answers:

You can find the ideas from yahoo answer by searching your industry related terms or observing the question. You can simply ask your audience to get more ideas.


Setup Alert in your niche





  • Competitor’s Top Sharing Post:

You can find the Top post from your competitor and noticed that what they missed and you can add your research based on that topic to write great quality content.

I am going to mention few free tool to find competitors top post.


  • Topsy:

Topsy-like a social search engine site and gives you what people are talking about in your niche. You also can look at the types of content that your influencers are sharing. It has a setup alerts system like google alert for certain topics, companies, hashtags, etc.


  • Alltop:

It’s the place of best blogs collection under several topics. You can easily get blog ideas by browsing through the title. You also can search for relevant topics here. Most of the top level blog are submitting their post at Alltop.


  • ContentForest: (Free Tools with Unlimited Data)


It’s another great place offering you the free tool to find your competitors top content. You can see how many share of the post on facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, twitter, and google plus.

You can also check social share checker



  • Open Site Explorer: (Free tool 30 Days Trial)

This another great Moz tool you can use it to follow your Competitor top post (DA, PA, Backlinks as well) Best for research backlink and analysis.


  • Ahrefs: (Free and Paid tool)

How are your competitors posting content? See by using ahrefs show you how latest article or blog posts are spread on top social media. You can create an alert too.


This tool gives you LIVE time data on competitor top keywords, URLS, and real-time traffic result. Develop your perfect content by using this best tool. It will give you benefit from your competitors! You can see competitors’ best keywords and get new organic competitors in your niche.


  • Buzzsumo: (Paid tool) For Free tool with Limited data

You can check how popular your industry keyword or competitor URL is in the social media. How many they have shared top posts. With this tool, you can get Ideas on what content perform top in your niche and you should use those to write your own ideation and brainstorming.

 Additionally, it will help you too to find a list of influencers on Twitter who shared content of your competitors and you may try to contact them to read your post or ask them if they would like to share your content too.



Both places will help you to find great content in your niche. You can choose from them to get a new content idea for your own blogpost. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator will help you to get top post titles and from google news, you can follow the top stories in your niche.

Now what to do? Step one, input three search term to get blog topic ideas.

While choose from HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator search you can spin the top post tile like this

Example title is showing in HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

What Will Blogging Be Like In 100 Years?

Spin for your new idea:

What Will SEO Be Like In 100 Years?

Recently I have read a great post on quicksprout.com, you can check detail that how to spin top post to get a new content idea for your own blog.


Get Idea What Course Are Demanded In The Market:

  • Udemy:

It’s a better place to find market demanded content by observing course based on your niche industry. You can just a simple search on here and Udemy will show you popular courses based on your search term.

 After that choose a course which has the good number of reviews along with how many peoples already enrolled.


 Into the Curriculum section, you will see the structure you may able to use for your next post in that particular search term. You can read this post for detail about it.


Write a Post Title Starting With:

 Here you can see the most of the popular blog post start with

  • The ultimate:
  • 101 Way:


  • How to post:
  • Top 11 mistakes
  • Top 10 cities/people/things/place
  • 5 Things you haven’t known


You can use this points for your blog post title. Today I saw a post with 101+ different blog post ideas it is a really great resource for you to know that how you will have more ideas in your seat.


Review Top Companies Product:

Reviewing the top companies product in your niche, they might be linking back to your post it will help you SEO as well and you will get a valuable topic to write.

 You should not only write a review, you should be mentioned how it’s good from your point of view or show if top experts speak about that product along with point out the benefit of the product which gives help peoples in your industry.

 I am going to show you a top blogger has reviewed for best SEO tool SEMrush.


Interview Top Bloggers:

Interviewing with the top successful blogger in your industry is a better way to increase traffic.

Because you the audience are always like to read a story about the successful expert and if your interview went well or if they like so they (Successful blogger and their fans) may share your post so it will help to increase your blog traffic.



If you are looking for the best idea in your niche to write a great content so you can search Pinterest for your search term. You will find what the post (infographic) are peoples are repinning and commenting on. Now select from them your niche idea to write next blog post for your blog.


Write About Top Expert Suggested Tools:

Why don’t you try to go straight to ask the experts what type of tool they are suggesting people to use and what are best the from their point of view or why?

After you received their advice, you go to your next post such as “SEO Tools Recommended by Top 10 experts.”


Find broken link on Wikipedia:

 You can use this strategy by using Wikipedia. It will help with two aspects which getting an idea to write the quality content along with building quality backlinks.

 Simple search on google like:

Site:wikipedia.org [Blogging] + “dead link”

Find the dead links then go to this site (https://archive.org/web/) to read what was written in this dead link

It will help to check broken link history of the articles and now you can easily to write a new post to update on Wikipedia backlinks.

You can also the checklist of broken links backlink to get more for you.

Use free backlink checker tool to Download 1,000 links with OpenLinkProfiler.

The next step you to ask for replacing to your content by emailing them.

Affordable Small Business SEO Packages and Plan [Advanced SEO] 2018

Additional Tips:

  • Find out YouTube popular video which has more comment, views, likes in your niche. It will give you an idea to write a valuable post.
  • You just need to setup a mobile reminder for Top Blogger/Influencer birthday and make a great wishes infographic gift by mentioning their picture, website etc..

            For next post in your blog. After that, you can tweet or email them a wishes message and a gift from you. They may retweet your post on their social network.

  • Write about top communities in your niche with all resources like admin owner, a number of members, take few members images from the computer screen short and see each month top engagement post of that community to write down in your post.
  • Write a post for top blogger and your income report

People are interested to see top blogger income report and they get motivated and it’s always demanding to publish this type of post in your blog.

  • Write a post in a month like” Top Author or Commenters of the month” This helps more your blog engagement in future.


  • Write review for all blogger by making separate category example:

             Top Level Blogger Review (It is for best blogger in your industry)

             Best level blogger Review (It is for medium level blogger in your industry)

             Good level blogger Review (It is for newbie blogger in your industry)


  • You Use Google Docs to survey your readers to get the list of the idea what they are looking for or what they want to read.
  • You write a personal experience blogging story.
  • Google Trends is a great place to find the idea that what people recently searching for in your industry.
  • You can also observe your Google analytic and webmaster tool notice what are the post of your blog is best traffic and accordingly you will be able to know what topic people interested to read.



It is easy for everyone to take advantage of the free idea to get started for next demanded content.

I wrote free points that you can apply for your next blog post.

If you think this post is awesome, Please remember to share with others blogger friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Let me know what you have been using any other ways to find the valuable idea to write your blog post.




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