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If you don’t know about the business of email marketing, then you should be considering it.

If you have the email list then you are very lucky, because it is the right place, where you can mobilize your audience to take action.

You can also maintain an active community of readers/customers for your own site.

However, in any case, this post does not convince you to use an email marketing tool, although if you are already in the market, this review is very helpful to you.

A good side of Aweber is to track clicks in an email.

When you use a link to an email and click track is enabled, the link is displayed by Aweber, which is used the exact same URL at the same time from your domain.

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The Overview of Aweber:

AWeber is established in 1998 and the founder of the company is Tom Kulzer.

For the last 16 years, the company has 110 team member already and also move their Kulzer's apartment to a 71,000-square-foot facility, which offers you slides, which is eco-friendly (and fun) to alternative elevators.

The building is also profiled in Green Building and many Design.

Good features are available in AWeber for businesses mostly, which is work is to send each and every new subscriber the same type of messages: the autoresponder setup is very simple, intuitive, and well expanded into the program, and users get many options.

Now AWeber gives you the offer to add video to subscriber messages, a modern unique feature.

You can report us easily from any other ESPs.

The drawbacks have twofold: first, the program looks like it is placed behind of the social media front.

Second, AWeber,s price limit is very low, mostly for businesses with very small lists (1000 and under).

If you reach to 2500-subscriber mark, in line it also sounds good with industry averages.

No send-based subscription plan is available in the company, it seems if you send infrequent emails and have a large list also, there are always good choices for yourself.

The Prices of AWeber:

A free trial of 30-days is given to you from AWeber, 500 subscribers you can enjoy with this trial offer.

In this introduction, you can get a list of pricing plan. (As with most ESPs, one contact stored on two separate lists qualifies as two subscribers.) Users who already pay for three months they can save $8, and users who already pay for a year, they can save $34.

Prices are given below:


AWeber Extra Services and Fees:

When you make register in AWeber, You will see that if you want to pay $29for extra features (one-time payment) to receive Your First 5000 subscribers.

How can you find Your First 5,000 Email Subscribers, there is an idea is given to you from AWeber, which is to list the strategies of building and advice.

If you exceed the monthly limit on your plan, you will have to pay for the next plan up.

Unfortunately, they won't alert/warning you when you're getting close.

AWeber Ease of Use:

AWeber is making a good combination between ease of use and robust functionality.

Some nice features are also available here – specifically in the auto responder realm – but navigation is very intuitive, so you can do basic tasks without looking tutorial.

The Creation of Campaign:

3 email editors are given to you from AWeber: They are drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor, plain text editor, and HTML editor for those people who want to code their own emails.

The WYSIWYG editor is being used simply and it also gives you a good degree of customization as you need.

You will be able to simply insert "Click here" button, coupon, logo, or signature by pressing the click button.

If you click on Social share buttons, it is very simple to generate your link in AWeber and also connect with your Facebook and Twitter account.

In every two minutes drafts are automatically saved, and you can also see a list of previous versions (because if you delete something somehow, you can easily retrieve it).

The Process of Email Sending:

You can see your mail before sending by the preview it but although there are no options to see how its look in several other email clients/on mobile devices.

Here you can also check the message for potential content, which are filtering problems and also saves it and also sees its spam score.

You can also add lists in these ways given below:

Here you can upload a CSV, txt, xls, xlsx, or tsv file.

You can copy and paste manually a block of addresses in a textbox.

You can manually add single contacts (up to 10).

Add up to 25 custom fields for subscriber information.

Reporting of AWeber:

After sending mail if you want to observe your status in AWeber you just wait a little bit.

This is not a problem (few companies are needed up-to-the-second data on opens and clicks).

After sending the message, you will get a quick status email from AWeber within one hour, it helps you to inform the number of received and sent recently delivered the message.

Key Features Of Aweber:

Getresponse and Aweber are offering you the same feature set, the key ones being:

Register form with many styles.

You can manage subscribers

Here you can get blog posts to email.

You can get auto responder follow-up.

Email newsletter is available here.

Double Opt-in is also available here.

You can send unlimited emails here.

It has a specialty to receive data and host mailing lists (here you can get a few HTML code that you can insert in your site/social media profiles to receive email addresses).

A wide range of predesigned e-newsletter templates is available here.

Autoresponder functionality which is able to send operated e-newsletters at defined intervals previously to subscribers after they can register.

Subscriber's percentage statistics is available here which's work is opening your emails, and also click on the links to unsubscribe.

RSS to e-newsletter features (helpful for sending your blog posts automatically to subscribers on your list of mailing).

Here you can use message builders easily that is help you to generate and edit e-newsletters without coding.

You will be able to Integration with several third-party sites/tools (for example, online shopping services like Amazon Payments, Paypal , and Google Checkout/CRM tools like Capsule and Salesforce)

This can help you to add customers to mail lists to the point of sale, for example,/use Aweber and Get response, which are sending e-newsletters to the customers on your CRM system.

The email templates are very much responsive.

An Infographic for Small Business Owner with 4 Traits:

100% Discount for 1st Month for Aweber:

If you want to start with Aweber, first they offer you first-month free register and you can learn Aweber tools in a simple way and you can get tricks through their help resources.

If you don't like to use Aweber so you can easily cancel the membership within 30 days.

Aweber is only accepting credit card on the payment option, which everybody does not like.

For a new registration, you can go with the PayPal option.

Aweber Testimonials:

Aweber Testimonials

Aweber Pros & Cons:

Here are the Pros of Aweber:

a) Very attractive templates are available here.

b) Here you can create Newsletters are very easy and simple.

c) 30 Days free trial is available here.

The Cons Of Aweber:

a) 24x7 Customer service is not here.

b) Expensive


I will bring more tutorials on Aweber in future.

Do you use Aweber for Email marketing? You can share your experience with Aweber through the comment below.

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