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I’m Prasenjit Dutta Chowdhury, one of part time blogger as my hobby.

I’m having a bachelor’s degree and having 10+ professional experienced in Internet marketing, Search engine optimization which inspires me to start Copyproblogger and mostly I have motivated having seen the success of top level blogger in my niches like Problogger, Matthew Woodard, and Backlinko.

I have been developing always great knowledge to help people’s problem solve through my content, answer, live chat. Basically, I am focusing on Forums, Social Groups, Q/A site, Blogger comments to help them.

I like to show in my post how should move step-by-step, how well you can take a site to the next level.

I had started working in SEO field when I worked with a small company NIS Pvt Ltd on 2006 then move to others such as KSPL Pvt Ltd, Bergstrom SEO Inc, Webinfotech.

I always enjoy learning new strategies of digital marketing, SEO, Writing quality content, building the relationship with a to z-level blogger in my niche.

In the past, my Search engine marketing career I’ve been taken care the projects specified in USA, UK, AUS, CANADA areas. Therefore, I have a good experience in team building.

I have been and also more like to become successfully engaged in social media to have built highly-networked and influential online presence.

My work is focused on contributing to the copyproblogger blog and helping as an SEO resource for the peoples who are facing any internet marketing problem. Feel free to ask me any question to my email ([email protected]) or blog post comment directly.

My main goal is to reach my blog into the top level free Internet marketing resource blog in the world.

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